Nagano Residents Accommodation Discount Campaign

Nagano Residents Accommodation Discount Campaign


Residents of Nagano currently have access to a fantastic campaign offered by the prefectural government which drastically discounts accommodation located in Nagano. Operating between February 19th and March 31st 2021, the literally-named ‘県民支えあい家族宿泊割」第2弾’or ‘Prefectural Support Family Accommodation Discount’ campaign is most commonly and simply referred to as the ‘Nagano Residents Accommodation Discount’ campaign- the second instalment of a local campaign that first ran in December 2020.


Running again and exclusively for residents of Nagano Prefecture the campaign offers discounts at participating accommodation, including:

— a JPY3,000 discount per person on accommodation priced JPY5,000 and JPY10,000

— a JPY5,000 discount per person on accommodation priced above JPY10,000

Discounts are based on the per person, per night price of the accommodation with a maximum of a two-night stay

Who’s Eligible?

To take advantage of this great deal, you must be able to prove that you reside in Nagano Prefecture and if booking with other people, must also prove that you live at the same address. This requirement is designed for families to enjoy discounts on joint accommodation – as suggested by the official name of the campaign – however you don’t have to be a family to get the same discount.


Individuals can book and get the same discount by also showing they reside in Japan, allowing groups of friends to book separate rooms at the same accommodation. It appears however that at this time, individuals, friends, families and couples who don’t reside at the same address cannot however book the same room.

How does it work?

You’ll first need to confirm that the hotel you are booking through is registered to participate in the program by either contacting them directly or, in the case of our partner hotels, you can also choose to do so through us. As a participating travel agent we can take the hassle out of booking by arranging this for you, all we need is:

— the name of your preferred hotel

— your preferred room type and inclusions i.e. dinner and/or breakfast (if available)

— your preferred travel dates

— the full names of all guests

— a copy of identification for all guests including a current address*

To contact us, use the INQUIRY BUTTON below to send the above infomation and we’ll get back to you with a confirmation, price and further instructions asap.

*as noted above, guests wanting to book a shared room must provide evidence of their residence in Nagano at the same address. When booking through us we are required to see this evidence prior to booking and the hotel is required to check your physical identification upon check-in. For foreigner residents of Japan, you will be required to provide a current ‘外国人登録証明書 / gaikokujin tōroku shōmeisho’, most commonly referred to as your ‘gaijin card’.

The discount will be applied upon check-in and proving your eligibility. Failure to do so would result in the full accommodation price being charged. It is also important to note the following:

— the campaign is an initiative of the Nagano Prefectural Government and is not related to the national ‘Go To Travel’ campaign. That campaign is currently suspended but should it return and run concurrently with this campaign, the two cannot be used simultaneously to increase your accommodation discount/subsidy.

— should you need to cancel your booking, you will be subject to the cancellation policy of the individual hotel and/or travel agent. If you cancellation falls within period in which a cancellation fee applies, the percentage will be calculated based on the full accommodation price rather than the discounted price.

It’s as simple as that, so it’s time to start planning and book a night away in Nagano!



The following hotels are participating in the ‘Nagano Residents Accommodation Discount’ campaign:



Located in Kanbayashi Onsen, Hotel Senjukaku is one of the best hotel’s in the region – within easy walk of the Jigokudani Monkey Park and 25-30 minutes drive to Shiga Kogen Ski Resort. Senjukaku is known for its traditional service, comfort, indulgent onsen and renowned ‘kaiseki’ (multi-course) meal service. A favourite of member of the Japanese royal family, Senjukaku is an ideal choice for visitors wanting refined comfort and relaxation.




Around 5-minutes drive from the Jigokudani Monkey Park and within easy reach of the ski resorts of Shiga Kogen and Kita-Shiga Kogen, Yudanaka Onsen offers a large variety of accommodation from high-end ‘ryokan’ (traditional guesthouses), to Western-style hotels ranging from mid-range to budget. Of course, as a hot spring town many guesthouses and hotels have their own in-house ‘onsen’ for the exclusive use of guests. We can arrange accommodation at any guesthouse in Yudanaka.


Centred around Yudanaka Station, guets stayin in Yudanaka can access the Jigokudani Monkey Park by bus or car in around 5 to 7-minutes, multiple ski resorts within 20 to 25-minutes, and Nagano Station within 45-minutes by train. We can arrange accommodation at any guesthouse in the area, starting with:



Best known for its large and indulgent hot springs, Hotel Housei offers guests total relaxation in their indoor and outdoor baths. Japanese-style rooms include ‘tatami’ matting, on-floor ‘futon’ bedding, and traditional features including low tables and amenities such as ‘yukata’ (light kimono).




