Nakatsugawa Station

Nakatsugawa Station


Nakatsugawa Station is a small station on the Chuo Main Line, running from Nagano to Nagoya. It is one of several convenient stops for visitors heading to and from the Nakasendo Trail.


Both local and limited express services operate on the Chuo Main Line. As a stop on all limited express services, we recommend always using those services when moving to and from Nakatsugawa Station.


Limited Express Wide View Shinano


Running from Nagano Station to Nagoya Station, the Limited Express Wide View Shinano stops at the following stations:


NaganoShinonoi – Hijiri-Kogen – Akashina – MatsumotoShiojiriKiso-Fukushima – Agematsu – Nagiso – Nakatsugawa – Ena – Taijimi Chikusa – Kanayama – Nagoya*




*Please note, stations marked in bold / red on the map are stops on all services. Those not marked in bold are only serviced by certain services throughout the day.


To reach Nakatsugawa from Nagano takes around 125 to 130 minutes and from Nagoya takes around 50 minutes. For further details please refer to our ‘Limited Express Shinano’ page.


Discover the historic Nakasendo Trail


As a stop on the Chuo Main Line, Nakatsugawa Station is a convenient gateway to the Nakasendo Trail and beautiful Kiso Valley.


Originally spanning over 500 kilometres between Kyoto and Edo (now called Tokyo), the Nakasendo Road was one of five major routes linking Japan’s two most important cities during the Edo Period (1603 to 1868). Translating as ‘Road in the Mountains’, the Nakasendo consolidated many ancient routes and paths into an official highway through the centre of the country – Japan’s beautiful mountainous heartland.


Now commonly referred to as the ‘Nakasendo Trail’ or ‘Nakasendo Way’, the historic route can still be walked today, with the section through the Kiso Valley – known as the Kiso-ji – regarded as the most beautiful and pleasurable to follow. Passing through heavily forested mountains and over pristine streams and rivers, the trail takes you deep into the heart of Japan. As a place where tradition lives on, the post towns of the Kiso Valley retain their historic character through continued use as places of residence and industry.


For further information, please refer to our ‘Walk the Nakasendo Trail’ and ’25 Things to do in & around the Nakasendo & Kiso Valley’ pages.


Accommodation in/nearby Nakatsugawa Station


Nearby Nakatsugawa Station and though the surrounding area, many guesthouses cater to visitors walking the Nakasendo. Please refer to our Kiso Valley Accommodation page for listings and bookings.


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