Photoblog: Jigokudani Monkey Park in Spring 2023
  • Photoblog: Jigokudani Monkey Park in Spring 2023

    As we begin to transition into the warm Nagano Summer, we offer you to join us for this special Spring photoblog, looking back in celebration of this intimate time for our snow monkeys at Jigokudani! The heavy snowfall of winter has long melted away, giving way to fresh greens, renewed spirit, and new life for our simian friends.

    Springtime is synonymous with new life in the animal kingdom, and May is an especially fantastic time to see its vibrancy in our monkey community! In whichever direction you look, the landscape will be adorned with bright-faced mothers and their adorable newborns. When not hanging on for dear life by clinging to their mother`s long fur, they stay within their protective reach and stare wide-eyed at the world around them.

    But we can`t forget about last year`s babies who are now taking their first steps into adolescence! Their dramatic increase in size since infancy is also matched by an equal increase in confidence. They begin to branch out more socially, participating in grooming and light squabbles, and adding their voices to the symphony monkey howls, chirps, and screeches!

    Although the chilly weather is over for the time being, that does not mean an end to the watery fun for these monkeys! During the cold Winter, the snow monkeys enter the hot springs at the park purely for warmth and comfort. Even though the weather has warmed in Spring, some monkeys choose to swim and splash in the hot spring for fun! If you`re lucky, you may even witness this playful attitude yourself if you visit during this time of year or tune into the park’s Monkey Livestream!

    The warmer weather also gives way to another favorite pastime for our furry friends: lazy sunbathing. As the radiant spring sun peeks out from behind the trees, it leaves many comfy spots around the park perfect for napping and grooming! Although the monkeys participate in grooming each other all year round, there is a special contentment and delight present in their expression as they simultaneously get lulled to sleep by the sun and by their fellows. Once you see this in action, you will wish you could experience the same bliss as the monkeys!

    From the famous hot spring bathing season in the Winter to the relaxing sunbathing season in the Summer; The mating season in the Autumn to the adorable baby season in the Spring. There truly is no wrong time of year to visit the snow monkeys at Jigokudani, as they all offer unique and engaging experiences!

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