Yamanaka Lake (Yamanakako) Area

Yamanaka Lake (Yamanakako) Area

The largest of the ‘Fuji Five Lakes’, Yamanaka Lake or ‘Yamanakako’ offers the second most accommodation options behind Kawaguchiko. Though less developed than Kawaguchiko, hotels and guesthouses line the shores of the lake with the views of Fuji considered best from the northern side. Yamanakako is a popular destination for Japanese to enjoy fishing and water sports while enjoying great views of Mount Fuji, which are considered best from the northern side of the lake. The popular destination of Oshino Hakkai is also nearby. For most international visitors wanting to stay on one of the Fuji Five Lakes, basing yourself at a hotel in and around Yamanaka Lake or Kawaguchi Lake (Kawaguchiko) is probably your best bet as the other three lakes – Saiko, Shojiko and Motosuko – have few accommodation and dining options and take more time to get to using public transport. For accommodation listings at the other lakes, see the relevant hotel page: Kawaguchi Lake (Kawaguchiko) / Sai Lake (Saiko) / Shoji Lake (Shojiko) / Motosu Lake (Motosuko).



Yamanakako can be reached using buses on the Kawaguchiko-Gotemba-Mishima Line from Kawaguchiko Station - around 30-minutes and operating once or twice each hour - or using buses on the Fujisan-Oshino-Hirano Line opearting from Mt Fuji (Fujisan) Station - taking around 35-minutes (depending on the exact location of your hotel) and operating every 1-2 hours


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