Best Tours and Itineraries around Kanazawa

Best Tours and Itineraries around Kanazawa


Located on Sea Japan and with easy access from Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya, Kanazawa is a city that has faithfully maintained traditional architecture and culture while at the same time integrated that style into its modernist art scene. There is a little bit something for everyone.

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Best Tours around Kanazawa

Best Itineraries around Kanazawa

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The capital city of a domain ruled by the wealthiest daimyo in Japan for over 250, Kanazawa exudes confidence in its cultural traditions that you can see even to this day. The city was the second largest in Japan to survive bombing during WWII so the number of historical buildings from the Edo period is second only to Kyoto. Walk the same paths as geisha and samurai, drink in the same tea houses as daimyos and create works of art just like the masters have been doing for centuries. Kanazawa is a city for those who want to experience all of Japan but don’t want the crushing crowds of Tokyo or Kyoto. It is also an excellent spot to see the region. The famous thatched-roof houses of Shirakawa-go are a short day trip away, as is the spectacular mountain and valley views of the Tateyama Alpine route and Kurobe Gorge. There is so much to do in the area and when you want to move on, transportation is easy to any major city or destinations by train or bus. Our tours are here to help you make the best out of your time in Japan and create experiences that will last for a lifetime.


Located on the northern side of the main Japanese, facing the Sea of Japan, Kanazawa sits conveniently almost equidistant between Osaka/Kyoto, Nagoya and Tokyo. From Osaka/Kyoto hop on the Thunderbird train to Tsuruga and then transfer to the Hokuriku Shinkansen. From Nagoya get on the Shirasagi until Tsuruga and, similar to before, transfer to the Hokuriku Shinkansen. Tokyo is a straight shot on the Hokuriku Shinkansen to Kanazawa. All three ways, depending on the type of train and transfers, take between two and three hours. Once you’re here is when the fun begins!



There is so much history, culture and tradition to find mixed with the modern in Kanazawa. In the city itself you can explore the old tea houses that geisha once worked, try your hand at making leaf products and try the delicious seafood, straight from the Sea of Japan. Just an hour or two trip in any direction will bring you to even more excellent destinations. The Snow Wall of Tateyama, the thatched-roofs of Shirakawa-go, the Zen Buddhist Temple of Eiheiji and the old town of Takayama are all easy day trips. The tours are divided by geography below, so whether you are looking for something close to Kanazawa or far, click the link below to send you to that part of the page!

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There are so many options for places to go in the area it can be overwhelming. Get a feel for the area with our tours that are all over and can easily be connected together. Let’s explore Kanazawa and the wider region together!



Kanazawa leans into both its past, its present and its future, all at the same time. The mix of geisha tea houses, samurai homes and Edo-period gardens with the hustle and bustle of the seafood focused Omicho Market, modern art mecca of the 21st Century Museum and the night/shopping area of Katamachi, Korinbo and Tatemachi, is a combination not found anywhere in Japan. The most powerful daimyo (excluding the Shogun himself) lived in Kanazawa and the city was the fourth largest in Japan at the beginning of the Meiji period. This samurai town focused on the arts to not scare the central government of the true power of the domain. This led to the perfection of many crafts such as gold leaf plating, kimono stitching, lacquerware painting and Noh theater. Come take a stroll with us down the samurai house street of Nagamachi or try your hand at making your own plate with gold leaf. There is so much to do in Kanazawa and having a guide is the best way to get the most out of this wonderful city.


This tour has you walk in the same streets as those from times past. Walk the streets the samurai of the Kaga clan and see a warriors house from the Edo period. Relax and enjoy maccha in a tea house overlooking a beautiful garden next to the impressive castle walls. Stroll through the Kenroku-en garden like the daimyos of the Edo period and admire the artistry of the landscaping of not just the land but of the trees as well. Finally, walk through Higashi Chayamachi, the old geisha district, where you can shop, snack and take a tour of a former tea house that was used by actual geisha in the past.


The wealth of the Kaga domain was the greatest of all the daimyo and that shows in the art and culture that was produced in Kanazawa over the course of the Edo period. These traditions are still alive in the city today and you can try them out for yourself. The art of gold leaf is a special one to Kanazawa, which is 99% of Japan’s production. Here you can experience the craft for yourself and make a plate with gold leaf elements on it. If Japanese sweets are your things, on the tour you will make the sweets that go the best with maccha, wagashi. Finally, you will get to try ninja throwing stars and needles. There is something for everyone to enjoy as you walk around the city and see parts that are not as commonly explored.


