Green Season Deals in Central Japan 2024

Green Season Deals in Central Japan 2024

Based in Central Japan and operating all year round, we are a registered travel agent, tour, and charter operator offering a full-suite of services including both group and private tours, private charters, accommodation and travel packages. On this page you will find the best of what Central Japan has to offer during the non-winter months we have dubbed the “Green Season”, where the majesty of the Japanese countryside can be fully appreciated in all of its vibrancy:

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There are so many treasurable moments should not be missed during your foray into Japan, and we’re here all year round meaning that you can start planning and book at any time. If you have a question about booking your getaway to Japan, contact using the Inquiry button below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.



Through spring, summer and autumn we offer a number of group tours nestled within the Japanese Alps of Nagano Prefecture. Conveniently located less than 2 hours away from Tokyo by Shinkansen “Bullet” Train, all of these tours below are accessible as day trips from Japan’s capitol if you want to get out of the big city and journey into Japan’s heart, starting with our longest running and most popular tour that visits our furrier friends:

Take in some of the highlights of Nagano with this engaging tour starting with a visit to Zenko-ji Temple – one of the oldest and most important Buddhist temples in Japan – followed by sake tasting and lunch at a nearby restaurant. It’s then time to head to the Snow Monkey Park and its world-famous hot spring-bathing monkeys! All led by a locally-based English-speaking guide, this tour is a great way to see the best that Nagano has to offer – BOOK NOW!

In April we offer our always popular Snow Monkeys & Cherry Blossoms in Nagano Tour combining a morning visit to the Jigokudani Monkey Park with lunch and afternoon of enjoying one of Nagano’s best cherry blossom spots. We choose locations based on the condition of the blossoms and best experience for our guests, ensuring a great day out in Nagano – BOOK NOW!

From April to June, we head high above to the fabled ‘Snow Walls’ of the Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route. With pickup and drop-off available in Nagano City and Hakuba, this convenient one-day tour takes the hassle out of arranging your venture to the ‘Roof of Japan’, led by a locally-based, English-speaking guide – BOOK NOW!

Defined by its mountains and natural landscapes, Central Japan is the literal heartland of this beautiful country and a road less travelled by many international visitors. This engaging one-day tour takes you to Matsumoto Castle – one of the few remaining original castles in Japan and a registered National Treasure – before heading high into the grandeur of the North Alps and onto the alpine oasis of Kamikochi – BOOK NOW!

For those who wish to step into the shoes of travelers of the distant past, the fabled Nakasendo trail has some of its most picture-esque sections of cobblestone pathways through southern Nagano Prefecture. Visit and absorb the history of one of Japan’s most preserved post-towns of Tsumago, and take in the beauty of the post-town of Magome. Excluding the hottest summer months, get the lay of the land through these sun-shafted woods with your guide on this one-day tour of historic trail-blazing! – BOOK NOW!

Delve into the mystique of ancient Shinto shrines intertwined with the secrecy of ninja village. Begin your journey with a hands-on soba noodle making session, immersing yourself in Nagano’s culinary heritage in a period meal. Then, embark on a pilgrimage to the Chu-sha Shrine, and then sneak through the Ninja Village and its intriguing Trick House. Explore the sacred grounds of Togakushi’s shrines, steeped in millennia-old myths of creation. Conclude your adventure with a serene walk amidst towering cedar trees to the secluded Okusha Shrine. Join us for a day of discovery and wonder in one of Japan’s most mystical landscapes – BOOK NOW!

This captivating experience offers firsthand encounters with the traditions and lifestyle of the samurai class. Begin your day by crafting your own simple samurai lunch of various “oyaki” dumplings, a beloved Nagano delicacy with roots dating back thousands of years. Delve into the hidden enclave of Matsushiro, once the stronghold of the legendary Sanada clan, and explore some of Japan’s best-preserved Edo Period buildings, including the former Sanada and Higuchi Residences. Engage in samurai “katana” sword practice and other period activities at the Bunbu Gakko Military Arts School, led by local instructors. Join us for an unforgettable journey into the world of the samurai, where history comes to life through immersive experiences and expert guidance – BOOK NOW!

In November, Nagano City hosts the largest autumn fireworks festival in Japan with its famous ‘Ebisu-ko Festival’ drawing an estimated crowd of 400,000. Including a visit to the Jigokudani Monkey Park, early dinner and reserved seating at the fireworks, this tour is a fantastic way to enjoy one of Nagano’s best events – BOOK NOW!


