Enjoy Nagano in Summer – Open Spaces, Cool Evenings & Lots to Do!
  • Enjoy Nagano in Summer – Open Spaces, Cool Evenings & Lots to Do!


    If you are living in Nagano or headed this way over the next few weeks, it’s a great time to enjoy some of the many attractions and activities on offer in and around the city. Nagano isn’t immune from the summer heat and humidity however, because of its higher altitude, it is blessed with a notably cooler climate than Tokyo and other major cities.


    Indeed, once the sun drops down the temperature and humidity quickly dissipate, while in the even higher altitudes of the mountains, the daytime weather is downright pleasant and nights can still be cool.


    Here’s our tips and suggestions for ’10 Things to Do in Nagano in Spring & Summer’. Please note, due to the ongoing affect of COVID-19, large-scale festivals and events listed under ‘Festivals & Fireworks’ have been cancelled for 2020.


    To the best of our knowledge, all other destinations and activities remain open.


    For foreign residents eligible for the ‘Go To Travel’ campaign, we can package accommodation, transport and your choice of activities in one convenient package so you save!


    This information is provided as part of our ‘Clean Green & Healthy’ campaign, allowing you to plan and book your future travel to Japan with peace of mind.

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