Kyoto, Nara & Osaka
  • Japan's Imperial Heart

    As of the seat of imperial power in Japan for more than one thousand years, Kyoto is the most historic city in the country.

  • Explore the Beauty & History of Kyoto

    With temples, shrines and pagodas spread through the city, Kyoto is alive with history, cultural and beauty.

  • Witness the Majesty of Todai-ji

    Though notably smaller than Kyoto, Nara is home to Japan’s largest temple housing its largest Buddha statue.

  • Welcome to Osaka - Brash, Loud & Fantastic!

    Far from the refined atmosphere of Kyoto, Osaka is all about having fun and enjoying some of Japan's best shopping, food and nightlife.

  • One of Japan's Best Food Cities

    Osaka boasts some of Japan's best food including 'okonomiyaki', 'kushiktatsu' and of course, 'takoyaki'.


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Kyoto, Nara & Osaka

Marking the border of western and central Japan, the cities of Kyoto, Nara and Osaka are within close proximity allowing for easy daytrips from one to the other. As the former capital of Japan and seat of imperial power for more than one thousand years, Kyoto is the most historically important city in country boasting numerous grand temples, shrines, pagoda and palaces. A stylish and refined city, Kyoto tends to seduce visitors, many of whom consider it their favourite city in Japan.

Lying to the south of Kyoto, Nara preceded it as the imperial capital and to this day retains much of its historic legacy including Japan’s largest temple, Todai-ji. Once so powerful that the capital was moved to Kyoto to limit the power of its resident monks, today Todai-ji houses Japan’s largest Buddha statue while Nara is home to some of Japan’s oldest surviving temples, shrines and of course, its famous deer.

Osaka stands apart from Kyoto and Nara, a big, brash and bold city known for its shopping, nightlife and some of Japan’s best food. Osaka is all about having a good time with many international visitors finding it notably more open and welcoming than more reserved cities like Tokyo. Japan’s third largest city – a city built of trade fuelled by lots of good food and drink – expect a warm welcome in Osaka and get ready to eat and have fun!


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