Prefectural Discount ‘Kenminwari’ Campaign

Prefectural Discount ‘Kenminwari’ Campaign


In the absence of the national ‘Go To Travel’ campaign, most prefectures in Japan are offering a discounts to residents under what is referred to as prefectural ‘Kenminwari’ campaigns . The campaigns vary from prefecture to prefecture but in summary, they are likely offer some excellent discounts and deals for travel in your local region of Japan.  On this page you fill find the following information:

What is Japan’s Prefectural Discount Campaign?

Nagano Residents’ Prefectural Campaign

How Does it Work?

Making Use of the Campaign

Booking Your Travel with Snow Monkey Resorts

Nagano Residents’ Prefectural Campaign FAQs

Based in Nagano and operating all year round, we are a registered travel agent and the region’s No.1 tour and charter operator. As such, we can arrange accommodation, transport, tours, ski packages and more in Nagano while taking advantage of Nagano’s prefectural campaign should you be eligible. For further information, see below for details.



In a continued effort to stimulate the domestic tourism industry, many prefectures – currently 40 out of 47 – are subsidising travel for local residents within in their own prefecture. The exact nature of each campaign varies between prefectures but typically offers attractive discounts on day-trips and overnight travel, including common use of coupons that can be used to purchased goods at participating stores. See the following page for a complete list of participating prefectures and links to their campaign pages. For the time being, to make sure of each campaign you must be resident in that prefecture i.e. living in Nagano to make use of Nagano’s campaign, and be able to produce evidence of that residence.  However, it has been announced that the prefectural ‘Kenminwari’ campaigns will soon be extended to include any person from a neighbouring prefecture with the possibly this will be further extended to regional blocks in the near future. The government has also announced that prefectural residents discount campaign will continue to run until March 2022 or until the national ‘Go To Travel’ campaign returns – for details as to when that might be, see our ‘What is Japan’s ‘Go To Travel’ Campaign’ page.

— for information about Nagano Prefecture’s campaign, see the section below, and:

— for information regarding campaigns in nearby prefectures, please refer directly to their pages: 新潟県 Niigata Prefecture / 富山県 Toyama Prefecture / 石川県 Ishikawa Prefecture / 福井県 Fukui Prefecture / 山梨県 Yamanashi Prefecture / 岐阜県 Gifu Prefecture / 静岡県 Shizuoka Prefecture / 愛知県 Aichi Prefecture / 埼玉県 Saitama Prefecture / 千葉県 Chiba Prefecture / 京都県 Kyoto Prefecture / 大阪県 Osaka Prefecture.



For residents of Nagano, you can take advantage of the ‘県民支えあい 信州割SPECIAL / Kemin Sasae Shinshu Wari Special’ or ‘Kenminwari’ campaign. The campaign runs from June 18th 2021 until December 23rd 2021, which a likelihood that it will soon be extended into 2022*. This means you can take advantage of big savings of accommodation and day-trips during the region’s ski season, which will soon be kicking-off. Currently restricted to residents of Nagano, keep an eye on this page for updates including the likelihood that eligibility will soon be extended to residents of neighbouring prefectures – as explained below.



Nagano’s campaign rewards residents with 1. a discount of either JPY5,000 or JPY2,500 on their travel booking, with 2. provision of JPY2,000 worth of coupons that can be used at participating outlets.

1 / OVERNIGHT & DAY-TRIPS OVER JPY10,000: book an overnight or day-trip in Nagano costing JPY10,000 or more per person, and you will receive a discount of JPY5,000 at time of booking and issued with JPY2,000 worth of coupons (per person).

2 / OVERNIGHT & DAY-TRIPS BETWEEN JPY5,000 to JPY10,000: book an overnight or day-trip in Nagano costing between JPY5,000 and JPY10,000 or more per person, and you will receive a discount of JPY2,500 at time of booking and issued with JPY2,000 worth of coupons (per person).

For example, if you were to book our 1-Day Snow Monkeys, Zenko-ji Temple & Sake Tour for 2 adults, the normal cost totals JPY31,000. However, if you’re eligible to use the campaign, you’d receive a discount of JPY5,000 per person, bringing the total cost to: JPY31,000 → JPY21,000 for 2 adults. In addition, you’d both receive JPY2,000 worth of coupons i.e. +JPY4,000 of coupons in total.


