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    As the largest ski resort in Japan, Shiga Kogen lies in the north of Nagano, a region known for hosting the 1998 Winter Olympics. Comprised of 18 ski areas, the resort has varying terrain and slopes suitable for all levels, from beginners to advanced, and all connected by more than 50 chairlifts and 4 gondolas.

    Particularly popular with locals due to the reliability and quality of its powder snow, Shiga also boasts Japan’s highest chair-lifted ski run at 2307 meters!

    Ski Season Duration

    Shiga’s higher elevation blesses it with the longest season of any Nagano resort. The official opening date for all ski areas is early December – celebrated by the resort’s opening ceremony – but the the highest ski areas including Kumanoya and Yokoteyama typically open in mid to late-November.

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    The final day of the season is the last day of Golden Week (a run of Japanese national holidays) at the beginning of May with plenty of fun and great powderinbetween!

    Shiga Kogen winter skiing landscape

    More detailed information about Shiga Kogen’s season can be found at the following blog article: SHIGA KOGEN: START & END OF SKI/SNOWBOARD SEASON.

    Opening Hours of Slopes

    Operating hours through winter are typically 8:30 to 16:30 but can change depending on the particular piste or weather conditions on the day.

    ichinose family shiga kogen

    Shiga-kogen ski area

    Ski Ticket Price

    All 18 ski areas are skiable with one all-mountain/common ticket with varying prices depending on the length of validity. Passes can be purchased at ticket windows in all areas of the resort and accept credit card other than at Shibutoge and Kidoike:

    Price Map Ski
    *Prices are subject to change, so please consider the table as an indication.
    Multiday Ski Tickets
    For visitors staying longer and wanting to get the most out of their time in Shiga Kogen on ‘Ski Safari’, there are mutliple ‘Super Pass’ options offering good savings:
     Super pass ski price map
    *Prices are subject to change, so please consider the table an indication.
    Point system
    If you think you’re not going to ride that many lifts and gondolas, Shiga Kogen offers visitors a Point Card allowing you to access the resorts 52 ski lifts and gondolas on a per use basis. You can choose between 20 and 50 points, with chairlifts charging 2 to 6 points and gondolas between 6 to 9 points depending on the length of the ride.

    Okushiga Kogen resort ropeway

    Points only remain valid for one season and cannot be reimbursed if unused. So break at the pencil and paper and work-out if this option makes sense for you… it just might!

    Off-piste/backcountry Skiing

    For those seeking off-piste skiing/boarding, head to the Okushiga Kogen ski area. As one of the highest and most beautiful areas of Shiga, backcountry is permitted but only when accompanied by a guide. This restriction is for your safety with the beauty and temptation of backcountry in Shiga belying the risk and danger associated with straying off-piste. Don’t take any risks and follow the rules – they are there for your safety.

    shiga backcountry tour

    Looking for a guide? Contact Okushiga directly and they’ll sort you out with an experienced guide to help you get the most out of your backcountry adventure in Shiga!

    Night Skiing/Snowboarding

    One of the best features of Japan’s ski resorts are the ‘Nighters’ – night ski runs. Less expensive than daytime skiing – ranging from JPY1600 JPY2000 JPY for adults with children are free at many areas or (at most) charged JPY1000 – nighters typically operate from 18:00 to 20:00 or 21:00 depending on the specific ski run and of course, weather conditions.

    丸池スキー場 (1)

    For visitors using a Point Card, please note that it does not cover nighters and you would be required to buy an additional pass.

    Rental Service

    There are multiple locations in Shiga Kogen where you can rent ski gear with most in-hous within hotels. Snowcan is one of the few independent stores in Shiga Kogen, renting ski and snowboard gear and all necessary clothing.

    ski rental

    Multiday Ski Packages in Shiga Kogen

    We as Snow Monkey Resorts are happy to announce our new ski package in Shiga Kogen for winter 2020/21. Offering multi-day ski packages including transport to and from Shiga, accommodation, lift passes and more to help you get the most out of your time in Nagano!

    Including all-mountain lift passes for the duration of your stayaccommodation at Hotel Sunny Shiga or Hotel Grand Phenix and transport from/to JR Nagano Station, our convenient packages take the hassle out of planning your trip and combine the best of Shiga Kogen with all that this beautiful region has to offer!



    Hotel Grand Phenix

    Hotel Grand Phenix Okushiga is one of the top accommodation in Shiga Kogen. Located in the beautiful Joshinetsu Kogen  National Park. This hotel offers a combination of European-style rooms and comfort with traditional Japanese services and outstanding facilities. Grand Phenix sits easily within the beautiful surrounding landscape with many season activities on your doorstep including ski in/out access in winter.



    With seven types of rooms, restaurants serving Japanese, Italian and Chinese cuisine, a lounge with open fireplace, mens and womens communal baths, sauna and heated indoor swimming pool. Grand Phenix affords guests the highest quality stay available in Shiga Kogen ski resorts



    Hotel Sunny Shiga

    For visitors wanting to get the most out of their visit to Shiga, and explore all it has to offer, we recommend staying in the most central area, Takamagahara. Hotel Sunny Shiga is a great choice of accommodation in the village offering guests warm and friendly service, both Western and Japanese-style rooms, meal service, and ski hire and tickets.


    Hotel Sunny Shiga is one of the few guesthouses in Shiga Kogen with its own, in-house ‘onsen’ (natural hot spring) for the exclusive use of guests. At the end of the day on the mountain there is no better way to unwind, relax, and prime yourself for the next day than soaking in the thermal waters, bubbling up from deep below. A huge part of local culture, indulging in onsen is one of the highlights of skiing and snowboarding in Japan!


    Easily accessible by public transport and private vehicle, Hotel Sunny Shiga is a great option for those looking for a traditional Japanese ski lodge in the heart of the action.

    Bus Service

    A free shuttle bus service connects all areas of the resort throught the day. Opearting from early December until the last day of Golden Week in early May, these buses are the most convenient way to get from one end of the resort to everywhere inbetween!

    nagaden bus yudanaka

    Further information about the shuttle service and access of Shiga Kogen can be found at our article: HOW TO GET TO SHIGA KOGEN BY PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION.

    Snow Monkey Resorts Charters

    Locally-based and fully accredited, Snow Monkey Resorts is Nagano’s most reliable charter operator operating a range of vehicles suitable for individuals, couples, and families, and groups of up to 44 individuals.

    charter between Nagano ski resorts banner

    Charters can be arranged from any point of origin including central Tokyo and its airports, JR Nagano Station, between other ski resorts, or any other location of your choosing.

    hiace1. Micro

    For further information regarding your options please refer to our Charter Services page. Let us worry about the roads and your luggage, so you can focus on what you came here for – mountains, powder, and the endless runs of Shiga Kogen!