• Experience One of the World’s Great Cities

    Impossible to define and inconceivable in size, the only way to really understand Tokyo is to dive in and experience it

  • Understanding Tokyo: Choosing Where to Stay

    Tokyo offers a world of choice when it comes to choosing where to stay and the neighbourhood that suits you best.

  • All Roads Lead to Tokyo

    The heart of Japan’s acclaimed train network, Tokyo is the ideal launching point from where to explore the entire country.

  • Tokyo 2021: Plan Your Olympic Visit

    With the world coming to Tokyo in 2021, it’s time to plan your summer exploration beyond the capital.

  • Nagano & Central Japan: Get Back to Nature

    Serviced by three shinkansen lines from Tokyo, Central Japan is the country’s mountainous heartland – a world away from the hustle and buzz of the city.


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One of the world’s great cities, Tokyo must be experienced to be believed. Truly massive, Tokyo lays claim to being the most populous city in the world and in every sense is the center of modern Japan. Once called 'Edo', Tokyo has acted as the capital since the early-17th century and has driven Japan from its feudal past through modernization, followed by the devastation of the mid-20th century and re-emergence as one of the most powerful economies in the world.

Tokyo offers something for everybody, from the cultured, refined and high-end to the hippest of neighbourhoods, diverse sub-cultures and all the wonderful and weird pop-culture it gives birth to. Spend enough time in Tokyo and it’s easy to think that it defines Japan. It is of course just part of a much larger story, one that is best experienced outside of the city.

From Tokyo, visitors can take advantage of Japan’s world-class transport system including 'Shinkansen' (Bullet Train) network to quickly escape the hum and hustle of the capital and head deeper into Japan – its regions, its history and stunning seasonal beauty of its natural landscapes. In doing so you’ll discover the many sides of Japan. Often contradictory, you’ll be amazed at the gulf between the 21st century modernism of Tokyo and the slower pace of life, pristine nature and tradition that lies just outside the capital...


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