In the mountains near Kanazawa is the small town of Tsurugi, steeped in history and natural beauty. The shrines in this area are some of the oldest attested to in records. Two of them have histories going back over 2000 years. Shirayama-hime Shrine is one of those and the approach is incredibly atmospheric, adding an almost mystical feel as you climb stairs spotted with moss in the wooded area. Nearby you can see many of this town’s famous lion heads that were and still are used in traditional dances throughout the region and Japan. The mountains here are not only beautiful to look at but you can ride a gondola to the top of one and get stunning views of the flood plain below. On a sunny day you can straight to the Sea of Japan. The final stop of the trip is to see the over 1000 butterflies at the prefectural insect museum. It can be overwhelming the sheer number that sometimes fly around you and will make you smile from ear to ear before you know it. Walk through history, enjoy the expansive views and connect with nature on this tour!




Kanazawa’s location makes it ideal for not just traveling to that large cities but also excellent destinations in the region. Shirakawa-go and Gokayama, with their iconic thatched-roof houses are only a short bus ride away. The magnificent snow wall and mountain landscapes of the Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine are also within striking distance. The famous 1920’s-style onsen town in the mountains, Unazuki Onsen, is easily accessible form Kanazawa. From there you can experience the Kurobe Gorge on the trolley train to drink in the unforgettable scenery. South of Kanazawa is Fukui City, an old castle town, and Eiheiji Temple, one of the head temples of Zen Buddhism in Japan. The fall leaves here should not be missed. East of Kanazawa is Takaoka with its two grand Japan Cultural Heritage Site temples, metalworking history and excellent views of the Toyama Bay and the mountains surrounding it.


One of the most visited attractions in the region is the thatched-roof houses of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama. On this tour you will hop on one of our charter buses and on the way there stop at a hidden gem of the area, Inami. This small town is famous for wood-carving, something you can see on display throughout the main thoroughfare that lead to Inami’s crown, jewel, Zuisenji Temple. The carvings on this temple were done by a master carver over 200 years ago. We will then continue on to Gokayama to see some of the thatched-roofed house and get an excellent view of the small town. A paper-making experience is also waiting for you, using materials harvested in the town and techniques perfected over centuries. The last stop is Shirakawa-go where you can see the beautiful townscape and go into one of the homes to learn about the townspeople’s way of life. There are also plenty of shops and stalls to enjoy!


If you want mountains combined with rivers, lakes and bridges, Kurobe Gorge is a another stunning example of unforgettable Japanese natural landscapes. This tour starts with a shinkansen ride to Kurobe-Unazuki Onsen Station(or you may start at that station if you like) before hopping on a local train to Unazuki Onsen itself. A town celebrating over 100 years since its founding, the architecture is an interesting mix of Japanese and Western design that make the ‘Taisho’-style. We will tour the town, enjoy footbaths and get great views of the town against the river and mountains. After grabbing a bento, we will get on the trolley train, with its open windows and spectacular views. The final destination of the tour is Keyakidaira Station, where we will see the “Monkey-Jumping” Rock, a natural onsen river footbath and more excellent scenery in the gorge.


As one of the head temples of the world famous Japanese Zen Buddhist sect, Eiheiji Temple is a place where you can feel the mystery and beauty of traditional architecture hidden in a natural paradise. On this tour you can choose start from either Kanazawa Station or Fukui Station. After grouping up at Fukui Station, we will take a tour of the city in the morning, seeing the castle walls, the “rainbow” shrine, and views of the city from the Atagozaka Slope. We will eat in the city before heading out on a direct bus to Eiheiji Temple. The ride into the mountains is about 30 minutes and we will arrive near the temple grounds. This area has had groupings of temples for over 500 hundred years and at its peak had thousands of monks living in the area. We will walk through the temple and learn about the history as we climb up deeper into the temple. There are many excellent photo spots to discover, too. The are so many interesting angles that catch the intertwining of nature and architecture all over the complex. Try to find the one that touches you the most!


