Kiso-Fukushima Station

Kiso-Fukushima Station


Kiso-Fukushima Station is a small but convenient station on the Chuo Main Line, running from Nagano to Nagoya. A stop on all Limited Express Shinano services running between Nagano, Matsumoto and Nagoya, Kiso-Fukushima is the gateway to the beautiful Kiso Valley and sacred Kiso Ontake Mountain Range. On this page you will find the following information:

Limited Express Shinano

Discover the Kiso Valley & Nakasendo

Accommodation Nearby the Station

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Both local and limited express services operate on the Chuo Main Line. As a stop on all limited express services, we recommend always using those services when moving to and from Kiso-Fukushima Station. The Shinano line is particularly beautiful journey – an experience many visitors enjoy as much as the destinations to which they are headed.


The area around Kiso-Fukushima Station also boasts the largest number of accommodation options in the Kiso Valley including in and around the Nakasendo Trail. This includes both traditional Japanese guesthouses with ‘onsen’ (hot springs) and Western-style hotels catering to international visitors – see below for details.



Running from Nagano Station to Nagoya Station, the Limited Express Shinano stops at the following stations:

NaganoShinonoi – Hijiri-Kogen – Akashina – MatsumotoShiojiriKiso-Fukushima – Agematsu – Nagiso – Nakatsugawa – Ena – Taijimi Chikusa – Kanayama – Nagoya*


*Please note, stations marked in bold / red on the map are stops on all services. Those not marked in bold are only serviced by certain services throughout the day.

To reach Kiso-Fukushima from Nagano takes around 90 minutes and from Nagoya takes around 85 minutes. For further details see our ‘Limited Express Shinano Timetable’ page.



Located directly across from Kiso-Fukushima Station, the town’s Tourist Information Office – open daily from 09:00 to 17:00 – is the best place to start your exploration of the Kiso Valley and the Kiso Ontake Mountain Range. Most famous for the historic Nakasendo and its beautifully preserved ‘shukubamachi’ towns, the Kiso Valley is blessed with some of Central Japan’s most beautiful natural landscapes and cultural sites. The region is home to pristine forests, emerald rivers and waterfalls, and an undulating landscape of mountains and ravines rising to the brooding summit of Mount Ontake – Japan’s second tallest volcano. Long considered sacred, Ontake is worshipped by adherents of the Shinto sect ‘Ontake Shinko’, with the most devote practitioners walking the ‘Ontake Kodo’ pilgrimage trails that run through the forests and past waterways of the mountain.


The region has long been a hidden gem among the highlights of Nagano yet in recent years, an increasing number of international visitors has discovered the beauty of the Nakasendo Trail and its historic ‘shukubamachi’. As one of five major ‘highways’ during the Edo Period (1603 to 1868), the Nakasendo was largely used to transport people including feudal lords and their families between Kyoto and Edo – now called Tokyo. Translating as ‘Road in the Mountains’, the Nakasendo consolidated many ancient routes and paths into an official highway through the centre of the country – Japan’s beautiful mountainous heartland.


Now commonly referred to as the ‘Nakasendo Trail’ or ‘Nakasendo Way’, the historic route can still be walked today, with the section through the Kiso Valley – known as the ‘Kiso-ji’ – regarded as the most beautiful and pleasurable to follow. Passing through heavily forested mountains and over pristine streams and rivers, the trail takes you deep into the heart of Japan. As a place where tradition lives on, the post towns of the Kiso Valley retain their historic character through continued use as places of residence and industry. For tips and suggestions of what’s on offer see. Our ’25 Things To Do Around Kiso Valley & Where to Stay’ page has lots of great tips and suggestions, including where to stay, to help you plan your trip and get the most out of your time in the Kiso Valley.



As noted above, the area around Kiso-Fukushima is the most convenient place to stay when visiting the Kiso Valley and Kiso Ontake Mountain Range. Offering the greatest range of accommdation, including both traditional Japanese ‘ryokan’ and Western-style hotels, Kiso-Fukushima also boasts the most dining options of any town in the Kiso Valley. A convenient stop on all Limited Express Shinano services running between Nagano, Matsumoto and Nagoya, it’s our recommendation of where to stay. For accommodation listings in the area, see our ‘Kiso-Fukushima & Narai Area’ hotel page.


Most visitors heading to the Kiso Valley and Nakasendo will do so using the train network. Running from Nagoya to Nagano, the Limited Express Shinano stops at Nakatsugawa Station and Kiso-Fukushima Station, making the area easy to access along one of Japan’s most scenic railway lines. For more information including detailed directions, see our ‘How To Get To The Kiso Valley & Nakasendo’ page.



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