Buying Japanese Arts & Crafts: Recommended Artists

Buying Japanese Arts & Crafts: Recommended Artists


The following page profiles some of our favourite artists including where and how to purchase their work. Artists are selected based on the quality of their work and a unique perspective and talent which we believe will appeal to international visitors. In providing this information, we hope to help you discover some outstanding talent and support those artists in their creative pursuits.


Japan has a long history and rich culture of classical arts, folk craft, and contemporary creative movements. Exploring such a immersive world is great fun for any international visitor, however it can also be a little daunting you try to get your head around the many forms of artistic expressions you are likely to encounter here.


Our ’30 Japanese Arts & Crafts You Need To Know’ page is a great place to start, in getting to know and excited about some of the many captivating artforms waiting to be discovered.


One of the most enjoyable aspects of traveling in and learning about any culture is discovering local artists, through whom our appreciation of the country, its people and history is enchanced and coloured:

Nakamura Jin

Based in the popular mountain resort town of Karuizawa, Nakamura Jin / ナカムラ ジン is a versatile contemporary artist who blends traditional art styles and motifs with modern influences and pop culture references into a seductive world of imagery.


For further information about the artist, see our ‘Art Space Japan: Nakamura Jin’ page or head straight to our online shop for his avaiable products.