1-Day Ski Tour Package from Nagano Station

1-Day Ski Tour Package from Nagano Station


December, January, February, March


07:40 ~ 17:30

Meeting Place

Nagano Station


Adult (13 +)40,000 /
Child (6 - 12)28,000 /

1-Day Ski Tour Package from Nagano Station

Home to more than eighty ski resorts such as Nozawa Onsen, Shiga Kogen, Hakuba, and many more, as well as featuring some of the country’s best powder and terrain – all within easy access of Tokyo and its airports – we consider Nagano to be Japan’s best ski and snowboard destination. Perfect as a day trip from Tokyo, or just to enhance an already amazing Japan vacation, we’re here to offer a stress free all-inclusive day ski package featuring everything you need to enjoy your day. From transport to the ski resort, rental equipment, lift passes, and even optional lessons, this package is perfect for those who wish to try skiing for the first time or experienced skiers who want to challenge Japan’s slopes themselves without the hassle of carrying all of their equipment!


  • Experience the slopes at one of Nagano’s famous ski resorts, hand picked by our staff each day to ensure the best skiing conditions
  • Enjoy your day stress free, as all aspects of your day of skiing and snowboarding are organized for you by us right from Nagano Station
  • Optional (skiers only): Get the most out of your time by including a two hour lesson aimed toward first-timer and beginner skiers!
  • Extend this tour into a multiple day experience by inquiring about packaging a Nagano hotel stay with your tour

Want to join this tour from Tokyo? It’s easy to do! Scroll to the bottom for our FAQs including train services that you can use to join the tour!


The tour begins at Nagano Station at 07:40 where one of our staff members will meet you and once all guests have arrived, we will make a short walk to our equipment house next to the station together to pick out your ski equipment and other gear. From necessities like skis, snowboards, poles, boots, and bindings, to other accessories like helmets, gloves, and goggles, outfit yourself to your comfort level to best enjoy the full day on the slopes! Once you are ready, head right outside to our private vehicle, load your equipment, and take a seat to enjoy the sights of the Nagano countryside rolling by toward the ski resort chosen by our staff, whether it be at Shiga Kogen, Nozawa Onsen, Hakuba, or another one of Nagano Prefecture’s greats!

Once we have reached the ski resort, we will unload your equipment at a central lift, distribute and activate your lift passes, and provide any assistance or information necessary for you to enjoy your one day ski! Our staff member will point out the entrances to the various lifts, as well as different possible places to have lunch. Those experienced skiers that booked the package for easy access to the slopes can head out from here and enjoy exploring the various runs to their heart’s content. From here, those who are taking the lesson geared toward beginners will make their way to the ski school to check-in for their lesson!

For those who wish to add on a beginner lesson for one or more of their party members, the lesson will start from 10:00 with one of our ski school partners. Adding this option will truly make the most of your time at the slopes, as our licensed ski instructor will give you all the help you need to make sure you have an enjoyable and memorable experience! This option is only available for those wish to ski, as we cannot accommodate snowboard lessons at this time. Once the lesson ends at 12:00, you will have a sense of confidence in your skills to explore some areas on your own until free time ends at 15:45 and you prepare to return to Nagano.

Due to the nature of this tour, guests will be able to use their time at the slopes however they wish. Our staff member will be able to assist you at any time through contact info given to you on the tour date. Lunch will be handled by each individual guest, as there will be restaurants near the lifts that can be used to take a break when hungry and ready to recharge. While enjoying your day of skiing, be sure to keep track of the time so that you can make it to the prescribed meeting point to pack up your equipment at 15:45 for departure back toward Nagano at 16:00!


You can expect to arrive back at our rental house to return your equipment after a satisfying day of skiing at 17:15. Once all of your equipment is neatly returned, you can feel free to depart toward the Nagano Station and your next destination.


07:40The main meetup point is inside Nagano Station, in front of the large Information Board and city map directly across from the Shinkansen ticket gates. Your guide will greet the guests and begin the tour by heading to our ski/snowboard equipment storehouse.
07:45Outfit yourself to your comfort level to best enjoy the full day on the slopes! From necessities like skis, snowboards, poles, boots, and bindings, to other accessories like helmets, gloves, and goggles, you will have time to fit and change into the best fit for you!
08:15Depart from our storehouse near Nagano Station toward the day's chosen ski resort. Enjoy the sights of the Nagano countryside rolling by out your window!
09:30Arrive at the chosen ski resort. Our staff member will distribute and activate your lift passes, and help you unload equipment from the bus, and point out any necessary information.

Those who booked lessons will move with the our staff member to the reception office for the ski school. Those who did not book lessons can go to the slopes as they wish.
10:00The two hour lesson geared toward first timers and beginners starts from here! The lesson is expected to end at 12:00, and from there those new learners can begin to explore on their own until 15:45.
15:45Regroup at the meeting point to make your way toward the bus to load up your equipment for the return journey.
16:00Depart back for Nagano Station from the chosen ski resort.
17:15Arrive back at the equipment storehouse to return your rental equipment.
17:30Projected end time for the tour. Once equipment is returned, and you have checked out with our staff member, you may proceed toward your next destination as you wish.

