Whispers of Tradition: Exploring Kobe's Tool Museum, Tea Ceremony, and Port Tower

Whispers of Tradition: Exploring Kobe's Tool Museum, Tea Ceremony, and Port Tower


All Year Round


09:30 - 17:00

Meeting Place

Shin-Kobe Station


(per person)
79,000 ~ / groupJPY

Whispers of Tradition: Exploring Kobe's Tool Museum, Tea Ceremony, and Port Tower

Embark on a captivating journey through Kobe’s cultural landscape, where history, tradition, and modernity converge in a harmonious blend of experiences. Begin your exploration with the timeless ritual of a traditional tea ceremony. Nestled in a serene tea house, you will be guided through the intricate steps of preparing and savouring matcha, a finely powdered green tea revered for its delicate flavour and meditative qualities. As you sip the fragrant brew and savour each moment of tranquillity, feel yourself drawn deeper into the essence of Japanese culture and hospitality.

After indulging in the serenity of the tea ceremony, venture to the Tool Museum, a hidden gem tucked away in the heart of the city. Step inside and be transported back in time as you wander through galleries adorned with a mesmerising array of tools and artefacts, each bearing witness to the ingenuity and craftsmanship of generations past. From woodworking implements to metalworking tools, the museum offers a fascinating glimpse into the daily lives and trades of Japan’s artisans.

Conclude your journey with an ascent to new heights at the iconic Port Tower, a symbol of Kobe’s maritime heritage and modern architectural prowess. From the tower’s observation deck, panoramic vistas unfold before you, offering sweeping views of Kobe’s bustling harbour, majestic mountains, and vibrant cityscape. As you gaze out across the landscape, take a moment to reflect on the beauty and diversity of Kobe, a city where past and present intertwine in a tapestry of cultural richness and innovation.

Come and join us as we embark on this remarkable journey.


  • Experience the heart of Kobe’s cultural heritage as we journey through its historical treasures, from ancient shrines to traditional tea houses.
  • A guided exploration of the city’s hidden gems, where every step unveils a new chapter of Kobe’s rich history and enduring traditions
  • On this tour, you will get to dive right into the wonderful world of Japan’s timeless traditions.


At the serene hour of 09:30, our journey embarks with a rendezvous at Shin-Kobe Station. Here, amidst the gentle hum of departing trains and the crisp morning air, we set our sights on a destination unlike any other. Our path leads us to a hidden sanctuary, where the art of tea ceremony awaits in a quaint tea house nestled far from the city’s bustling heart. As we traverse through winding streets and verdant landscapes, anticipation fills the air, mingling with the fragrant aroma of freshly brewed tea. With each step, we draw closer to a timeless tradition, a sacred ritual that transcends the bounds of time and space. And so, our expedition begins, guided by the promise of discovery and the allure of ancient customs.

Following our immersive tea ceremony experience, our journey continues with a visit to a nearby tool museum. Here, amid the tranquil surroundings of nature’s embrace, we delve into the intriguing world of craftsmanship and innovation. As we step inside the museum’s hallowed halls, we are greeted by a treasure trove of historical artefacts and timeless tools, each bearing witness to the ingenuity of generations past. From intricate handcrafted implements to ingenious mechanical marvels, the museum offers a glimpse into the evolution of human creativity and craftsmanship. With each exhibit, we uncover the stories of the artisans who shaped the course of history, their legacy immortalised in the tools they left behind. And so, amidst the echoes of bygone eras, we embark on a journey of exploration and discovery, guided by the timeless spirit of ingenuity and craftsmanship.

After our enriching visit to the tool museum, we will journey back to the bustling heart of the city to savour a delightful lunch. Amidst the lively energy of the city centre, we will explore an array of culinary delights, from traditional eateries serving local delicacies to trendy cafes offering international flavours. Whether you are tempted by the savoury aromas of street food stalls or eager to sample the freshest seafood at a waterfront restaurant, there’s something to tantalise every palate. So, join us as we embark on a culinary adventure through Kobe’s vibrant cityscape, where every meal is a celebration of flavour and culture.

