Happy New Year from everyone at Snow Monkey Resorts and let’s jump into the new year with our first photoblog of 2019! While the snow was late this year January has delivered with its reliable dumps of the white stuff and the park is approaching its wintery best and with the chilly temperatures to match!

    Snow Monkeys_190122_0408Snow Monkeys_190122_0424

    Visitor numbers to the Snow Monkey Park have spiked over the end of year period, the monkeys proving as popular sight as ever over the holidays. Both Japanese and international visitors have delighted at the sight of the troop scurrying through the snow, wrestling with their friends, and taking long, relaxing baths in their private ‘onsen’ (hot spring).

    Snow Monkeys_190121_0407Snow Monkeys_190124_0431

    Research has shown that the monkeys don’t just soak in the naturally hot water to survive the cold of winter but also to relax. Time spent in the onsen releases a hormone that relaxes the little guys and this time of year, pregnant females spend the most time bathing as the added relaxation aids with their pregnancy. This year’s babies have also taken to the water with relish, with a couple of the adorable creatures regularly found in the pool, sitting atop their favorite rocks to keep their heads out of the water.

    Snow Monkeys_190121_0401Snow Monkeys_190122_0417Snow Monkeys_190122_0414

    With the park being busy this time of year it’s a good chance to remind visitors of the rules to ensure everyone gets the most out of their time with the monkeys. It’s very basic and the first thing to note is that the snow monkeys are wild and while they are very comfortable with our presence in the park, remain wild and should not be touched.

    Snow Monkeys_190124_0434Snow Monkeys_190121_0404Snow Monkeys_190122_0412

    No barriers confine the monkeys within the park and should they become stress they could potentially stop coming. So please do not touch them or interfere with them in anyway (including making noises or throwing things at them to get their attention for photographs) and observe the following rules:


    Please do not feed the monkeys

    Please do not touch the monkeys

    Please do not eat or drink while in the park or on the trail

    Please keep your distance from the monkeys (1 to 2 meters)

    Please do not use selfie sticks or flash photography


    Please follow the rules and have a great time! Throughout winter the Snow Monkey Resorts Info & Gift Shop will be open every day  to assist with your visit including rental snowboots and jacket, cramp-ons and other winter clothing for sale, in addition to a great range of monkey merchandise and tasty snacks (for purchase on your way out, please don’t take any food or plastic bags along the trail and into the park).


    As always, our guides will be available all winter (not to mention all-year-round) to help you get the most out of your visit to the park. We offer a range of group tours starting in both Nagano City and Hakuba, and can customize private tours to your interests and schedule. As Nagano’s No.1 rated tour operator, let us turn your visit into an experience and introduce you to our favorite furry residents and everything that makes them (and Nagano) so unique!