Hello’21: Snow Monkeys & Zenko-ji Lantern Festival + Accommodation

Hello’21: Snow Monkeys & Zenko-ji Lantern Festival + Accommodation

Tomyo Matsuri Nagano

Welcome in the New Year in Nagano with a combined snow monkey tour and accommodation package with our ‘Hello’21! Nagano Winter Deals’.
This special event tour, Snow Monkeys & Zenko-ji Tomyo Lantern Festival combines a visit to Nagano’s world-famous Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park and evening exploration of the Zenko-ji Tomyo Lantern Festival, this enjoyable 1-day tour marks the midpoint of winter and illuminates Nagano’s ancient heart! Including an early dinner at Monzen Terrace Enya, this tour brings warmth and light into the midst of winter.


— Visit the world-famous hot spring-bathing Snow Monkeys of Jigokudani and enjoy observing these curious creatures in their winter playground

— Enjoy an early and warming winter dinner at Monzen Terrace Enya – one of the city’s most popular restaurants

— Explore Zenko-ji – a registered National Treasure – at night, awash with the ‘Buddha’s Light’, light installations and ‘kiri-re’ paper lanterns


This tour operates between the following dates: Feb-11th and Feb-14th


From December 29th 2020 until February 14th 2021 you can book this tour with accommodation under our ‘Hello’21! Nagano Winter Deals’. The tour includes the following itinerary:




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Guests joining this tour can combine their day-trip with accommodation in Nagano City (on the night of the tour and/or day before) or the hot spring area nearby the monkey park (the night before the tour only).

Guests wishing to stay in Nagano City can do so either the night before or after the tour, as the tour starts and finishes at Nagano Station. Guests choosing to stay in the onsen area nearby the park can only do so following the tour, as your guide will say their goodbyes there.

Hotel Kokusai 21, Nagano City

Situated in the heart of Nagano City, Hotel Kokusai 21 is Nagano’s premier international hotel. Known for its blend of modern amenities and attentive Japanese service, Kokusai 21 offers guests spacious Western-style rooms with private bathrooms, multiple inhouse restaurants including daily breakfast service and English-speaking 24-hour reception.


Hotel Kokusai 21 is approximately 15 to 20-minutes walk from Nagano Station.


Hotel Senjukaku, Kanbayashi Onsen – night before the tour only

Located in Kanbayashi Onsen – gateway to the Snow Monkey Park – Hotel Senjukaku is a traditional ‘ryokan’ known for its indulgent ‘onsen’ (hot spring) and outstanding meal service. Surrounded by pine forests, cherry trees (blooming in spring) and Japanese maples which change colors with the seasons, Senjukaku is a favorite with the Japanese Imperial Family, who regularly visit to enjoy it hotel’s traditional service and comfort.


Please note, Kanbayashi is around 60-minutes from Nagano Station using the Snow Monkey Express Bus service or 45-minutes by limited express train from nearby Yudanaka Station.


Yudanaka Onsen Area – night before the tour only

Yudanaka Onsen is a traditional hot spring town with a long history. On first impressions, Yudanaka appears a little old and tired but beneath that surface the town boasts an interesting history and in winter, is particularly convenient for visitors wanting to enjoy the multiple ski resorts of Kita-Shiga Kogen and the larger Shiga Kogen.


Shuttle and local bus services operate from Yudanaka Station to the surrounding resorts, making day-trips to multiple resorts easy and convenient. Please note, Yudanaka is approximately 45-minutes from Nagano Station using the limited express services from Yudanaka Station.



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Hello’21: Snows Monkey & Tomyo Lantern Festival + Accommodation