Enjoying the Kiso Valley in Collaboration with!
  • Enjoying the Kiso Valley in Collaboration with!

    Snow Monkey Resorts is collaborating with to bring you three model courses that explore central Nagano. The Kiso Valley is one of the more unexplored areas of Japan, but it is an area of deep historical importance. Kiso-ji, which literally means Kiso Road, was once a main trade route for hundreds of years for those living in Nagano long ago. It was part of the Nakasendo which connected Edo (Tokyo) and Kyoto.

    Much of the area remains untouched by modern life and public transportation is not widespread or readily accessible. If you are thinking about visiting the Kiso Valley, check out this article to learn about its greatest highlights. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to discover ancient Japan. Take  a look at the model courses we’ve prepared with the help of to get the most out of your visit to the area.

    The first is a 2-day tour starting in Nagano City and finishing in Takayama. This tour takes you first to Narai Post Town and a chopstick-making experience. Next, choose to visit either Lake Shizenko for some canoeing on a mystic, naturally-formed mountain lake or the Ontake Ropeway and see central Nagano from above. Spend the night in Kiso-Fukushima before setting out the next day and walking the ancient trail between Magome and Tsumago Post Towns.

    The tour ends in Takayama. The next course starts out in Nagano and takes you first to one of Japan’s three premier castles, Matsumoto Castle. Then head off to Narai Post Town and enjoy exploring the historic town and making your own set of chopsticks before spending the night in Kiso Fukushima.

    The next day starts in Nezamenotoko, an awe-inspiring sight designated as a national Place of Scenic Beauty.

    Next, head out to the Akasawa Natural Recreation Forest and take the historic forest train deep into the forest and walk one of the refreshing trails back to the entrance.

    The next stop is Kakizore Gorge and its amazing hidden waterfall.

    The last stop is the trail walk between the Tsumago and Magome Post Towns before the tour concludes at Nakatsugawa Station.


    The final model course is perfect for Instragrammers looking to wow their followers with a jam-packed three days of activities. Day 1 starts walking from Yabuhara through the Torii Pass and onto Narai Post Town and making your own chopsticks. Day 2 begins with a scenic ride up Ontake Ropeway followed by a visit to stunning Nezame-no-toko and the Akasawa Natural Recreation Forest and a ride on the historic train.

    Day 3 offers a visit to Kakizore Gorge, its crystal clear water, and beautiful hidden gem of a waterfall followed by a hike along the ancient Nakasendo Trail between Tsumago and Magome Post Towns.


    Use these links to see more details about each of the courses:


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    2 days from Nagano / Matsumoto to Nakatsugawa/Nagoya through the Nakasendo Kiso Valley

    3 Days of Instagrammer Heaven Along the Nakasendo Kisoji Route