Following our satisfying lunch, we will continue our journey to explore the cultural richness of Kobe by visiting the historic Ikuta Shrine, renowned as one of Japan’s oldest shrines. Nestled amidst the bustling cityscape, this sacred site offers a serene retreat from the urban hustle and bustle, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in its tranquil ambiance and timeless beauty. Steeped in centuries of history and legend, the Ikuta Shrine stands as a testament to Japan’s spiritual heritage, with its elegant architecture and serene surroundings captivating the hearts of all who visit. As we wander through its hallowed grounds, we will have the opportunity to learn about the shrine’s fascinating history and rituals, gaining insight into the profound significance it holds for the local community and beyond. It promises to be a truly enriching experience, steeped in tradition and spirituality, as we pay homage to the ancient customs and beliefs that continue to resonate in the heart of Kobe.

Following our exploration of Ikuta Shrine, we will take a leisurely stroll through the charming streets of Kobe, passing by the former foreign settlement area. As we wander through this historic district, we will be transported back in time to the days when Kobe served as an international hub, welcoming visitors from around the world. Along the way, we will admire the elegant Western-style architecture and quaint cobblestone streets, soaking in the nostalgic atmosphere of this picturesque neighbourhood. Our journey will culminate at the iconic Kobe Port Tower, where we will marvel at its striking silhouette against the city skyline. Rising majestically above the bustling harbour, the tower offers panoramic views of Kobe and beyond, providing a perfect vantage point to appreciate the city’s maritime heritage and modern vibrancy. It is sure to be a memorable experience, blending the old-world charm of Kobe’s past with the dynamic energy of its present-day waterfront.

As our captivating journey draws to a close after our visit to the Kobe Port Tower, we will make our way back to Shin-Kobe Station together, bidding farewell to the charming city of Kobe.


09:30Meet us at the Shin-Kobe Station to start your journey.
The meeting place is immediately after exiting the ticket gate on the second floor of the station.
10:00Our adventure begins with a serene tea ceremony experience, immersing ourselves in the tranquil ambiance of a traditional tea house nestled amidst Kobe's picturesque surroundings.
11:20Following our tea ceremony experience, we will venture to the Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum, where ancient craftsmanship comes to life through a captivating display of historic tools and artefacts.
12:30After our exploration, you will have the opportunity to enjoy lunch at one of the charming eateries nestled within the city centre.
13:45Following our lunch break, we will proceed to visit the historic Ikuta Shrine.
14:30After exploring Ikuta Shrine, we will stroll through the former foreign settlements en route to the bustling port area.
16:00Our journey draws to a close. We will head back to Shin-Kobe Station to bid farewell.
17:00We say goodbye at Shin-Kobe Station.


Shin-Kobe Station @ 09:30

You will see us as soon as you leave the Shinkansen station. We are waiting here, between the 7-Eleven and the cafe, in front of the directory. We will be holding up a sign that says “Snow Monkey Resorts.”


  • The times listed in the itinerary are provided for reference purposes only, and the actual tour may vary depending on factors such as weather conditions and train schedules.
  • This is a walking tour that takes you outdoors for hours. We recommend wearing comfortable shoes and clothing. Please bring sunshade and rain protection if necessary.
  • If you feel uncomfortable during the tour, please let us know. We will do our best to help you.
  • This tour includes free time. We will make sure you know when and where to meet again. If you get lost or forget your meeting point, please call us immediately.


  • Entrance fees for each spot on this tour
  • Transportation required for the tour
  • Tea ceremony experience fee
  • Guided tour with an English speaking guide


  • Food and drinks
  • Transportation costs before and after the tour


Can I join this tour from Osaka?
Yes, you can join from Osaka by taking the Shinkansen from Shin-Osaka Station to Shin-Kobe Station. It only takes 12 minutes!
Is this tour suitable for children?
Absolutely! The tour is indeed suitable for children. However, since it involves quite a bit of walking, it is important to be prepared for several hours on foot. If your child is on the younger side, make sure you are able to carry them if needed.

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