Takayama, a gem nestled in the Japanese Alps, invites you to step into a world where tradition and nature converge in harmonious splendor. Often heralded as ‘Little Kyoto’, this town is a treasure trove of history, with its Edo-era old town streets and the storied Takayama Festival, one of Japan’s most beautiful celebrations. Also a short journey from Takayama, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Shirakawa-go awaits with its iconic gassho-zukuri farmhouses, whose thatched roofs blend seamlessly into the lush mountain landscape.

In Takayama, the echo of the past is felt through the charming streets of the old town, the meticulous process of sake brewing, and the vibrant array of crafts and food stalls throughout the town. Meanwhile, Shirakawa-go’s rural scenes offer a tranquil retreat from the modern world. Our tours are designed to immerse you in the pristine natural beauty of the region, engage with the area’s cultural heritage, partake in its artisanal crafts, and be enveloped by the warm embrace of local hospitality. Journey with us through Takayama and Shirakawa-go, and allow the pristine beauty of nature and the profound depth of history to enchant your senses.

Embark on a timeless journey with our 1-Day Tour from Takayama, where the scenic old-world charm of Takayama and Shirakawa-go awaits. Explore the historic Takayama Jinya, a former government outpost, and delve into the city’s rich heritage. Continue to the picturesque village of Shirakawa-go, a UNESCO World Heritage site, to witness its renowned gassho-zukuri farmhouses. Guided by local experts, this tour offers a profound glimpse into Japan’s cultural legacy. Ready to step back in time? Secure your spot today for an unforgettable experience.

Venture into the Alpine Splendor with our 1-Day Tour from Takayama, unveiling the majestic views of Shinhotaka Ropeway and the tranquil allure of Kamikochi. Elevate your senses as you ascend through the Northern Alps, capturing expansive panoramas. Stroll through Kamikochi’s serene landscapes, where valleys whisper and waters mirror the sky. Embrace the harmony of nature in this untouched haven, nestled in Japan’s heart. Eager for a mountain escape? Book now for a memorable journey into the wilderness.

Dive into a timeless journey with our 1-Day Tour in Takayama, immersing yourself in the town’s historical allure and temple serenity. And truly understand the essence of Takayama’s Spring and Autumn festivals, delving into their deep connection with the city’s history and culture. Stroll through the old town, embracing its traditional architecture and engaging in authentic crafts. Experience Takayama’s cultural depth and spiritual tranquility, guided by local experts. Ready for an enriching exploration? Reserve your experience today for an unforgettable insight into Takayama’s heritage.

Discover Hida-Furukawa’s hidden gems with our 1-Day Tour from Takayama. Experience the enchanting Edo-period styled streets, engage in the history of local festivals, and traditional crafts in this serene mountain town. Wander along historic Shirakabe Dozogai Street, explore vibrant cultural exhibitions, and immerse yourself in a hands-on weaving session. Complete your journey with the spiritual Santera pilgrimage, enriching your appreciation for Japan’s deep-rooted traditions. Join us for a memorable exploration of Hida-Furukawa’s cultural treasures, crafting lasting memories of Japan’s rich heritage.

Embark on a cultural odyssey with our 1-Day Tour from Takayama to Gujo Hachiman, a town where history, tradition, and craftsmanship intertwine. Explore the venerable Gujo Hachiman Castle, delve into the local lore at a museum, and partake in the unique craft of making lifelike food replicas. Wander through charming streets, uncovering the essence of this hidden gem. Whether marveling at the town’s natural beauty or engaging in its artistic heritage, this tour promises an insightful journey into the heart of Japanese culture. Book your adventure and capture the spirit of Gujo Hachiman with it’s age-old traditions and scenic allure.

Relax and rejuvenate with our 1-Day Tour from Takayama to Gero Onsen, one of Japan’s most esteemed hot spring destinations. Stroll through scenic landscapes, explore the traditional Gero Onsen Gassho Village, and learn about onsen culture at the Gero Onsen Museum. Your experience culminates with a restorative dip in a famed Gero hot spring, epitomizing relaxation and wellness. This tour offers a perfect blend of nature, culture, and tranquility, inviting you to unwind in the thermal bliss of Gero Onsen. Discover a relaxed day steeped in serenity and tradition.

