Mount Fuji & Hakone
  • Witness the Beauty of Fuji

    Lying around 2.5 hours to the west of Tokyo, Mount Fuji is a grand and awe-inspiring sight

  • Ascend the Majestic Mountain

    Running from July until September, climbing season draws countless visitors to the mountain

  • Discover Hakone

    Blessed with fantastic hot springs and natural beauty, Hakone offers visitors some of the best views of Mount Fuji

  • Enjoy the Attractions of Hakone

    Home to many excellent museums, galleries, restaurants and outdoor attractions, there's many reasons to visit Hakone


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Mount Fuji & Hakone

Instantly recognisable to both Japanese and international visitors, Mount Fuji is Japan’s most iconic natural landscape. Standing 3776 metres tall, it is the country’s tallest mountain and an active volcano – a constant, majestic presence in the historical and cultural fabric of Japan. Standing alone, Mount Fuji acts as a grand beacon that calls visitors to leave the capital and begin their exploration of Central Japan.

Readily accessible from Tokyo, Fuji draws countless visitors each year. Some come to climb it while many others venture to the surrounding areas simply to witness its grandeur and imposing beauty. Surrounding the mountain, areas including Kawaguchiko and Hakone are blessed with hot springs and abundant beauty, and home to many restaurants, museums, galleries and guesthouses.


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