The second city of the Maeda clan during the Edo period and now the second city of Toyama prefecture, this historically important city has a diversity of sights and activities that shouldn’t be missed! This private tour can start from either Kanazawa Station or Takaoka. In the morning we will explore 300 year old Zuiryuji Temple, which has the unique statue of a toilet god, very symmetric continental-style construction and a central altar imported from China. After the temple, we will head to the Takaoka Big Buddha that has existed in some form for the past couple hundred years. The current metal version dates back to the 1930’s. As we head towards the metalworking experience, we will pass through some historic streets with many buildings from the late 1800’s. The architecture here is quite unique and not seen in most of Japan. The last activity of the morning is the metalworking experience where you can make a tin sake cup or chopstick holders.

After lunch we hop on the train to the south and Shokoji Temple, another amazing temple with a gold plated interior. This area was the center for religion in Toyama prefecture until the Edo period. We will then get on another very short train to Amaharashi to see the stunning view of the Northern Japanese Alps across Toyama. This area has some other sights in the area to see, all of which have those beautiful mountains in the background.



If you are looking to continue on to other parts of Japan, there are other great tours for you too. Quite close to Shirakawa-go is Takayama, which was directly ruled by the Shogun for over 200 years. This left an impact with a beautifully preserved street with shops and stalls all sorts of local goods and foods. If you use Takayama as a base, further exploration, deeper into history and nature is possible. If you travel to Shinhotaka you can see more of the wonderful mountain scenery while traveling on a two-step ropeway. There are other sites nearby, such as a bear preserve and the Hida Limestone Caves. Kamikochi is another picturesque spot that is highly recommended. The trails in the area lead across bridges, over beautifully clear mountains streams and views of the surrounding mountain scenery wherever you go. Finally, if you take the shinkansen from Kanazawa for about an hour you’ll arrive at Nagano. Here you can see one of the most visited destination in Central Japan, the onsen snow monkeys. They are most active during the colder mountains, the very light hike up to the area is gorgeous and the number of monkeys will truly surprise you.


Hidden away in the middle of the mountains of Central Japan, but also an easy 2 hour trip from Kanazawa, Nagoya, Toyama and Matsumoto, Takayama is a popular destination for its traditional old town and surrounding natural beauty. The tour starts from Takayama Station and we head to the Takayama Jinya, the former headquarters of the Shogun’s government in the city. It was made from the materials of the castle that used to exist on a mountain nearby. After learning more about the history of the city and region, we will walk down the historical merchant street lined with traditional Japanese buildings. You can eat and shop here in the atmosphere of a 200 year old market district. The morning market is also nearby and there are lots of local handicrafts, fruits and other foods. Following lunch in the area, we will get on the bus and head to Shirakawa-go, the historical village with the traditional thatched-roof houses. You will be able to see stunning views of the town from above, go inside one of the homes and learn about village life and have time to enjoy the town by yourselves.


A short distance from Takayama city is this area of unrivaled beauty and splendor. The tour started from Takayama Station before arriving at the Hida Limestone Caves. The dramatic stalactite and stalagmite formations that have formed over the centuries are entrancing. The stop is the Okuhida Bear Park, where you can see bear in a safe environment up close. You can watch their playful antics and even feed them as well. The final part of the tour is the journey up the mountain. You will get on the spectacular Shinhotaka Ropeway with the Central Japanese Alps as your background. When you get to the end you can enjoy the area and exploration deck at your own leisure!


If you are enchanted by both cultural heritage and natural beauty, our Cultural Heritage & Kamikochi Tour from Takayama is perfect for you. Starting from Takayama Station, you will take one of our tour buses to Hida no Sato, an open-air museum showcasing traditional thatched-roof houses and historic structures. Here, you will immerse yourself in the rich history and rural life of Japan. After exploring the village, you will head to the Squirrel Forest to interact with friendly squirrels in a serene forest setting. Finally, you will journey to Kamikochi to walk along the scenic Azusa River, cross the picturesque Kappa Bridge, and enjoy the stunning alpine scenery. Relax and enjoy your day through leisurely strolls in the refreshing nature, surrounded by the towering peaks of the Japanese Alps.