Immerse yourself in Hida’s hidden wonders on a captivating 1-Day Tour from Takayama. Marvel at the Hida Great Limestone Cave’s natural sculptures, witness the grandeur of bears in their habitat at Okuhida Bear Park, and ascend via the Shinhotaka Ropeway for awe-inspiring views of the Northern Japan Alps. This journey showcases Hida’s seasonal transformations and rich biodiversity. Embark on your journey today and discover nature’s artistry and majesty unfold at every turn.



Kanazawa was a samurai city for over 300 years and still retains that character to this day. The matcha houses, the samurai gardens and the unique local cuisine makes it incredibly popular with Japanese people, but is lesser known among foreign tourists. The city’s heritage of all kinds of arts is another way to experience the culture. You can see the living arts of gold leaf placement, lacquerware and kimono painting that have been perfected over the centuries. If you are interested in the more modern there are plenty of museums and areas for you to explore as well. But the city itself is not the only great part of Kanazawa, its location in the middle of the Hokuriku also excellent. It is an easy day trip to the thatched-roof houses of Shirakawa-go, the Zen Buddhist Head Temple of Eiheiji and the giant Buddha of Takaoka. This entire region is lesser traveled than the “Golden Route”, so there are some places where you can really get that peaceful and beautiful Japan experience that most people are searching for.

Kanazawa is one of Japan’s best preserved traditional cities and this tour has you walk in the same streets as those from times past. Walk the streets the samurai of the Kaga clan and see a warriors house from the Edo period. Relax and enjoy matcha in a tea house overlooking a beautiful garden next to the impressive castle walls. Stroll through the Kenroku-en garden like the daimyos of the Edo period and admire the artistry of the landscaping of not just the land but of the trees as well. Finally, walk through Higashi Chayamachi, the old geisha district, where you can shop, snack and take a tour of a former tea house that was used by actual geisha in the past – BOOK NOW!

As one of the head temples of the world famous Japanese Zen Buddhist sect, Eiheiji Temple is a place where you can feel the mystery and beauty of traditional architecture hidden in a natural paradise. We will take a tour of the city in the morning, seeing the castle walls, the “rainbow” shrine, and views of the city from the Atagozaka Slope. In the afternoon is the tour of Eiheiji Temple itself. This area has had groupings of temples for over 500 hundred years and at its peak had thousands of monks living in the area. There are many excellent photo spots to discover, too. This area is a great escape from heat of the cities and the mountain breezes can be amazing – BOOK NOW!

One of the most visited attractions in the region is the thatched-roof houses of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama. The first stop is Inami, a small town is famous for wood-carving, especially in Zuisenji Temple. The carvings on this temple were done by a master carver over 200 years ago. We will then continue on to Gokayama to see some of the thatched-roofed house, get an excellent view of the small town and do a traditional paper-making experience. The last stop is Shirakawa-go where you can see the beautiful townscape and go into one of the homes to learn about the townspeople’s way of life. There are also plenty of shops and stalls to enjoy – BOOK NOW!

If you want mountains combined with rivers, lakes and bridges, Kurobe Gorge is a another stunning example of unforgettable Japanese natural landscapes. The first stop is Unazuki Onsen, a town with the architecture is an interesting mix of Japanese and Western design that make the ‘Taisho’-style. We will tour the town, enjoy footbaths and get great views of the town against the river and mountains. After grabbing a bento, we will get on the trolley train, with its open windows and spectacular views. The final destination of the tour is Keyakidaira Station, where we will see the “Monkey-Jumping” Rock, a natural onsen river footbath and more excellent scenery in the gorge – BOOK NOW!



The Kansai region used to be the political centre of Japan for many centuries. And now it has become a spiritual and cultural capital with even more specificity. Japan’s ancient capitals of Nara and Kyoto are home to many cultural and historical sites, and Wakayama’s Mount Koya and Kumano Kodo have been places of worship for centuries. Major cities such as commercial Osaka and cosmopolitan Kobe offer an abundance of local food, scenery, and entertainment. Kansai is also home to Japan’s largest remaining castle, Himeji Castle, and the oldest temple, Gangoji Temple, where you can enjoy a journey to enlightenment. If you want to experience Japan beyond just the big cities, join our Kansai tours and explore for yourself.

There are so many things to do in Osaka and you don’t know what to do? Our tour is what you need. We will introduce you to the historical side of Osaka by carefully selecting must-see spots such as Osaka Castle and Shitennoji. Then, we will visit the grassroots side of Osaka, the Nihonbashi and Dotonbori areas, and get a feel for the difference. We will also take you to experience ukiyo-e, an ancient Japanese traditional art. This tour will show you not only the Osaka that everyone knows, but also the Osaka that only locals know – BOOK NOW!

