Shiga Kogen Ski Resort

Shiga Kogen Ski Resort


Located around 45km from central Nagano City, Shiga Kogen is Japan’s largest and highest ski resort, boasting an unmatched expanse of interconnected terrain and Nagano’s longest ski season. Comprising 18 ski areas – some large, some small – the entire resort is covered by an all-mountain pass and best enjoyed on a multi-day visit. Shiga’s ski fields lie between 1340 and 2307 metres and as such, are notably higher than any other resort in the region. On this page you will find the following information:

Shiga Kogen Ski Resort: The Stats & Facts

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Japan Ski Resorts: Everything you Need to Know

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The combination of the resorts altitude and natural topography – surrounded by mountains and protected from strong winds – means that Shiga Kogen’s snow stays in better condition and longer. It’s no surprise that the resort is known for the reliability of its powder and length of its season. Running from November to late-April (and into May in a good year), Shiga offers Nagano’s best spring-skiing.

Having hosted events during the 1998 Winter Olympic Games, Shiga Kogen hasn’t seen much development in recent years. While some areas look a little tired and are in need of updating, the resort retains its Japanese and distinctly local character. But don’t count on that remaining the case. Winter 2020/21 brought the opening of the new ‘Pulse’ Gondola at Shiga Kogen Yamanoeki (Mountain Station), a sign that things are changing and the resort is about to become a whole lot more popular as more and more people discover Shiga Kogen – Japan’s largest and highest ski resort.



Shiga Kogen boasts over 600 hectares of terrain with just under 90 ski runs – or over 100 when we take into account linked-course runs. Needless to say, it’s a big resort and there’s a lot to cover. In this section you will find the following information:

Operating Dates & TimesSki Fields & HighlightsTickets & PassesRental & Ski SchoolBackcountry & SidecountryKids & FamiliesAccommodation & Village Info

To help get your head around the size and extent of the resort it will be useful to break Shiga Kogen’s 18 ski areas into three groupings:

1 / CENTRAL AREA / 13 of the resort’s 18 ski areas

2 / YAKEBITAI & OKUSHIGA / 2 of 18 ski areas

3 / KUMANOYU & YOKOTEYAMA (inc. SHIBUTOGE) / 3 of 18 ski areas

All ski areas are covered by the all-mountain pass – offering the largest expanse of terrain of any resort in Japan and Nagano’s longest season. Before looking at the resort as a whole, let’s break things down into three areas to help get your head around what’s on offer:


CENTRAL AREA / A Resort Within a Resort

The Central Area of Shiga Kogen includes 13 of the 18 areas making-up the largest part of the resort including: Sun Valley / Maruike / Hasuike / Giant / Hoppo Bunadaira / Nishidateyama / Higashidateyama / Terakoya / Takamagahara / Ichinose Family / Tanne / Ichinose Diamond / Ichinose Yamanokami. Located in the middle of Shiga Kogen, you are almost guaranteed to go through at least some of the ski fields of the Central Area, with enough variation and quality of terrain to keep you busy for a day or more. The official stats are: Central Area – a total of 35 ski runs – beginner 50% / intermediate 35% / advanced 15% – serviced by 22 chairlifts and 2 gondolas – see ‘Ski Fields & Highlights’ below for more details.


YAKEBITAI & OKUSHIGA KOGEN / Deep Powder & Tree-lined Runs

Connected to the Central Area ski fields via Ichinose Diamond, the joint areas of Yakebitai (also called ‘Yakebitayama’) and Okushiga Kogen lie deeper in the mountains and offer some of the resorts best powder and scenic ski runs. Both ski areas have a top altitude of 2000 metres and when considered together offer a total of 25 ski runs in this area of the resort. On clear days, the ski runs of Yakebitai and Okushiga offer outstanding views of the resort and some of the best powder on offer. The official stats are: Yakebitai – 15 ski runs – beginner 45% / intermediate 35% / advanced 20% – serviced by 3 chairlifts and 2 gondolas; and for Okushiga – 10 ski runs – beginner 20% / intermediate 60% / advanced 20% – serviced by 5 chairlifts and 1 gondola – see ‘Ski Fields & Highlights’ below for more details.


