Walking Tour in Yanaka, Nezu and Sendagi : Experience Tea Ceremony and ’Yanesen’ Old Tokyo

Walking Tour in Yanaka, Nezu and Sendagi : Experience Tea Ceremony and ’Yanesen’ Old Tokyo


All Year Round


10.30 - 17:10

Meeting Place

Outside Nippori Station WEST exit


Adult ()17,800 JPY
Child ()11,000JPY

Walking Tour in Yanaka, Nezu and Sendagi : Experience Tea Ceremony and ’Yanesen’ Old Tokyo

Take in the sights and experiences of traditional and old Tokyo on this walking tour. Known as ’Yanesen’ in Tokyo, the trio of Yanaka, Nezu and Sendagi make up this area and have retained their old ‘Shitamachi’ (lower city) style, architecture and charm, despite being a stone’s throw away from some of the well known metropolis areas of Tokyo. If on your trip to Tokyo you want a chance to step off the tourist trail and see a different side to this amazing city, then ’Yanesen’ must be added to your Tokyo itinerary!

The tour will provide guests with a well balanced itinerary including a museum, a park and nature, shrines and temples, a cultural experience and traditional architecture. 

You will start by visiting Yanaka, a historic and artistic area, and a perfect example of a Shitamachi in Japan. A cosy and traditional neighbourhood not many tourists know about, you will step back in time and enjoy an atmosphere that is very different to many parts of Tokyo. Next, you will visit Sendagi known for its temples and park. Finally, you will visit Nezu to see one of Tokyo’s most beautiful shrines.


  • Learn all about ’Yanesen’ old Tokyo and Shitamachi style with a local guide
  • Experience a traditional tea ceremony and drink from antique tea bowls!
  • The opportunity to explore historic hidden gems and trendy neighbourhoods in Tokyo! 
  • Visit a popular art museum and enjoy views of Tokyo from its rooftop terrace


The tour will begin at 10:30am outside of Nippori train station’s West Exit where you will meet your tour guide. You will meet directly outside of the ticket gates at the West exit. Once everybody has arrived, you will officially start the tour and your tour guide will escort you to the first destination! 

After the 1923 Kanto earthquake, which devastated much of Tokyo, Yanaka was able to remain mostly unaffected by the event. Therefore, the area has retained its old charm and much of its traditional and original buildings. For our first Yanaka stop, we will pay a visit to a beautiful and peaceful Buddhist temple with impressive statues of Buddha. You can enjoy a rest here among the tranquility. We will then walk through Yanaka Cemetery and Sakura Dori. Don’t be alarmed, this cemetery is very popular with the locals to stroll through and enjoy nature. In Spring, Sakura Dori is filled with blooming Cherry Blossoms and makes for a magical sight. Yanaka Cemetery is also known for its many famous people laid to rest, including Sumo Wrestlers, Samurai and aristocrats!

You will then enjoy a traditional tea ceremony experience in a beautiful tea room. You can enjoy a truly authentic experience relaxing while staff serve you tea and your Wagashi (Japanese sweets) wearing kimono. The experience is made even more special as you are able choose your own tea bowl to drink from with some being antique and hundreds of years old! Staff can speak English and will tell you all about tea ceremony and its culture.


Once you have enjoyed your experience, your guide will take you to the shopping district of Yanaka Ginza. On the way, your guide will take you to see an original earthen wall structure for a local temple dating back to the Edo period (1603 – 1868). it is now a designated cultural heritage site.


You can feel the cosy and calm atmosphere in Yanaka Ginza. Known as Cat town, look out for the many cat statues and cat themed items on display and for purchase! Sample delicious street food, traditional Japanese standing bars, baked goods and visit unique shops to pick up the perfect souvenir. There is even a vintage Kimono shop where you can buy items for as low as 500¥. You will have free time here to enjoy the area at your own pace.


We will then visit a well known museum in Yanaka’s history and art scene. The museum you will visit was both the workshop and family house of a famous Japanese Sculptor. You can enjoy viewing the artist’s amazing and unique works on display, but also the architecture of the beautiful traditional Japanese house you will walk around. The museum also has a Japanese style garden built in the centre of it, and a rooftop terrace where you can enjoy views of Yanaka and surrounding Tokyo. You can spot the Tokyo Skytree on the expansive horizon!


After the museum you can enjoy your lunch in Yanaka where your tour guide can happily recommend places to try for food and drink. It is recommended you try the street food on offer in Yanaka! This includes sushi, beef and yakitori shops and a local shop where you can buy cat tail shaped doughnuts! However, there are many great cafes and the complex of Uenosakuragi is a short walk (approximately 9 minutes) from the museum which is a foodie paradise and hidden gem. It has a local bakery, a gourmet food shop and a trendy and popular craft beer hall. The shops here are built within old and traditional renovated Japanese houses from the Showa period (1926 – 1989), and make for a special experience.

Yanaka Beer Hall

After your lunch and time in Yanaka, its time to take a stroll to nearby Sendagi where you will walk by many shops selling traditional goods like Senbei (rice crackers), cat themed goods and a family owned washi (Japanese paper) Ukiyo-e shop (Japanese woodblock art). It is highly recommended you take time on the way to visit these shops where you can buy some great souvenirs!

