Best Places to Stay in Suwa

Best Places to Stay in Suwa

The Suwa region, located roughly in the center of Nagano prefecture, is an adventurer’s paradise. Suwa is known for Lake Suwa, majestic mountains, hot springs, sake, legendary shrines, museums, and much more. The Lake Suwa Fireworks Festival, one of Japan’s premier firework events, is held every summer on the shores of Lake Suwa. Nonetheless, the area is still one that few tourists know, so it is an excellent destination to discover Japanese nature and rural life.

Best Areas to Stay in Suwa

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When visiting the Suwa area, hotels dot the shoreline and offer uninterrupted views of the lake and surrounding mountains. Additionally, enjoy the cooler temperatures and stunning alpine beauty in the mountains. In this section we will discuss accommodation options in each of the following areas:

Lake SideMountain Side

Lake Side

Lake Suwa


Suwa is one of the most famous lakes in Japan. The lake is known for its charming scenery year-round from cherry blossoms in full bloom in the spring to omiwatari in the winter, when the frozen surface swells like a mountain range and creates a loud crashing sound. On clear days, Mount Fuji can even be seen, offering breathtaking views of the world-famous symbol of Japan. There is plenty to do along its shores such as walking or cycling around surrounding path, paddle boating, ‘ashiyu’ (footbaths), fishing, and even ice-skating in the winter.

Suwa Shrines


The four shrines of Suwa Taisha, which surround Lake Suwa, are one of the oldest Shintō religious complexes in the country. More than 1200 years old, visiting the Suwa Shrines are considered a sacred journey of worship. Visitors from near and far visit the four main shrines to receive some of the divine blessings and deepen their understanding and appreciation of the area’s culture.

Tateishi Park

Tateishi Park is an ideal spot to enjoy a picnic or to just take photos of the incredible views of Lake Suwa and Suwa City below. It is also featured in the famous Studio Ghibli film, Your Name. The panoramic sunset view and night view is ranked among one of Japan’s best. Additionally, it is also known as a natural habitat of Japan’s national butterfly, the giant purple butterfly.

Five Suwa Gokura Breweries

The cold winters, local rice, and crystal-clear water makes Nagano an ideal location for sake-brewing. Five breweries, called the Suwa Gokura, have taken advantage of these conditions to produce excellent sake. Due to their proximity to one another, thirsty travelers can easily walk between them and taste the various sakes each brewery has to offer.


Your perfect escape. Boasting large hot spring baths and great Lake Suwa views, Kamisuwa Onsen Shinyu and Sui Suwako Resorts are partner hotels located next to each other providing Japanese-style rooms with a modern touch. Often praised for their hot springs, both hotels are known for its comfort and traditional service including Japanese-style rooms and ‘kaiseki’ (multi-course) dining. At Kamisuwa Onsen Shinyu, the property is designed with elderly guests and those with disabilities in mind, so rest assured all rooms are barrier free.

The Infinity Onsen (hot spring) of Sui Suwako offers the perfect setting for a truly blissful experience with a rooftop location and view of Lake Suwa. Please understand that conservative bathing suits are provided as it is a mixed-gender bathing style.

Mountain Side

Yatsugatake Ropeway

The Yatsugatake Ropeway travels up the Yatsugatake mountains to a 2,237m high plateau with amazing scenery of the three ranges of the Japanese Alps. Take a trip to new heights on the ropeway which can transport 100 people at a time. From the summit station you can explore the many hiking trails that wind through Tsuboniwa Nature Park or simply soak up the views. In the winter, ski or snowboard down the thrilling 4-kilometer course.

Venus Line

One of Japan’s best driving courses, the Venus Line is a 76-kilometer road that connects Nagano’s central highland areas and enjoys amazing panoramic views of the surrounding region. “Venus Line,” comes from the goddess-like appearance of Mt. Tateshina. The road has been open to the public free of charge since 2002, has very few traffic signals, and many sightseeing spots along the way.

Shoko-ji Temple

Shoko-ji Temple is the only temple in Japan built for the specific purpose of praying for traffic safety and traffic accident victims. The temple was built in the 1970s by Toyota, the largest car company in Japan. With more than 300 cherry blossom trees, late April to early May is the ideal time to visit!

Mugeiso House

The Mugeiso House was a studio and living space which belonged to Ozu Yasujiro, a film director famous for movies like ‘Tokyo Story’ and ‘Last Spring.’ After his death, the house has been turned into a commemorative museum called Mugeiso. Built with a traditional thatched roof and located in the tranquil Tateshina mountains, it is worth a visit even if you aren’t familiar with his work. Admission is free and is mainly open on weekends during the summer.


Tateshina Shinyu Hotel is nestled in untouched nature of the majestic Tateshina Mountains. Prominent writers who came to the area to get inspired became the origin of Tateshina Shinyu Onsen as a place of rich history and culture. Experience the ultimate escape in every aspect of your stay from the numerous hot springs, Aroma Salon, deluxe rooms, Library Lounge, and more. Whether you are traveling alone or in a group, there is an ideal room that will exceed your expectations of comfort and style.


Far from an ordinary hotel lounge, the hotel’s renowned Library Lounge is complete with stylish chandeliers, plush sofas, and other elegant furnishings. More than 30,000 books in multiple languages are beautifully preserved so that you may immerse yourself in a literary wonder while enjoying some local beverages from the bar. 



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