• Nagoya Castle

    As one of Japan’s most important Edo Period (1603-1868) castle towns, the story of Nagoya Castle is inextricably linked with that of the city and its people.

  • Shopping & Entertainment

    Nagoya is known for its lively entertainment, great restaurants and plenty of shopping concentrated in areas in and around the station.

  • Food of Nagoya

    One of the great joys of travel, Nagoya doesn’t disappoint when it comes to food including its famous hitsumabushi, misonikomi udon, misokatsu and more!

  • Visit Nagoya’s Museums

    Nagoya’s rich history – from Edo Period importance to a driving force during Japan’s industrialistion – is displayed by several excellent museums.

  • Walk the Nakasendo

    Accessible within one hour of Nagoya Station, walking the historic Nakasendo Trail is one of the region’s best experiences.


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Nagoya is one of Japan’s great metropolises and one of the country’s financial and industrial hubs. A modern and youthful city, Nagoya also has a rich history and great food scene, making it an ideal stop as you move from east to west, west to east, or into the mountainous heartland of Central Japan.

A convenient hub from which to explore many interesting regions, Nagoya City is in itself a worthwhile destination. The city’s industrial, youthful and energetic atmosphere blends with a fascinating history as seen in Nagoya’s famous castle, Atsuta Shrine, Toyota Commemorative Museum, the Central Japan Railways Museum, Tokugawa Art Museum and more.

Home to a thriving entertainment, shopping and food scene, Nagoya is also known for its food including hitsumabushi (fresh water eel), misonikomi udon, misokatsu and plenty more delicious treats.

From Nagoya, east, west and central Japan are all readily accessible using the train network. For many visitors, Nagoya Station will be their starting point for access to the Nakasendo Trail, which can be reached via Nakatsugawa Station (50 minutes) or Kiso-Fukushima (85 minutes).


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