In Sendagi your guide will take you to a beautiful local park where you can take wonderful photos on a traditional red bridge, visit a small shrine and see beautiful nature that changes with the seasons. The park has Sakura (Cherry blossom) in Spring, Wisteria in Summer and vibrant red and gold leaves in the Autumn.


Our final destination will be nearby Nezu, home to one of Tokyo’s most beautiful and unique Shinto shrines. Located among lush greenery and trees, you can enjoy walking through rows of red Torii gates and watch Koi Carp swim in the large ponds. During the end of March to the end of April, Nezu shrine hosts an Azalea festival. The vibrant colours of the Azalea flowers against the red Torii gates make for an impressive sight. Have a go at praying at the shrine, and make sure to take photos of the outdoor traditional Noh (Japanese theatre) stage. There are sometimes stalls selling street food and traditional crafts and kimono here, so make sure to bring some spare change!


Once we have finished our time at Nezu, we will stroll back to Nippori station where the tour will conclude. Your tour guide will happily assist you with any questions on trains and transport for your return journey.


10:30Meet outside of Nippori station WEST exit next to the red information board and postbox.
10:40Start the tour at your first destination, a beautiful Buddhist temple and a stroll through a scenic and peaceful road through Yanaka’s famous cemetery.
11:10Enjoy a traditional tea ceremony experience drinking Matcha and eating Wagashi.
12:10Your next stop will be Yanaka Ginza. On the way, you will pass an historic Edo period wall. You will enjoy a guided tour around Yanaka’s main shopping area. You can enjoy free time here to shop, take pictures and try street food at your leisure.
13:30Here your guide will take you to the Asakura Museum of Sculpture where you will enjoy an introduction to the museum and the art. Feel free to explore at your own pace.
14:30It’s now your lunch time/break! Your guide will happily provide you with recommendations for food and drinks.
15:30We will now walk to Sendagi, passing many beautiful and traditional shops. In Sendagi, your guide will take you to a local garden and park popular with the locals where you can enjoy nature and relax.
16:10We will now take a short walk to Nezu, located right next to Sendagi. Your guide will take you to one of Tokyo’s most beautiful shrines where you can explore and take pictures. Once finished, we will stroll back to Nippori station where the tour began.
17:10The tour will conclude at Nippori station.


Outside Nippori Station outside the WEST Exit @ 10:30am

The tour will begin at 10:30am outside of Nippori train station’s West exit where you will meet your tour guide. Follow the signs for the WEST exit and come out of the ticket gates. Directly in front of you will be a red information board and post box. You will meet your tour guide in front of these, pictured below.

Please note and make sure to arrive at NIPPORI station and not NISHI-NIPPORI station.




  • Admission fees for the Asakura Museum of Sculpture
  • Tea Ceremony experience
  • Local English speaking guide


  • Trains and transport before and after the tour
  • Food and drink


  • This tour involves several hours of walking in the outdoors. We recommend that you wear shoes and clothes which are easy to walk in. Please check the weather forecast before you head to the meetup point and prepare an umbrella or rain coat if necessary.
  • There will be free time at Yanaka, and the lunch break/free time for guests to enjoy the locations at their own pace. However, please make sure that you are at the respective meetup points at the time stated by your guide on the day of the tour. If you get lost or need assistance, feel free to call the number which is listed on your tour pass, and our staff will assist you immediately.
  • The museum is closed on Monday and Thursday, and the Tea Ceremony venue is closed Monday and Tuesday, therefore this tour is only available for bookings Wednesday, Friday – Sunday.
  • Due to this being a walking tour, it is advised that you do not bring any luggage or large bags with you on the tour. It is advised that you check if your hotel can store your luggage for you until after the tour, or you store your luggage at lockers at a suitable location such as selected train stations with appropriate storage. Nippori station has storage lockers available. Many stations in Tokyo will also have lockers, especially the larger train stations such as Ueno, Shinjuku, Shibuya and Tokyo.


What should I bring/wear?
Please wear clothing appropriate for the season in which you are taking the tour, and check the weather forecast ahead of time. Guests may wish to bring rain coats or umbrellas on rainy days, or sunscreen to avoid sunburn during the summer months. June through to early September is very hot and humid in Tokyo, so please bare this in mind. Stay hydrated and wear sun hats. You can buy items designed to cool you down in Summer from shops in Tokyo such as portable fans and ice packs. In the winter months, gloves, boots, warm hats, and hand warmers are recommended. Please feel free to bring any other items, such as water or snacks.
Is lunch included on the tour?
No. This tour does not include lunch however there will be opportunities to purchase food and drinks during the tour. If you prefer to, please also feel free to bring snacks and drinks with you.
Is this tour wheelchair accessible/appropriate for guests with limited mobility?
The nature of this tour means it is not wheelchair accessible and may not be appropriate for guests with limited mobility, given the amount of walking involved. Should this be of concern, contact us prior to booking to discuss options.

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