If you only have one day but still want to make the most of your time in Kobe City, this is the all-in-one tour you need. We will cover mountains and seas, from famous landmarks like Kobe Tower and Ikuta Shrine to wonders known to locals. We will also take you to taste local delicacies and visit Japan’s most famous sake producing areas. Before ending the trip, we will not forget to show you the beautiful night view. This tour will show you almost everything there is to know about Kobe City in one day – BOOK NOW!

Himeji City is home to a famous castle. Himeji Castle is not only the largest existing castle in Japan, but is also registered as a World Heritage Site and a National Treasure. Not only is the castle itself remarkable, but there are hidden wonders around the city as well. In addition to tangible historical buildings, there is also a lot of intangible culture waiting for you to know about it. This tour not only introduces you to Japan’s ancient art of indigo dyeing, but also allows you to experience it for yourself – BOOK NOW!

Kyoto is undoubtedly one of the most famous cities in Japan. With so much to explore and experience, it is worth spending a few days travelling here. This tour will focus on the western part of the prefecture. The west side of Kyoto is full of fascinating sights and hidden treasures. There are many natural landscapes, world heritage sites, and ancient temples. We will guide you through authentic Japanese gardens and temples with old paintings, allowing you to feel the traditional culture of Japan. We will take you to the famous bamboo grove and beautiful river side to refresh yourself. Not only just exploring, you can also experience traditional Japanese art for yourself – BOOK NOW!

Kyoto is undoubtedly one of the most famous cities in Japan. With so much to explore and experience, it is worth spending a few days travelling here. This tour will focus on the eastern part of the prefecture. Many of the centres of the 15th century Japanese cultural development known as Higashiyama Culture are located here. We will walk together to the Gion entertainment district in front of Yasaka Shrine. We will also walk the cobblestone streets of Ninenzaka and Sannenzaka that lead to the World Heritage Site Kiyomizu Temple. We will wander through narrow streets and alleys, discovering beautiful gardens, majestic shrines, and dazzling temples. You can fully feel the historical atmosphere along with the glory of the past – BOOK NOW!

When people talk about Nara, the only thing that comes to mind is deer. Of course, the deer themselves are fascinating. However, Nara is not just a place for deer. It has a very rich history and culture. Historically, Nara was the capital of Japan before the capital was moved to Kyoto. Culturally, the method of making Inkstick was introduced to Japan in the year 610 and developed in Nara. This tour takes you through old palaces, ancient temples, animals, Japanese art, and more in one day, so you can fully enjoy the atmosphere of nature and history. You can also learn about and actually experience Inkstick making, which is a tradition of Japanese art that has been passed down since ancient times – BOOK NOW!



Locally-based and operating all year round, Snow Monkey Resorts is a leading Tour Operator in Central Japan. We have the local knowledge of where and when to go, to help you discover and enjoy the region’s best destinations and most enjoyable outdoor activities including following private tours:

Embark on a more personalized adventure with our Private Snow Monkey Tour, offering a tailored experience starting from various convenient locations including Nagano City, Shiga Kogen, Nozawa Onsen, Madarao Kogen, or Hakuba. We pick you up in our private vehicle, ensuring a comfortable and convenient start to your day. Explore the famous Jigokudani Monkey Park, where you’ll witness the monkeys and their hot spring. Afterward, savor a delicious Japanese bento lunch, showcasing the best of Nagano’s culinary delights. Wander through the historic streets of Obuse, known for its Edo-period buildings and local delicacies. Then, delve into the spiritual realm at Zenko-ji Temple, one of Japan’s oldest and most revered Buddhist temples. Conclude your tour with a sake tasting experience, immersing yourself in Nagano’s sake culture. With a private vehicle and English-speaking guide, this tour promises an unforgettable exploration of Nagano’s treasures – BOOK NOW!

Embark on an exclusive journey to Japan’s heritage with our Private Takayama & Shirakawa-go Tour, starting with direct pickup in Takayama or its nearby hotels! Experience the historic Takayama Jinya and stroll through Takayama’s old town before venturing to Shirakawa-go, a UNESCO site known for its picturesque thatched-roof houses. After the tour concludes, you can choose to be dropped of at any location within Takayama or Kanazawa! With private transportation and an English-speaking guide, immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of these iconic destinations at your own pace – BOOK NOW!