KUMANOYU & YOKOTEYAMA inc. SHIBUTOGE / Japan’s Highest Ski Fields

Lying deep within the mountains, Kumanoyu and Yokoteyama are the only areas of the Shiga Kogen that are not connected to the overall resort – please note, statics for Yokoetayama include the adjoining ski fields of Shibutoge. As such, visitors wanting to ski and snowboard in Kumanoyu and/or Yokoteyama need to stay in the area or use the resorts shuttle bus, taxi or their own vehicle to get there. Visitors who do make the effort to get Yokoteyama can enjoy Japan’s highest chair-lifted ski run at 2307 metres, along with some of Nagano’s best backcountry from Yokoteyama toward Kusatsu and Mount Shirane. The official stats are: Kumanoyu – 12 ski runs – 30% beginner / intermediate 40% / advanced 30% – serviced by 4 chairlifts; and for Yokoteyama inc. Shibutoge – 15 ski runs – beginner 50% / intermediate 20% / advanced 30% – serviced by 8 chairlifts – see ‘Ski Fields & Highligts’ below for more details.



The resort’s official season runs from mid-December to late-March through which time, you can expect all areas of the resort to be operating. In addition to this, the highest areas of the resort enjoy an even longer season, with ski fields including Kumanoyu and Yokoteyama, are likely to open as early as mid-November and remaining open to as late as May. As a result, Shiga Kogen boasts the longest season of any resort in Nagano.

Expect the full resort to be open from around December 21 – with the official opening around that time – until March 31 (the exact dates are dependent on the snow conditions each season). The snow should then be excellent through to April with all areas of the resort typically open until late-April or in a good season, early-May. Lifts are typically open from 08:00 or 08:30 to 16:30 with night-skiing available the Central Area ski fields of Ichinose Family, Ichinose Diamond, Takamagahara, Maruike and Sun Valley, along with Yakebitai and Kumanoyu.

Dates and times for night-skiing vary with most areas restricting their operating days to the Christmas and New Year period and some Saturdays, from 18:30 or 19:00 until 20:30 or 21:00. If its high on your list of priorities, Ichinose Family is your best bet for night-skiing – operating everyday over the Christmas/New Year period and then everyday other than Mondays and Tuesdays until the second half of March. Please note, night-skiing is not covered by the all-mountain/day-pass and requires an additional ticket – typically costing around JPY2000 depending on the ski area.


With over 600 hectares of terrain and just under 90 ski runs – over 60 of which are interconnected – Shiga Kogen offers an unmatched expanse of ski fields. When skiing and snowboarding at Shiga Kogen, you’ll often cross from one ski field into another without realising it. Some ski areas are literally one run while others are large, up to 15 trails in an individual ski field. All ski areas are covered by the all-mountain pass including the only ski fields not connected to the overall resort – Kumanoyu and Yokoteyama/Shibutoge.


Those areas can however be accessed using the resorts shuttle bus. It is also worth noting that the table above lists the longest individual runs in each area but runs in several areas link-up to make much longer courses. When we consider all 18 areas as one resort, the highlights of the include:

Sun Valley, Maruike & Hasuike


Approaching Shiga Kogen along the main mountain road (from Nagano City), the small ski field of Sun Valley is the first you will reach. It is a small area but has a good range of accommodation, with many visitors choosing to base themselves here. From Sun Valley you can head into the adjacent area of Maruike and Hasuike. Well-suited to families, Maruike has a children’s snow activity area and some nice, short runs to practice on, with night-skiing available in Hasuike.


Overall the combined ski fields of Sun Valley, Maruike and Hasuike are small and despite some intermediate and advanced terrain, this area won’t keep intermediate and advanced skiers/boarders entertained for long. As the first ski fields you’ll reach when coming to Shiga Kogen, it’s a convenient area to start and end at however we recommend going just a couple of minutes further into the resort and starting from:

Giant, Hoppo Bunadaira, Nishidateyama, Higashidateyama & Terakoya


Starting from the Shiga Kogen Yamanoeki (Mountain Station), the ‘Pulse’ Gondola will take you to the lower section of the Giant ski run. Immediately accessible from the base of Giant, beginners will enjoy Happo Bunadaira. The wide, flat slopes are an ideal practice area for first-timers. From there you can access Nishidateyama has a variety of courses catering to all levels while the ski field of Higashidateyama is directly above.


