1-Day Walking Tour : Traversing Kyoto's Scenic West - Arashiyama to Kinkakuji

1-Day Walking Tour : Traversing Kyoto's Scenic West - Arashiyama to Kinkakuji


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Meeting Place

JR Kyoto Station


Adult (13+)17,800 JPY
Child (6-12)13,000JPY

1-Day Walking Tour : Traversing Kyoto's Scenic West - Arashiyama to Kinkakuji

Kyoto is undoubtedly one of the most famous cities in Japan. Unlike the urban and modern atmosphere of Tokyo and Osaka, Kyoto is an iconic image of traditional Japan for most tourists. Not only being symbolic, Kyoto is one of the oldest municipalities in Japan, the capital of Japan and the residence of the Emperor from 794 to 1868, is home to countless temples, shrines, and other historically significant structures that still stand today. With so much to explore and experience, it is worth spending a few days travelling here in Kyoto.

This tour will focus on the western part of the prefecture. The west side of Kyoto is full of fascinating sights and hidden treasures. There are many natural landscapes, world heritage sites, and ancient temples. It takes several days to visit them all. Time is of the essence when travelling. We truly understand how valuable that time is. Therefore, we will take you to our carefully selected must-see spots in one day.

We will guide you through authentic Japanese gardens and temples with old paintings, allowing you to feel the traditional culture of Japan. We will take you to the famous bamboo grove and beautiful river side to refresh yourself. Not only just exploring, you can also experience traditional Japanese art for yourself and enjoy a unique journey. Join us and make your trip special.


  • This is a one-day tour that visits carefully selected famous sightseeing spots in western Kyoto. We will guide you around with explanations.
  • We will not only show you around the city, but also tell you about its history and culture. We will do our best to help you understand this city more deeply.
  • It is also a tour where you can learn about and actually experience the traditions of Japanese art that have been passed down since ancient times.


Our journey begins at 09:00 at JR Kyoto Station. The first destination is Tenryuji. It is the most significant temple in the Arashiyama area of western Kyoto. It is currently registered as a World Heritage Site. Tenryuji is the head temple of the Rinzai sect.

After spending some time at the temple, we will head through the bamboo grove to Togetsukyo Bridge. Togetsukyo Bridge has been a landmark in the Arashiyama area for over 400 years. A wooden bridge spanning the Katsuragawa River in front of Arashiyama offers a wonderful view.

It is your lunch time! There are many restaurants and food stalls along the river. You can either sit in a restaurant or try different types of street food. If you finish lunch before the meeting time, you can buy souvenirs at the lively shopping street.


Once you have had your fill of delicious food, our afternoon begins with a traditional Japanese art experience – koboshi. They are traditional Japanese dolls dating back to the 14th century. They are generally considered good luck charms that symbolise resilience.

Our next destination after Koboshi making is Ryoanji Temple. It is the most famous rock garden location in Japan. It was originally a villa for aristocrats during the Heian period, but was renovated as a Zen temple in 1450. You can sit for a while in front of the rock garden and calm your mind. After spending some quiet time, we will head to our final destination, Kinkakuji Temple. It is a complex consisting of gardens and buildings centred around the central Golden Pavilion, and is said to be reminiscent of an earthly paradise.

We will return to JR Kyoto Station together to say goodbye. However, if you would like to spend the rest of your day in the city centre, you are more than welcome. We will do our best to help you have a wonderful time in Kyoto.


09:00Meet us at the JR Kyoto Station to start your journey.
The meeting place is immediately after exiting the Central Gate of the station.
09:30We will arrive at Arashiyama Station in about 20 minutes. We will walk to the Arashiyama area and spend some time there.
10:00Tenryuji is our first stop on this journey. It was built in 1339 by Takauji Ashikaga and completed in 1345.
10:40We will pass through the bamboo grove and head towards Togetsukyo Bridge. When Togetsukyo Bridge was rebuilt in 1934, it was mostly made of concrete, unlike the original wooden bridge that was destroyed in 836.
11:25It is your lunch time! There are many food options along the river. After having lunch, you can take a walk along the beautiful river.
12:30For the next hour, you can experience traditional Japanese art and create your own piece. You can take the Koboshi as a memento of your trip or as a souvenir for your loved one.
13:30We will go to Ryoanji Temple and visit the famous rock garden after the experience. Traditional Japanese dry landscape gardens hide abstract Zen dialogues within the landscape, some even featuring stone recreations of famous scenes from Japanese history.
15:00The final stop of our journey is Kinkakuji. The official name is Rokuonji, and it is a Zen temple. It is one of the most popular buildings in Kyoto and is visited by many tourists every year.
17:00We will return to JR Kyoto Station to end the tour. However, if you would like to spend the rest of your day in the city centre, please let us know at any time.


JR Kyoto Station @ 09:00

You can see us immediately after exiting the JR Kyoto Station central gate. We are waiting in front of the directory. We will be holding up a sign that says “Snow Monkey Resort.”


  • The times listed in the itinerary are for reference only and the actual tour may vary depending on actual conditions such as weather and trains.
  • This is a walking tour that takes you outdoors for hours. We recommend wearing comfortable shoes and clothing. Please bring sunshade and rain protection if necessary.
  • If you feel uncomfortable during the tour, please let us know. We will do our best to help you.
  • This tour includes free time. We will make sure you know when and where to meet again. If you get lost or forget your meeting point, please call us immediately.


  • Entrance fees for each spot during the tour
  • Bus and train tickets required for the tour 
  • Koboshi experience fee
  • Guided tour with an English speaking guide


  • Food and drinks
  • Transportation costs before and after the tour


Can I join this tour from Osaka?
Yes, you can join from Osaka by taking the Shinkansen from Shin-Osaka Station to Kyoto Station. It only takes 13 minutes!
Is this tour suitable for children?
Yes, it is suitable for children. Children will especially enjoy the Koboshi experience. However, only one thing to keep in mind. Since it is a walking tour, you will be walking for hours. If your child is too young, make sure you can hold them when needed.

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