Remember that this discount applies to TOURS, HOTELS, SKI PACKAGES, TRANSPORT and more in Nagano, offering discounts of JPY5,000 per person on overnight and day-trips costing JPY10,000 or more and JPY2,500 per person on overnight and day-trips costing between JPY5,000 to JPY10,000.



Coupons are issued in total of JPY500 and can be used at any participating outlet showing this sign. See the following page for a complete list of stores at which you can redeem the coupons. It’s important to note that while you can use a combination of coupons and cash or card to purchase items totaling more than JPY2,000, should you spend less than that amount, for example JPY1,850, you will not receive any change.  


At this time, to take advantage of Nagano’s campaign you must be a resident of Nagano Prefecture and must be able to provide evidence of that fact, such as your driver’s licence or ‘外国登録証明 / Gaikokujin Toroku (gaijin card)’. You will be asked to provide evidence of this at time of booking and for travel including accommodation, at time of check-in. As noted above, it is likely that eligibility to use Nagano’s campaign will soon be extended to residents of neighbouring prefectures – Niigata, Gunma, Saitama, Yamanashi, Shizuok, Aichi, Gifu and Toyama – however this has not yet been announced.

*Please note, the discount only applies to travel within these dates.



It’s easy. The initial discount will be applied at time of booking and the coupons provided to you prior to or on the day of your travel. It’s just a matter of contact the accommodation, tour operator or travel agent you are interested in booking through, asking for the campaign discount and they’ll take it from there; and this is where we come in…



Based in Nagano, we are a registered travel agent and the region’s No.1 tour and charter operator. We can arrange TOURS, HOTELS, SKI PACKAGES, TRANSPORT and more in Nagano, and for eligible residents, this means taking advantage of the prefectural campaign by booking through us! Simply click on the INQUIRY button below and send us a message with what you’re after, ask about the resident’s discount and we’ll get back to you asap.



The following are some of the most common questions when it comes to understanding Nagano’s campaign and how it works:

Is the campaign currently operating?

Yes. Nagano’s prefectural campaign has been operating since June 18th and is set to continue until December 23rd 2021. Bookings made for travel within those dates are subject to the discount for eligible residents.

How / when do I prove that I’m a resident of Nagano?

You will need to provide documentary evidence such as driver’s licence or ‘外国登録証明 / Gaikokujin Toroku (gaijin card)’ at the time of booking and on the day of your travel. To be eligible, each included in the booking must be an eligible resident and be able to provide evidence of this.

Do I have to personally register for the campaign?

No. Only participating businesses such as accommodation, tour operators and travel agents need to register. All you need to do is prove your eligible with proof of residence at time of booking and on the day of your travel.

Will I receive money back after my travel?

No. The discount is applied at the time of booking. The price you are quoted will already have had the discount applied. You will also receive coupons however you will not receive any further discount or subsidy.

In addition to the initial discount, will any further charges upon check-out be subsidised?

No. The subsidy only applies to the initial accommodation, tour or travel charge. Any later or additional fees must be paid directly to the accommodation.

When  / how will I receive coupons for my travel?

Physical coupons will be handed to guests upon check-in or will be send to your provide address prior to your travel.

Coupons will be issued in the amount of JPY500. Can I use coupons to purchase things greater than the coupon value i.e. use three coupons totaling JPY2000 to pay for a product or service costing JPY3500?

Yes. Coupons can be used like most other vouchers to cover the full price or part of the cost. If the total cost exceeds the value of your vouchers, you can make-up the difference by paying the business directly.

If I don’t use a coupon/s during my travel, can I have them paid-out in cash or refunded?

No. Unused coupons cannot be exchanged for cash and are not eligible for refunds.

Can I combine this discount with other campaigns to receive a larger discount?

That’s tricky to answer. The likely answer is no however it might depend on which campaigns you are trying to combine. Best to ask at time of booking.

What happens if I cancel my booking?

When you book through this campaign, your booking will be subject to the cancellation policy of the supplier so it’s important to check the specific details including the time at which cancellation charges start from. Should you be subject to a cancellation fee, it is important to note that the cancellation fee will be calculated as a percentage of the original / pre-discounted booking price, not the discounted price.