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Spring is one of the most iconic seasons of the year in Japan because of the beautiful cherry blossoms, or sakura in Japanese. The Snow Monkey area has their own sakura trees that bloom just as beautifully as the trees in famous places like Kyoto or Tokyo. Kyoto and Tokyo will have their cherry blossom season at the end of March or beginning of April. For those who arrive a bit later in Japan and still want to see the cherry blossoms, then come to the Snow Monkey area. You can enjoy the pink of the blossoms from mid April untill the end of April.




The trees in Yudanaka Onsen area start blooming around mid April, while the cherry blossoms of the Snow Monkey Park at the Kanbayashi area will bloom at late April. 




You will find the Heiwa Kannon and next to the Yomase River to be particularly beautiful locations for viewing the blooming cherry blossoms.

Peace bell at Heiwa Kannon, Yudanaka


The cherry blossoms aren’t the only colorful trees in the area, the apple trees will also show off their beautiful white flowers.


Spring is also the time of year when baby snow monkeys start to appear. The first babies are born around mid April. Their mother often comes down to the monkey park the day after birth and shows off her newborn. You might catch a glimpse of a tiny monkey clinging to their mothers stomach.




If you are interested in both a visit of the Snow Monkey Park and Cherry blossom in the area then the Snow Monkey & Cherry blossom tour is available on the website!




Did you want to see snow in Japan? You can still find snow up in the mountains even in spring. The Shiga-Kusatsu route is closed in winter due to heavy snowfall, but opens again in April where you can see snow walls of up to 6 meters high!




The only way to go there is by car, but if you don’t have a car available then our Tour from Nagano Snow Wall of Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route will help you get there.