Accessible using the gondola, these courses were used during the 1998 Winter Olympics and World Cup events. Sitting above Higashidateyama, Terakoya is one of the highest peaks in Shiga Kogen and offers skiers and snowboarders exceptional powder and alpine views. Ascending the 2060 meters (6758ft) Terakoya is one of the highest chair-lifted ski fields in Japan.

Takamagahara, Ichinose Family, Ichinose Diamond, Tanne & Ichinose Yamanokami


From Terakoya, you can descent into the resort’s most central ski fields starting Takamagahara Mammonth. At 1900 metres, the top station affords great views of the resort and backs onto the Higashidateyama Olympic Runs. Also adjoining this area, the ski runs drop into the Ichinose Village area – which boasts the greatest concentration of accommodation in Shiga. The Ichinose area is divided into the ski fields of Ichinose Family, Tanne, Ichinose Diamond, and Ichinose Yamanokami. Ski runs are well-groomed and wide, with steep terrain at the top and flat bunny runs at the bottom. The central ski fields of Ichinose connect to Terakoya, Higashidateyama and Nishidateyama – as discussed – and onto Yakebitai and Okushiga via Ichinose Yamanokami.

Yakebitai & Okushiga


These are some of our favourite areas in Shiga Kogen. As you move away from the resort’s central area, the ski fields of Yakebitai are typically quiet and very beautiful. Serviced by two gondolas, the summit of Yakebitai is one of Japan’s highest at 2000 metres, from where on a clear day you will love the views and descending beautiful tree-lined runs back to the base. Yakebitai also boasts a children’s activity area and decent little terrain park. Adjoining Yakebitai, Okushiga is the furthest point of the connected areas of Shiga Kogen. On days of powder, Okushiga is probably the pick of the areas to be in the resort. Located deep within Shiga Kogen, the runs are likely to be empty and just as beautiful as Yakebitai. Serviced by one gondola and summiting at just over 2000 metres, Okushiga is addictive – so much so that we recommend staying in the area!

Kumanoyu & Yokoteyama (inc. Shibutoge)


The ski fields of Kumanoyu and Yokoteyama/Shibutoge are the only areas of the resort which are not connected. They are however covered by the all-mountain pass and can be easily accessed using the resort’s shuttle bus. Kumanoyu is the closest area to the central resort and given location deep within the mountains along with high elevation – at just under 200 metres – these ski fields often open as early as November. Visitors to Kumanoyu will find some good little runs with little competition for space, especially on weekdays. Finally, the joint ski fields of Yokoteyama and Shibutoge are usually considered one area and boast the highest chair-lifted ski run in Japan at 2307 metres. Trees at the higher elevations get wrapped snow and ice, making the area especially beautiful on clear days. It is worth noting however that the area can be subject to high winds and icy conditions, so keep an eye on the forest and head to Yokoteyama on days of good weather.



Some areas of Shiga Kogen sell their own passes however unless you are really limited for time or money, we recommend purchasing an all-mountain ticket covering each of the 18 ski fields. Passes can be purchased at any ticket window.



Many larger hotels offer in-house ski and snowboard rental with quality varying depending on where you stay. The resort also has several rental shops, mostly located in the central area including:

Shiga Kogen Yamanoeki: as the most convenient launching point for exploring the resort, Shiga Kogen Yamanoeki includes ski and snowboard rental, which can be arranged before walking onto the Pulse Gondola and heading on the the ski runs.

Ichinose Diamond: down from the Ichinose Diamond slope you will find a large building including rental and restaurants.

Ichinose Family: the Shiga Kogen Olympic Hotel is located at the base of ski fields and includes the Snowcan rental inside the hotel.

Takamagahara Mammoth: rental can be found in the Dakekanba restaurant building.

Hasuike: located in the restaurant building called ‘Hasuike Gateway Station’, which is conveniently nearby the public bus stop.

