Limited Express Hida (Nagoya–Takayama–Toyama)

Limited Express Hida (Nagoya–Takayama–Toyama)


Running from Nagoya Station to Takayama Station – with some services continuing directly on to Toyama Station – the Limited Express Hida service is another convenient and picturesque train line opening-up the heart of Central Japan. On this page you will find the following information:

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For visitors headed to Takayama and the nearby World Heritage-listed villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama, the Limited Express Hida will be your most convenient transport option. Running from Nagoya in the south to Toyama in the north, the line connects with two Shinkansen lines – the Tokaido Shinkansen at Nagoya Station and Hokuriku Shinkansen at Toyama Station – meaning that it can be easily incorporated to your travel itinerary as you move through Central Japan.


The Limited Express Hida connects Nagoya to some of Central Japan’s most enjoyable destinations, stopping at the following stations:

Nagoya – Owari-Ichinomiya – Gifu – Unuma – Mino-Ota – Shirakawaguchi – Hida-Kanayama – Gero – Hida-Hagiwara – Kuguno – Takayama – Hida-Furukawa* – Inotani* – Etchu-Yatsuo* – Hayahoshi* – Toyama*


*These stations are only stops on services to and from Toyama Station. Most services start and finish at Takayama Station so if you are intending to board or disembark at one of these stations make sure to check the specific service includes a stop at your preferred station.


Ten services run from Nagoya Station each day. The service operates approximately once an hour and makes the journey between Nagoya and Takayama in approximately 2.5 hours. From/to Nagoya Station, expect the following journey times and costs:

— to Gifu: 20 minutes / non-reserved JPY1230 & reserved JPY1560

— to Gero: 95 to 105 minutes / non-reserved JPY4170 & reserved JPY4500

— to Takayama: 140 to 155 minutes / non-reserved JPY5610 & reserved JPY5940

— to Toyama: 240 to 250 minutes / non-reserved JPY7260 & reserved JPY7590

This is a popular line for tourists therefore it can be busy, especially in the morning, evening and on weekends. If you are traveling as a family or large group, reserving seats in advance is a good idea to ensure that you can sit together. This service is covered by the full Japan Rail (JR) Pass.



A popular and convenient train line for travelers heading into Central Japan, there are regular services through the day. For daily schedules, see our our ‘Limited Express Hida Timetable’ page.



Running from Nagoya to Takayama and onto Toyama, the Hida Line effectively connects two of Japan’s main shinkansen lines – the Tokaido Shinkansen at Nagoya Station and the Hokuriku Shinkansen at Toyama Station. As such, main visitors use the Hida Line to head to the popular destinations of Takayama, Shirakawa-go and Gokayama, and Kamikochi from both Nagoya and Toyama. Before heading along the Hida Line to discover everything that Central Japan has to offer, make sure to allow time to explore Nagoya and/or Toyama.


As one of Japan’s great metropolises, Nagoya has so much to offer including great food, museums and historic sites. Why not start with our ‘25 Things to Do Around Nagoya & Where to Stay’ page for some tips and suggestions of what to do while there.

Toyama is often over-looked as a destination and used as a convenient transport hub from where to explore nearby destinations. While it is true that it does not have the attractions of nearby Kanazawa, it is pleasant city with enough to keep visitors entertained for a day – especially seafood lovers. For tips and suggestions of what to do while there, start with our ’25 Things to Do Around Toyama & Where to Stay’ page.


The Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route is readily accessible from Toyama and is without doubt, one of Japan’s most iconic natural landscapes. Ascending to Murodo Station and Mt Tate opens-up dramatic mountain vistas including the fabled Snow Walls and outstanding hiking in summer and autumn. For suggestions of everything on offer, see our ’25 Things to Do Around the Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route & Where to Stay’ page.


From Nagoya or Toyama, most visitors will head to Takayama and its historic old town. Known as the ‘Sannomachi’, the old city centre is one of Japan’s best-preserved Edo Period street-scapes. Takayama is also a renowned food town, most famous for its acclaimed Hida beef and Takayama ramen. See our ’25 Things to Do Around Takayama & Where to Stay’ page for further details.


From Takayama, it’s a short journey to the World Heritage-listed villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama. Actually consisting of three villages – Ogimachi, Suganuma and Ainokura – all three can be easily reached from Takayama. For suggestions of what to do when there, see our ’15 Things to Do in Shirakawa-go & Where to Stay’ page.


Nestled high in the North Japan Alps, Kamikochi is another of Central Japan’s best destinations and also readily accessible using the Hida Line via Takayama. Kamikochi is only accessible from mid-April to mid-November, in which time it offers the chance to enjoy one of Japan’s most striking natural landscapes. See our ’15 Things to Do in Kamikochi & Where to Stay’ page for further details.

All of this and more can be experienced when using the Limited Express Hida.



The Limited Express Hida is just one part of Japan’s fantastic rail network. Unfathomable in its size and efficiency, moving around the country by train is easy and comfortable opening-up all regions of Japan for exploration. Our ‘Plan Your Visit’ page has everything you need to know about visiting Japan – from tips on the best time to travel, times to avoid, entering and exiting the country, money matters, staying connected, accommodation, staying safe and healthy and plenty more to ensure that you get the most out of your time here.

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