Our Services During ‘Go To’ Campaign

Our Services During ‘Go To’ Campaign


As a participating travel agent in the ‘Go To’ campaign, we offer a range of packages including accommodation and transport, with the option of a private guide, restaurants, ticketing and other add-ons.


We do this so you can get the best possible deal while focusing on the most important thing – enjoying your getaway!


Based in Nagano City, we are proud of our home region and what everyone to enjoy the beauty, open spaces and fantastic attractions of Central Japan. Our English and Japanese speaking staff are available to help you plan and book your visit including:

Travel Packages in Central Japan

We offer standard packages or can customise a travel plan to your needs including transport to and from any destination and accommodation with optional add-ons including a locally-based guide, restaurants and ticketing.

Private Charters & Tours

Based in Nagano City, we operate all year round and can provide private transport or private tours to and from any destination with the option of including a locally-based guide.

Group Tours

We offer a range of group tours with most including a visit to the Jigokudani Monkey Park in combination with other destinations and activities. Tours operate to and from Nagano Station with pick-up and drop-off extended to Hakuba during in winter.

Ski Packages

We partner with a number of hotels in Shiga Kogen – Japan’s largest ski resort – to offer winter packages including accommodation, lift passes and optional add-ons such as ski and snowboard rental, lessons and more!

Snow Monkey Resorts Online Shop

Can’t come to us? Let us come to you! We are happy to announce the introduction of our online shop – catering to all your monkey needs.

Third Party Products

We also assist with arranging and booking restaurants, accommodation, ticketing with other travel companies including local campaigns.

The Region We Cover

Based in Nagano City, we are proud to call Nagano and Central Japan our home. The term Central Japan can basically be used interchangeably with the regional name of Chubu, noting one important difference. Central Japan includes the following ten prefectures: Nagano / Niigata / Gifu / Toyama / Aichi / Shizuoka / Yamanishi / Fukui / Ishikawa / Gunma*


*We include Gunma Prefecture – actually part of the Kanto region, not Chubu – within our description of Central Japan. We do so given that its character – a place of mountains, forests, snow and onsen – is consistent with those of the prefectures of Chubu, and many visitors include destinations in Gunma as part of their travels in Central Japan.


Blessed with pristine natural landscapes and space to breathe, heading to Central Japan has never been more appealing!

For full details regarding the campaign, please see our ‘What is Japan’s ‘Go To Travel’ Campaign’ page.

Clean Green & Healthy

As the world responds to the challenge of COVID-19 and resulting disruption to global tourism, we must seek a return to balance and travel practices that are safe, enjoyable and rewarding. Three simple words now define what matters most – Clean, Green & Healthy – and allow you to plan your travel in Japan with peace of mind.


When choosing the services and products you can trust, these three principles define what matters most:

CLEAN: hygienic practices and social distancing are followed in order to prevent the spread of contaminants such as COVID-19 and ensure a safe travel environment.

GREEN: outdoor destinations and activities in natural environments that allow adequate space to enjoy your travel.

HEALTHY: experiences that enhance your understanding of Japanese culture, connect you to local communities and promote traditions that encourage a positive and balanced life.

For further details, please refer to our ‘Travel Japan: Clean Green & Healthy’ page.