Foreign language ski and snowboard lessons are available in English through the International Ski School operating out of the Okushiga ski fields. Group lessons are conducted in Okushiga and require guests to get themselves there (which is easily done on the resorts free shuttle bus). Private lessons can be conducted anywhere in the resort. Some hotels with foreign/English-speaking staff may be able to offer lessons however this service would need to be confirmed directly with your hotel.



Through-out the ski resort, multiple hotels also offer in-house ski and snowboard rental. Quality and prices vary greatly so if it’s important to you, make sure to check what stock they carry and their charges, prior to booking. Usually prices are lower than specialist rental stores but so too, in many cases, is the quality. Prince Hotel West and Prince Hotel East in Yakebitayama stock a good range while Hotel Sunny Shiga in Takamagahara also carries both ski and snowboard rentals.


But our pick of the bunch is Hotel Grand Phenix in Okushiga. As the resorts premier hotel, Grand Phenix’s in-house ski rental is stocked with a great selection of Japanese and international brand skis including Atomic, Head, Rossignol and Ogasaka. Not only does the hotel pride itself in the quality of its rental stock, pro-staff are focused on the meticulous maintenance of all available gear to give each guest the best possible experience on the mountain.



The official rules of Shiga Kogen do not allow people to go undertake backcountry skiing unless they are accompanied by a registered guide. Guided backcountry tours are available through Big Cloud, based within the Prince Hotel Shiga Kogen West Wing – contact: +81-269-34-3111 – and the Shiga Kogen International Ski School – contact: +81-269-34-2225 – based in the Okushiga ski fields.


In terms of sidecountry, the ‘Kuma-otoshi’ course in Okushiga Kogen has some great powder and decent side terrain – see the map above. The forest route running from the Higashidate Gondola top station to the base station usually has some great snow off the sides of the trail, while above, Terakoya ski area often has fantastic snow among the trees – see the map below. Make sure to get there early to get the best of it.


Away from those area, Shibutoge is part of the Yokoteyama ski fields. Located deep within the resort, this area boasts the highest chairlifts in Japan and some good sidecountry. Be careful though, the terrain falls away quickly in areas so always be mindful of your safety.

Finally, the Kumanoyu aki area is one of the quietest areas of the whole resort, meaning that its snow conditions are reliably good with the upper areas usually staying in great condition throughout the day.. We recommend this area for enjoying great snow on quiet runs and sidecountry.



For families with children, Shiga Kogen has two activity areas where you can enjoy a range of snow gear including tubes, sleds or just playing in the snow without having to worry about skiers and snowboarders coming past. The Shiga Kogen Maruike Snow Activity Park is set in a scenic and easily accessible area of the resort, while the Shiga Kogen Yakebitaiyama Family Snow Park is set further into the resort but equally convenient. Located directly outside of the Shiga Kogen Prince Hotel, the play area is always popular with families. In terms of day-care facilities, Shiga Kogen has limited options and you are likely to struggle to find English or other foreign language services. If you require such services, the best option is to check with large hotels to confirm what they offer.



As Japan’s largest resort, Shiga Kogen offers loads of accommodation options concentrated in a couple of ski fields. As you approach the resort from Nagano, Sun Valley and Maruike are the first ski fields that you come to. Sun Valley has a grouping of larger hotels while Maruike and nearby Hasuike also have some good-sized hotels, although a little more spread-out. Moving further into the resort, the greatest concentration of accommodation is found in Ichinose village, where there are plenty of large to mid-sized hotels. The nearby ski fields of Takamagahara also has a number of good options including Hotel Sunny Shiga while Yakebitai is serviced by the Prince Hotel, which operates three separated hotel buildings under the same name. The furthest areas of the resort are Okushiga and the more distant areas of Kumanoyu and Yokoteyama. Both areas have some good options in terms of accommodation with Okushiga being the stand-out, offering one of the few ski in/out, high-end hotels in Shiga – Grand Phenix Okushiga – and some nice, family-run chalets.