*While we expect to have all tours conclude on time, we cannot guarantee this in winter due to weather and road conditions. Please refer to our 'Other Information' when making bookings for onward travel.




The meetup point is inside the station, in front of the Information Board directly across from the Shinkansen ticket gates. Be sure to look for the guide wearing a SNOW MONKEY RESORTS tour tag and ensure you are there prior to the meetup time as the tour will need to depart by 07:45.



  • Transportation to and from Nagano Station to the chosen Nagano Ski Resort
  • Ski or Snowboard equipment
  • 1-Day Lift Pass for the chosen ski resort
  • If purchased: Optional two hour beginner lesson
  • Staff member on-site to answer questions and concerns


  • Food & Drink
  • Lunch
  • Lessons outside of the type described in the tour page
  • Shinkansen / ‘Bullet Train’ tickets
  • Accommodation

Other Information

  • Please note that skiing and snowboarding are high-risk activities that have inherent risks and dangers that may result in physical injury, property damage, or even death. By choosing to participate, individuals acknowledge and accept these risks, and agree to assume full responsibility for their safety and well-being throughout the duration of the tour.
  • Please note that all timings in the tour are subject to change, as the distance between destinations varies by which ski resort is chosen for that day. We will do our best to conform to the posted schedule, but depending on the circumstances, some times may need to be changed.
  • Please note that this tour involves a lot of physical activity and may not be suitable for all people depending on their condition. Should you have any concerns about your ability to join the tour, please contact us to discuss prior to booking.
  • This tour is not wheelchair accessible and may not be suitable for mobility-impaired travelers. Should you have any concerns about your ability to join the tour, please contact us to discuss prior to booking.
  • Booking cut-off time is two days before the pick up time on the day. Due to availability of lessons, we cannot guarantee last minute bookings with a lesson slot. If a lesson was ordered as part of a last minute package and is unavailable, we will be able to refund the amount spent for the lesson.
  • Please be sure that the measurements that you put into the booking form are accurate. There may be a possibility that we do not have enough of a specific size of rental equipment at our own equipment storehouse. If this is the case, we can move to accommodate your needs at an external venue at the chosen ski resort for the date.
  • As we do not have specialized ski and snowboard equipment Infants (0-5), as well as the suggested age among our ski school partners is for children starting from six years old, we cannot accommodate those who wish to have their infants ski or snowboard on this tour. They may join the tour free of charge, but there is a chance that they will not receive a seat on the bus and would need to sit on the lap of a guardian. They will not receive any equipment, lift passes, or lessons as we cannot accommodate those of such a young age with those inclusions.
  • This tour is scheduled to conclude at Nagano Station by 17:30. However, due to weather and road conditions in winter we cannot guarantee the end time. We ask that you do not book any service earlier than the 17:56 Kagayaki (reservation only) or our recommendation of the 18:23 Hakutaka. For guests booking onward tickets to other destinations we also recommend doing so for times of 18:00 or later.
  • This tour does not include lunch, but there will be free time to explore the different lunch options that are pointed out by our staff member on the day of the tour.


I'd like to join this tour from Tokyo. Which Shinkansen / 'Bullet Train' service should I use to arrive in Nagano on time? What time do services depart for Tokyo after the tour?
The start and finish times of this tour are arranged according to the Shinkansen timetable. You can book the following services on the Hokuriku Shinkansen line when joining this tour at Nagano Station. Please note there is only one available train from Tokyo to reach the meet-up point in time:

Departing Tokyo Station - Arriving Nagano Station

Tokyo: 06:16 – Nagano: 07:36 – Kagayaki – reserved seats only

*Nagano Station is a small station and our morning meet-up point is directly opposite the shinkansen/bullet train tickets gates at 07:40.

Departing Nagano Station - Arriving Tokyo Station

Nagano: 17:56 – Tokyo: 19:20 – Kagayaki – reserved seats only
Nagano: 18:23 – Tokyo: 20:00 – Hakutaka*

*In winter, we recommend that you book this service to return to Tokyo. While we expect to this tour to conclude at JR Nagano Station by 17:30 winter weather and roads conditions mean that we cannot guarantee it. To be safe, we recommend booking the 18:22 service.

Also, if you are staying in Myoko Kogen and would like to join the tour, you can take a train from Myoko Kogen Station and get to Nagano Station on time (830 JPY / one way).

Departing Myoko Kogen Station – Arriving Nagano Station

Myoko Kogen: 7:48 – Nagano: 8:32
Myoko Kogen: 8:39 – Nagano: 9:23

Departing Nagano Station – Arriving Myoko Kogen Station

Nagano: 18:14 – Myoko Kogen: 19:00
Can I make this tour into a multiple day ski tour with accommodation from Nagano City?
Yes! We can add accommodation in Nagano City and accommodate a multiple day ski tour package! To do so, contact us at anytime to discuss options.
Is this tour wheelchair accessible or suitable for mobility-impaired guests?
Unfortunately, this tour is not wheelchair accessible and may not be suitable for mobility-impaired guests. The tour's main attraction is skiing or snowboarding, so unless a guest is able to move to the ability to participate in the tour fully, we would not recommend participation. Guests who are mobility-impaired may also struggle with the conditions. Should you have any concerns about your ability to join the tour, please contact us prior to booking to discuss options.

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