This tour ALSO can provide pickup/dropoff in Kanazawa with the following option – BOOK NOW!
This tour ALSO can provide pickup/dropoff in Nagoya with the following option – BOOK NOW!

From July to October we return to the Alpine Route to enjoy leisurely walking trails below the summit of Mount Tate. Often called the ‘Roof of Japan’, this tour affords some fantastic alpine photography and relaxing day spent high above the world below – BOOK NOW!

Traditional Japanese belief tells that human souls are born atop of mountains, from where they flow down alpine rivers and eventually into the streams that give life and abundance to the villages below. Following that belief, this engaging tour starts in the farmlands of Azumino before ascending to the stunning alpine valley of Kamikochi and source of the rivers that bring fertility and life to the world below. Including lunch and guided by a locally-based guide, this tour goes against the flow to take you deep into Japan’s mountainous heartland – BOOK NOW!


For guests wanting to access reginal destinations in the comfort of their own transport, we can arrange a private tour or charter customised to fit your needs, starting and ending at any destination including from/to Nagano Station. Our drivers and vehicles are fully certified, allowing us to transport you to and from your preferred destinations in combination with any activity that suits your schedule.


All vehicles are fitted with a protective screen – separating the driver from passenger and luggage area – and our drivers wear protective masks, allowing you to move between your destinations in comfort and safety.


We can arrange both private tours with an English-speaking guide or a private charter, including a private vehicle and driver but without a guide. We’d love to be part of that experience and help you discover even more!

Why choose us?

Awarded a 2022 TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award for our 1-Day Snow Monkeys, Zenko-ji Temple & Sake Tour – recognised as one of the Top 10 Experiences in Japan – we have the local knowledge and experience to help you get the most out of your time in Nagano and Central Japan.

Got a question about visiting Nagano and Central Japan? Click on the INQUIRY button below or contact us and let’s get planning together!



All of our tours, both group and private, can be packaged with accommodation including hotels in and around the monkey park and Nagano City, starting with our:

Indulge in our 2-Day Snow Monkeys & Nagano Cultural Tour featuring a luxurious stay at Hotarutei Villas, starting from Nagano or Hakuba in winter. Day 1 includes a visit to Zenko-ji Temple, guided sake-tasting, lunch, and exploration of the Jigokudani Monkey Park. Then, unwind at Hotarutei’s lavish villa accommodation with private hot springs and kaiseki dining. Day 2 offers a private transport back to Nagano Station via a private coach after your breakfast and check-out from Hotarutei. Enjoy private transport, guided tours, and deluxe amenities, with pickup options available from various locations in Nagano and Hakuba (winter only) – BOOK NOW!

Experience the rich heritage of Nagano with our 2-Day Tour: Snow Monkeys, Samurai Experience & Zenko-ji ‘Shukubo’ Stay. Day one immerses you in Nagano’s samurai past with visits to Matsushiro’s well-preserved samurai residences and a hands-on samurai school experience. Spend the night in a traditional ‘shukubo’ inside Zenko-ji Temple complex to peer into how monks may have lived. On day two, explore Zenko-ji Temple, enjoy sake tasting and lunch in Nagano City, and visit the Jigokudani Monkey Park. Led by a knowledgeable guide, this tour offers unique insights into Nagano’s cultural and spiritual heritage.

Running throughout the year, this tour takes in some of Nagano’s most famous highlights in an enjoyable day of discovery followed by a memorable stay at one of the region’s most acclaimed guesthouses. With the flexibility to determine your own plans on the second day, this tour is ideally suited for guesthouses wanting to experience some of the best that Nagano has to offer – BOOK NOW!

We can package all of our tours with accommodation, including our recommended partner hotels:

In addition, we can package most of our tours with any accommodation in and around the monkey park including hotels and guesthouses in the hot spring towns of Kanbayashi Onsen, Shibu Onsen and Yudanaka Onsen. Want us to package a tour with accommodation in Nagano? Click on the INQUIRY button below or contact us and let’s get planning together!


Based in Nagano and operating all-year-round, we offer just as many services in winter! Our ‘Winter Deals in Nagano 2024/25’ page includes our winter tours, private tours and charters, ski packages, accommodation and more. This page is currently outfitted for 2023/2024 ski season, but don’t forget to check back at the close of the ski season so you can start to plan your next ski adventure for 2024/2025, as we update the page with all of the best packages! No matter the time of year, we always have one eye on winter and here to help you plan and book your ideal snow escape to Nagano.