As Japan’s largest ski resort, Shiga Kogen can be hard to get your head around, especially for first time visitors! Comprising of eighteen ski areas, all but two are connected, allowing skiers and boarders to move between one area to the next and in total, an expansive area of terrain. Our ‘Where To Stay In & Around Shiga Kogen?’ page details the main accommodation areas within the resort and a couple of options nearby including the historic hot spring towns of Kanbayashi Onsen, Shibu Onsen and Yudanaka Onsen.


Based in Nagano and operating all year round, we are a registered travel agent, tour and charter operator offering a full-suite of winter services including ski/snowboard packages, accommodation, lift passes, private charters and a range of tours including both group and private options covering Shiga Kogen:



As Japan’s largest and highest ski resort, Shiga Kogen is blessed with Nagano’s longest season and most reliable snow. Accommodation is dotted across the resort’s expansive 600ha of terrain with the nearby hot spring villages of Kanbayashi Onsen, Shibu Onsen and Yudanaka Onsen offering a great alternative for visitors wanting to enjoy Japan’s legendary ‘onsen’ culture – PLAN & BOOK IN SHIGA NOW!



Did you know that Shiga Kogen is just one of the more than eighty ski resorts in Nagano and more than five hundred in Japan? Needless to say, when you choose Nagano for your winter getaway you are spoiled for choice! Our ‘Japan Ski Resorts’ page has everything you need to know to start planning your ski and snowboard adventure including: LATEST NEWS & DEALS, THE BEST RESORTS IN NAGANO & JAPAN, FAQs and of course OUR SKI PACKAGES, ACCOMMODATION, TRANSPORT & TOURS.



Located approximately 45KM (1 hour drive) to the east of Nagano City and 280KM (<5 hours drive) to the northwest of Tokyo, most visitors head to Shiga Kogen via Nagano Station. As a stop on the Hokuriku Shinkansen running from Tokyo to Kanazawa, Nagano Station is a convenient point from where to head to Shiga using the Nagaden Snow Monkey/Shiga Kogen Express Bus. The timetable for the 24/25 winter season has not yet been released, but the 23/24 season timetable below will serve as an example of the frequency with which buses visit each stop.

Shiga Kogen Express bus 23/24 winter

For the express bus timetable to and from the resort, see our ‘Nagaden Shiga Kogen Express Bus Timetable’ page. For details on how to reach Shiga from Nagano and beyond, see our ‘How to Get to Shiga Kogen – Nagano Ski Resorts Info’ page.

Located in the Hasuike area, Shiga Kogen Yamanoeki (Mountain Station) is the resort’s primary transport hub. Express and local bus services stop at the mountain station, with the new ‘Pulse’ Gondola providing immediate access to the Giant ski area. The resort’s shuttle bus also operates from the mountain station, making it a great point from which to start and end your time in Shiga Kogen.


Headquartered in nearby Nagano City, Snow Monkey Resort is ready to service all of your tour based needs in the area. With a number of options for both group and private tours, we are sure that we can make your vacation one you will remember forever!

With the Snow Monkey Park and Shiga Kogen being so close together, it makes perfect sense to combine the two for a day trip, and with this tour that’s just what we’ve done! Starting with a trip to a snow field in Shiga Kogen for a chance to have fun with some snow based activites (sleddding and more!), the group will then head on to the Monkey Park to watch as these furry primates relax in the hot spring water. With lunch and transport included, this tour is a complete day of activities for you and your group to try.

Operating year round, this tour will bring you to the Jigokudani Monkey Park, right in the foothills of Shiga Kogen. In the morning, your group will start with a guided tour of Nagano City’s historic Zenkoji Temple including a Sake tasting, with lunch afterwards closer to the monkey park. Once you have finished eating, everyone will be off to the Snow Monkey Park to see what all of the fuss is about! Although there is no snow in the seasons outside of winter, the monkeys will still be in the park, and in Spring and Summer you can even see the cute newborn baby monkeys.


If you are not in need of a guide and would like to make your own schedule, we also offer private charter services. With well trained and safe drivers, we are ready to bring you to and from the Shiga Kogen area from any point of your choice, including places as far away as Tokyo. You can even hire a guide to come along and make it your own private, personalized tour! Please contact us HERE for more information on pricing and availability.

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