Myoko Kogen
  • Deep Powder

    Many visitors to Myoko will know it for one reason – deep snow, lots of it!

  • Ski Resorts of Myoko

    Myoko Kogen refers to a group of resorts. Varying in size and less developed than many others in Nagano, the big appeal is the deep snow and great backcountry.

  • Naena Falls

    A short distance from the ski resorts, Naena Falls can be accessed all year but is at its best in autumn.

  • Takada Castle Sakura Festival

    Home to around 4000 cherry trees Takada Castle Park can be reached easily from Myoko and is one of Japan’s top blossom-viewing stops.

  • Explore the North Coast

    Staying in Myoko puts you within easy reach of the north coast including its delicious seafood markets and the beautiful Noto Peninsula.


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Myoko Kogen

Sitting at the southern tip of Niigata Prefecture, Myoko is known for its deep snow and fantastic ski resorts. Less developed than the nearby resorts of Hakuba or Nozawa Onsen, Myoko retains a distinctly Japanese character. Boasting a huge amount of snowfall each winter, it really is one of Japan’s best destinations for powderhounds.

The area referred to as ‘Myoko Kogen’ consists of a number of resorts all known for their great powder. Though smaller than many other resorts in the Nagano, the deep powder, reliability of the snow, and open approach to backcountry skiing and snowboarding sets the resorts of Myoko apart from others.

Outside of winter, Myoko is a place of wild landscapes and bountiful farmlands. Hiking the mountain and forest trails opens-up a truly beautiful and pristine landscape, typified by features such Naena Falls.

From Myoko, numerous nearby attractions are also readily accessible including coastal areas along the Sea of Japan including the Noto Peninsula. Somewhat isolated and forgotten about, the Noto Peninsula is a beautiful destination in green season, best explored by rental car.


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