Osaka's Secret Adventures: Discover Daruma Magic and the Beauty of Minoh Falls

Osaka's Secret Adventures: Discover Daruma Magic and the Beauty of Minoh Falls


All Year Round


09:20 - 16:00

Meeting Place

Osaka Station


Adult (13+)17,800 JPY
Child (6 - 12)11,000JPY

Osaka's Secret Adventures: Discover Daruma Magic and the Beauty of Minoh Falls

Minoh City, nestled in the tranquil northern region of Osaka, presents a serene and picturesque escape from the city’s bustling urban environment. This hidden gem is an exceptional destination for those seeking a unique and peaceful sightseeing experience. Our tour will take you to two of Minoh’s most enchanting attractions: Katsuoji Temple and Minoh Falls, offering an enriching journey through both cultural and natural wonders.

Katsuoji Temple, also known as the “Temple of the Winning Daruma,” is renowned for its beautiful grounds and the hundreds of Daruma dolls that symbolises perseverance and good luck. As you stroll through the temple’s serene environment, you will find yourself surrounded by meticulously maintained gardens, koi ponds, and traditional Japanese architecture, all contributing to a peaceful and reflective atmosphere. Following this spiritual retreat, the tour continues to the breathtaking Minoh Falls, a stunning 33-metre waterfall set amidst lush, verdant forests. The journey to the falls is equally enchanting, as it involves a leisurely hike through the picturesque Minoh Park.

This tour offers a unique opportunity to venture off the beaten path and discover the natural beauty and cultural richness that Minoh City has to offer. It is an ideal choice for travellers looking to escape the typical tourist routes and immerse themselves in the serene landscapes and profound tranquillity of this charming area. Whether you are a nature enthusiast, a cultural explorer, or simply seeking a peaceful day trip, Minoh City promises a memorable and enriching experience.


  • Discover the tranquil beauty of Minoh City in northern Osaka, featuring the serene Katsuoji Temple and the breathtaking Minoh Falls. 
  • Explore Katsuoji Temple’s picturesque gardens and hundreds of Daruma dolls, then enjoy a scenic hike to the stunning 33-metre Minoh Falls. 
  • This off-the-beaten-path tour offers a unique blend of cultural richness and natural splendour.


Our journey begins with a visit to the enchanting Katsuoji Temple, nestled in the serene northern region of Osaka. Known for its stunning gardens and the magical presence of hundreds of Daruma dolls symbolising perseverance and good luck, Katsuoji Temple offers a peaceful and reflective start to our adventure. As we explore this hidden gem, we will be surrounded by beautiful landscapes and traditional Japanese architecture, creating a tranquil and inspiring atmosphere perfect for contemplation and discovery.

Take the opportunity to purchase a Daruma doll, a traditional Japanese talisman of good luck and perseverance. These charming dolls are not only a symbol of personal determination but also make for a meaningful and thoughtful keepsake. Whether you choose one as a reminder of your own goals or as a special gift for a loved one, the Daruma serves as a lasting memento of your visit. Each Daruma you bring home carries the spirit of Katsuoji Temple and the tranquil beauty of Osaka, making it a cherished addition to any collection.

While purchasing a Daruma doll as a good luck charm is a highlight, Katsuoji Temple itself is a stunning attraction worth exploring. The temple, with its rich history tracing back to the Nara period, is surrounded by breathtaking scenery. You will be enchanted by the vibrant seasonal flowers, the serene pond, beautifully landscaped gardens, and the charming bridge that adds to the picturesque setting. Katsuoji Temple offers a perfect blend of cultural significance and natural beauty, making it an unforgettable experience.

After our visit to the enchanting Katsuoji Temple, we will make our way to the breathtaking Minoh Falls. Upon reaching the stunning 33-metre waterfall, we will have some quiet time to relax and soak in the serene atmosphere. You can sit down and enjoy your own lunch in front of the falls, allowing the soothing sounds of the cascading water and the tranquillity of the surroundings to enhance your dining experience.

After your lunch, we will walk through the park and make our way back to the station. Along the way, we will stop at various scenic spots and points of interest, allowing you to further enjoy the natural beauty and unique charm of Minoh Park. Each stop provides a chance to take in more of the lush surroundings and capture memorable moments of this tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of Osaka.

We will finish our journey by travelling back to Osaka Station, where we will bid you farewell, leaving you with wonderful memories of this serene adventure.


09:20Meet us at the Osaka Station to start your journey.
The meeting place is immediately after exiting the Central Gate of the station.

10:45Our first stop is the enchanting Katsuoji Temple, where you can explore stunning gardens, traditional Japanese architecture, and purchase a Daruma doll as a keepsake.
13:00Afterward, we will head to Minoh Falls for a scenic hike, enjoy a peaceful lunch by the waterfall.
14:00Then walk back through Minoh Park, stopping at various scenic spots before returning to Osaka Station to bid farewell.
16:00Say goodbye at JR Osaka Station.


JR Osaka Station @ 09:20

You can see us immediately after exiting the JR Osaka Station central gate. We are waiting in front of the Travel Service Center OSAKA, between the Currency Exchange and the ticket machines. We will be holding up a sign that says “Snow Monkey Resort.”


  • The times listed in the itinerary are for reference only and the actual tour may vary depending on actual conditions such as weather and trains.
  • This is a walking tour that takes you outdoors for hours. We recommend wearing comfortable shoes and clothing. Please bring sunshade and rain protection if necessary.
  • If you feel uncomfortable during the tour, please let us know. We will do our best to help you.
  • This tour includes free time. We will make sure you know when and where to meet again. If you get lost or forget your meeting point, please call us immediately.


  • Entrance fees for each spot during the tour
  • Transportation costs required for the tour
  • Guided tour with an English speaking guide


  • Food and drinks
  • Transportation costs before and after the tour


Can I join this tour from Kyoto?
Yes, you can join from Kyoto by taking the JR Train from Kyoto Station to JR Osaka Station. It only takes 27 minutes!
Is this tour suitable for children?
Yes, it is suitable for children. However, only one thing to keep in mind. Since it is a walking tour, you will be walking for hours. If your child is too young, make sure you can hold them when needed.

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