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  • 2017.10.26


    ski rental

    If you didn’t bring any snow gear with you to Japan, no worries! Like most of the ski resorts in the world, Shiga Kogen also has a plenty of items to rent/sell for visitors. But the question would be where and how much you can rent during your stay, and how the renting systems in Japan? There are mainly two ways to rent ski/snowboard gears: your hotel or rental store.


    Rent in your hotel in Shiga Kogen:

    In Shiga Kogen, many hotels also provide rental service to their customer. The rental price varies depending on the size of hotel or quality/model of gears. Usually the price is cheaper than rental stores for their customer. In the Okushiga area, you can find rental stores in hotels like the Okushiga Kogen Hotel and the Grand Phenix. In Yakebitai, the Shiga Kogen Prince Hotel West, Shiga Kogen Prince Hotel East offer rentals. Many hotels in other major ski areas such as in Ichinose or Yokote offer rental services as well. Some hotels do not have rental service so you may want to check directly with the hotels in advance.

    snow board ski image


    Rent in the rental stores:

    If your hotel do not have rental service or it’s all booked, or if you want to try something else, no worries at all. SnowCan stores, a ski rental chainstore with the head office in Tokyo, can be found all throughout the highlands. Professional staff at each stores help you choose the right size of gears and adjust binding precisely according to your individual needs.

    Snow can

    Also, if you rent something at one location but will not get back there at the end of the day, dropping your rental gear off at a Snowcan store at another location is no problem. Just mention the name of the place you rented at, and drop your stuff off. See below for the location of Snowcan rental shops:


    ①Ichinose area – Down the Ichinose Diamond slope is the Restaurant Diamond. The store is inside the restaurant building

    ②Ichinose area – In front of the Ichinose Family slope you’ll find the Shiga Kogen Olympic Hotel. The Snowcan shop is in the hotel

    ③Takamagahara area – Found in the Dakekanba restaurant building

    ④Hasuike area – Located in the restaurant building Hasuike Gateway Station, close to the Hasuike bus stop

    ⑤Yokoteyama & Kumanoyu – Found right in front of the Hotaru-onsen/Suzurikawa-onsen bus stop


    Snowcan Store Location Map ①〜④ (Central Area)スクリーンショット 2017-11-01 16.31.13


    If you rent the gears more than one day, you can also keep them in your hotel as well. The general price for full set (Ski: ski boards, boots, stocks / Snowboard: a snowboard, boots) per one adult is, 1 Day: 4200 JPY  (2100 JPY for child) and 3 Day: 8800 JPY (5000 JPY for child).


    If you want to know more about Shiga Kogen in general, please take a look our destination page of Shiga Kogen here!