Kiso-Fukushima & Narai Area

Kiso-Fukushima & Narai Area

A stop on Limited Express Shinano services running between Nagano, Matsumoto and Nagoya, the historic town of Kiso-Fukushima is your gateway to the beautiful Kiso Valley and sacred Ontake Mountain Range. Though Kiso-Fukushima doesn’t match nearby Narai, Magome and Tsumago in the state of its historic preservation it boasts a greater number and variety of accommodation – including both traditioanl Japanese guesthouses and Western-style hotels – along with dining options including both Japanese and international cuisine.




From Kiso-Fukushima it is easy to explore everything on offer in the Kiso Valley and Kiso Ontake Mountain Range including walking the historic Nakasendo Trail includings its famous ‘shukubamachi’ towns, Mount Ontake including the Ontake Ropeway and ‘Ontake Kodo’ (pilgramge trails), Otaki Forest Railway along with its numerous forest trails, ravines and waterfalls.




Regular train services – including both limited express and local services – and local bus lines operate from the station, making it the most convenient point to explore the region.




Located directly across from Kiso-Fukushima Station, the town’s Tourist Information Office has everything you need to get you going with tours and local bus services operating from that point – for tips and suggestions of what to do while in the area, see our ’25 Things to Do in the Kiso Valley & Nakasendo’ page.

Want to visit Narai-juku Post Town and Matsumoto Castle on a group tour?


Based in Central Japan and operating all year round, we offer a highly entertaining group-tour of Matsumoto Castle and Narai-juku that is sure to please. All tours are led by locally-based guides and include a visit to the faithfully preserved Matsumoto castle with a walk and seasonal activity in the charming town of Narai-juku. Our tours are fun, interactive and family-friendly. For more information, or to book a tour, click on the banner or button below.

Of course, we also offer private tours and transport in and around the Matsumoto and Kiso Valley area, as well as other regional destinations. Our drivers and vehicles are fully certified, allowing us to transport you to and from your preferred destinations in combination with any activity that suits your schedule. All vehicles are well-maintained and in good condition, allowing you to relax and enjoy your ride to wherever you are going. 

We can arrange both private tours with an English-speaking guide or a private charter, including a private vehicle and driver but without a guide. We’d love to be part of your adventure in Central Japan and help you discover even more!

Got a question about visiting Matsumoto or the Nakasendo? Click the ‘INQUIRY’ button below or contact us and let’s get planning together!

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A stop on all Limited Express Shinano services running between Nagano, Matsumoto and Nagoya, Kiso-Fukushima is the most central and convenient point in the Kiso Valley from where to explore the Nakasendo Trail and Kiso Ontake Mountain Range - taking around 90-miuntes from Nagano and 85-minutes from Nagoya. From Kiso-Fukushima, local bus and train services connect you to the region's many attractions

Kiso-Fukushima Area