Located only a short walk from Yudanaka Station, Hotel Tsubakino is a modern ‘ryokan’ (guesthouse) that offers both Japanese and Western-style rooms, each with its own private bathroom including shower. All guests also have access to Tsubakino’s natural ‘onsen’ (hot springs), including rooftop and private baths. Boasting some of the best views of any guesthouse in the area, unwinding in the onsen is the perfect way to relax.




Located at the top-end of Yudanaka Onsen, Maruka Ryokan offers Japanese-style accommodation within easy reach of the Jigokudani Monkey Park and ski resorts of Shiga Kogen and Kita-Shiga Kogen. As an older guesthouse, Maruka has lots of charm which appeals to guests looking for an authentic yet simple ‘ryokan’ (traditional guesthouse) experience.




Masuya Yudanaka is a traditional Japanese guesthouse offering spacious and comfortable rooms, relaxing hot springs and acclaimed meal service. Masuya prides itself on creating a traditional atmosphere and excellent service in order that their guests can relax and unwind and offers a range of rooms including both Japanese-style on-floor ‘futon’ or Western-style bedding. All rooms include traditional ‘tatami’-matting, private toilet and shower, with some also including a private ‘onsen’ (hot springs).




Ryokan Biyunoyado is known for its spacious and indulgent ‘onsen’ (natural hot springs) including indoor, outdoor, rooftop and private baths. With a range of baths to choose from including rooftop and private onsens, Biyunoyado is a great option for visitors wanting to enjoy the relaxation of a traditional hot spring guesthouse with comfort of Western amenities.



With only nine rooms in the guesthouse, Ryokan Hakura has a welcoming and intimate atmosphere with facilities well-suited to disabled guests. The guesthouse offers both Japanese and mixed Western-Japanese style rooms with Western-bedding and private toilet and shower.




Yamazakiya Ryokan is a homely guesthouse known for its warm welcome and particularly friendly owners. The small two-storey guesthouse has only eight rooms, each with its own private toilet and bath. Each room is typical of a ryokan with ‘tatami’ matting and on-floor ‘futon’ bedding, and ‘kaiseki’ (multi-course) meal service. While the guesthouse and meals may not be luxurious, the owners pride themselves on creating a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.



seifuso-edit 2

Yudanaka Seifuso Ryokan is a popular, family-run guesthouse offering all the comforts of a traditional Japanese inn. Boasting three ‘onsen’ (natural hot springs), one of which can be booked for private use, Seifuso is known for its comfort and traditional service including Japanese-style rooms and ‘kaiseki’ (multi-course) dining.




Located around 50km to the north-east of Nagano City, Nozawa Onsen Snow Resort is one of the most popular resorts in Central Japan. Boasting a long history as a hot spring town and place of healing, the heavy snow of winter led to the introduction of skiing in Nozawa in the 1950s, since which time it has steadily increased its reputation as one of Nagano’s best resorts stemming from its blend of traditional charm and great powder.

Well-located in Nozawa Onsen village, Nozawa Grand Hotel provides easy access to one of Nagano’s most popular ski resorts. The large hotel offers guests the choice of Western or Japanese rooms, in-house hot springs and a delicious menu of Japanese and Western favourites. Well-suited to those wanting to spend the night in Nozawa an enjoy the action both on and off the mountain!




Situated in the heart of Nagano City, Hotel Kokusai 21 is Nagano’s premier international hotel. Known for its blend of modern amenities and attentive Japanese service, Kokusai 21 offers guests spacious Western-style rooms with private bathrooms, multiple inhouse restaurants including daily breakfast service and English-speaking 24-hour reception.




With 600ha of terrain including Japan’s highest chair-lifted ski run at 2307m, Shiga Kogen is the largest resort in Asia. The higher elevation and topography of the resort blesses it with the longest season and most reliable snow in Nagano. With excellent variation of courses, the resort is well-suited to anyone from beginner to advanced, particularly suited to intermediate skiers/snowboarders.



Hotel Grand Phenix is an European style ski-in, ski-out hotel situated deep within the national park and Japan’s largest ski resort of Shiga Kogen. Hotel Grand Phenix offers both Western and Japanese styled rooms combined with three types of meal plans to choose from. After a long day of skiing/snowboarding. Make sure to enjoy the public (open air) pool, in-door heated swimming pool and sauna.


Hotel Sunny shiga


Hotel Sunny Shiga is located in the heart of Japan’s largest ski resorts. A well-priced and family-friendly hotel with certified in-house pharmacy and child-care facility and the ski runs just across the road. This accommodation is ideal for families and long-stay visitors.