Oito Line inc. Hakuba Train Services

Oito Line inc. Hakuba Train Services


Running from Matsumoto Station to Minami-Otari Station, the Oito Line covers approximately 70km including Hokata Station in Azumino and Hakuba Station, one of the main transport hubs when accessing the ski resorts of Hakuba Valley and other regional activities and destinations through spring, summer and autumn.


Some services continue onto Itoigawa Station in Niigata and in doing so, connect Matsumoto, Azumino and Hakuba to Japan’s north coast; while some services also continue to the south of Matsumoto, heading to Shiojiri. The line is extremely picturesque, worth experiencing in its own right.


From Matsumoto Station, expect the following travel times to:


Hotaka Station                25 minutes / JPY330

Hakuba Station               95 to 120 minutes / JPY1170

Minami-Otari Station      115 to 130 minutes / JPY1340

Itoigawa Station             185 to 200 minutes / JPY1980


The West Japan Railway Company (JR West) operates the line from Matsumoto to Minami-Otari, while the East Japan Railway Company (JR East) operates the line running north of Minami-Otari to Itoigawa.


Oito Line Timetables


Most international visitors will use the Oito Line to move to and from Azumino and Hakuba. To check train schedules to those and other stations on the Oito Line, please refer to the JR West timetable page.


Popular Destinations on the Oito Line


Running to and from Matsumoto, the Oito Line connects one of Central Japan’s most historic and enjoyable cities with several other popular destinations.


Home to Matsumoto Castle – one of Japan’s last remaining original castles and a registered National Treasure – the city attracts visitors from all over the world. A city of historic importance and with a strong ‘samurai’ heritage, Matsumoto is also home to thriving arts scene along with great shopping, food scene and nightlife.


It might be the castle that attracts visitors but it is all the other trimmings that make Matsumoto so popular. For suggestions and information about what’s on offer in the city, see our ’25 Things To Do In & Around Matsumoto’ page.


Heading out of the city on the Oito Line, visitors can access the beautiful rural enclave of Azumino via Hotaka Station. Sitting in the shadow of the North Alps, Azumino is known for its pleasant vistas, abundant farmlands, museums and galleries, and hot spring town of Hotaka Onsen-kyo.


Enjoyable at any time of year, Azumino is perhaps at its best from spring to autumn, when visitors can enjoy the produce of local farms, festivals, and cycling from gallery to gallery along the Azumino Art Line.


For further information about everything the region has to offer, see our ’20 Things To Do In & Around Azumino’ page.


Further along the Oito Line, Hakuba Station is one of the primary gateways to the ski resorts of Hakuba Valley and the many spring, summer and winter activities on offer in the area.


Ten ski resorts make-up the collectively named ‘Hakuba Valley’ – an area that can lay claim to being Central Japan’s most popular and international ski destination.


Having hosted several events during the 1998 Winter Olympics and subsequent World Cup events, Hakuba’s pedigree is evident and with so many resorts in the area, skiers and snowboarders are spoiled for choice!


Our ‘Hakuba Valley Ski Resorts’ page provides a helpful overview of the most popular resorts, including all the resorts stats, how to get there and accommodation options.


Hugely popular in winter, Hakuba is also quickly establishing itself as Central Japan’s premier summer destination. Numerous ‘green season’ activities are on offer including some of Japan’s best hiking and mountaineering, rafting, kayaking and canoeing, hot air ballooning and much, much more!



Our ’25 Things To Do In & Around Hakuba’ page has lots of great info, including tips and suggestions, of what’s on offer all year round.


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