How to Get to the Kii Peninsula

How to Get to the Kii Peninsula


The Kii Peninsula covers an expansive area between Nagoya in the east and Osaka in the west. Within that area, visitors will find three of Japan’s most important religious destinations including the Ise Grand Shrine, Kumano Kodo and the temple mountain of Koyasan.


These three destinations are separated by a considerable difference and can be approached from different directions. To make things as simple as possible, this page will provide information on how to get to the Ise Grand Shrine and Kumano Kodo from Nagoya, and Koya-san and Kumano Kodo from Osaka.


For information on how to get to Nagoya from common locations including Nagano, the Jigokudani Monkey Park, Tokyo, Kanazawa and more, please refer to our ‘How to Get to Nagoya’ page.

How to Get to the Ise Grand Shrine from Nagoya

The Ise Grand Shrine is the most important Shinto complex in Japan. Consisting of many shrines, the complex is centred around the Kotai Jingu (Inner Shrine) and Geku (Outer Shrine).


The shrines are separated by several kilometres, with both Isehi Station and Ujiyama Station in Ise City providing access – buses run from both stations to the shrines. From Kintetsu-Nagaoya Station – located within easy walk of Nagoya Station – take the Limited Express Kintetsu service to Iseshi Station – 80 minutes / JPY2810 – or Ujiyamada Station – 85 minutes / JPY2810.


Buses run from the stations to the nearby shrines, with Ujiyamada Station being slightly closer to the Inner Shrine.

How to Get to the Kumano Kodo from Nagoya

For visitors heading to the pilgrimage trails of the Kumano Kodo, there are multiple ways to approach the area depending on your exact destination.


For visitors heading to the Kumano Kodo from Nagoya, we recommend using the Limited Express Nanki service. While there are only three services each day running to both Shingu and Kii-Katsuura, it is notably faster than other trains and its ‘wide view’ windows provide great views of the passing landscape.


It is important to note that while the Nanki is operated by Japan Rail (JR) Central, visitors with a JR Pass will have to pay a small surcharge to use this train as it runs along a private line for part of the journey.


The service departs from Platform 12 at Nagoya Station at 08:05, 10:01 and 12:58 with the last service of the day departing at 19:47 but only running to Shingu Station:


For visitors buying a ticket a one-way journey to Shingu Station costs JPY7000 and Kii-Katsuura Station costs JPY7330. The return schedule is as follows:


From Shingu Station, buses run to Kumano Hongu Taisha – 80 minutes / JPY1560 – while Kumano Hayatama Taisha can be reached on-foot.


Kumano Nachi Taisha can be reached by bus from Kii_Katsuura Station – 30 minutes / JPY630.

How to Get to the Kumano Kodo from Osaka

For visitors approaching the trails and attractions of the Kumano Kodo from Osaka, heading to Kii-Tanabe Station will be the fastest and easiest option.  From Shin-Osaka Station, take the Limited Express Kurshio service to Kii-Tanabe – 130 to 140 minutes / JPY4840.


The same service continues onto Kii-Katsuura Station – 240 minutes / JPY6490 – and terminates at Shingu Station – 250 minutes / JPY6820.

How to Get to Koyasan from Osaka

To reach the temple mountain of Koyasan from Osaka, take the Nankai Koya Line from either Namba Station or Shin-Imamiya Station to Gokurakubashi Station – 85 to 90 minutes / JPY1680 and 80 to 85 minutes / JPY1680 respectively.


Once at Gokurakubashi, take the Koyasan cable car up the mountain – 5 minutes / JPY500. The cable car operates from 05:30 to 22:30 (approximately). Visitors will then need to use the public bus or taxi to head into the centre of town.


Most of Koyasan’s many attractions including Okunoin Temple, Garan and Kongobuji Temple are within easy reach of the town centre.

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