Kamikochi sits in the middle of the mountains and is accessible from the west from Takayama and also from the east. The eastern route comes form Matsumoto, another city with a long and storied history. This tour starts from Matsumoto as you see the city’s most impressive site, Matsumoto Castle. It is one of Japan’s 12 original castles and is famous for its black color, wooden interior and interesting stories. You will also get a chance to walk along the Kaeru Michi or Frog Street that has over 50 shops, restaurants and cafes that sell many different products that may pique your interest. After a morning full of history culture and tradition, the afternoon will take you to see the relaxing and pristine environment of Kamikochi. Enjoy a walk along a clear mountain river as you drink in the stunning mountains around you. Some of the bridges and walkways are are unique and deepen the feeling of being on a true adventure.


The Northern Japanese Alps feature scenery that seems like it is straight out of a nature documentary. From Spring to Autumn, the area has something different but equally spectacular for each season. In spring the snow wall, which can reach 20 meters(about 65 feet) is a marvel, and the top of the mountain is a snow covered wonderland. From June most of the snow melts and leaves the beautiful Alpine scenery. Fall dyes the mountains in brilliant yellows, oranges and reds. On the Snow Wall Tour, you will start at Nagano Station(or Hotel Kokusai 21) and get on one of our buses to the beginning of the Alpine Route, Ogizawa. It is from this station that you will ascend the mountain by a variety of methods. There is a trolley bus, cable car and ropeway. All of them provide excellent views, especially the Tateyama Ropeway, which is 1700 meters long. The final destination of the tour is Murodo. At this peak we will walk along the snow walls and then explore the snow fields where you can catch good views or even have a snowball fight.


Continuing further east from Matsumoto is the city of Nagano, another city with a long history as a temple town and more recently as the site of the winter Olympics in 1998. This tour is our company’s most popular tour as it visits Zenkoji Temple in Nagano City and then the famous snow monkeys in the mountains nearby the city. The tour starts at Nagano Station before getting on a short bus ride to Zenkoji Temple. The city was historically a temple town and Zenkoji Temple is still visited by millions to this day. Learn about the history of the temple, the city and religion in Japan at this important religious site. Following the temple is a sake tasting where you can try many variety of sake, fruit sakes and juices. Next is lunch which is at a restaurant across the street from the temple. Enjoy a delicious modern take on traditional Japanese food.

The final part of the tour will see you headed to the Snow Monkey Park. There is a short hike before arriving at the valley where the monkeys live. Especially during the winter, the monkeys come down out of the mountains to eat, take baths in the onsen and play around. It really is a surreal experience to be around so many monkeys just living their lives in such beautiful scenery.



Our company also multiday tours so it is even easier to plan your trips. You can of course mix and match the tours but the tours below are our curated tours to help you discover Central Japan without as much stress. These tours keep expanding so check back in for more in the future!


This tour cuts through central Japan to get a good mix of spectacular nature and and traditional culture and architecture. This tour starts in Nagano City and will first head with your guide to Zenkoji Temple, a temple visited by millions every year and has been around for hundreds of years. After enjoying a sake tasting, you will have lunch in a restaurant across from the temple. After getting your fill, you will get on the bus and head to the Snow Monkey Park to see the monkeys in their natural environment. They are most active in winter where they come down from the mountains to eat, play and soak in the onsen. You will end the day at your hotel in Nagano City

Day 2 of the tour will have you get on a tour bus again and go to Matsumoto City. Today you will be using our charter without a guide. This city has along and rich history and is most famous for its stunning black castle. It is one of 12 original castles in Japan so you can really feel the history as you walk through the wooden structure. After walking through and enjoying the Kaeru Michi or “Frog Street”, you will have lunch at the Ishii Miso Brewery following a short tour.

The final leg of Day 2 finishes in Takayama, where you can explore the well-preserved and beautiful old town. The city is also perfectly located for those who want to continue on to Shirakawa-go or other famous locations in Central Japan.

As you will end in Takayama, there are many other tours that you can just hop on from there. We offer a number of regional tours that showcase different parts of the area. There are tours that focus on history, culture and even nature! If you want to learn more about the itineraries of the tours themselves, clicking on the tour blocks below.


The “see it all” type of tour for all of Central Japan’s best and most famous attractions. You will unrivaled views, beautiful traditional architecture and cultural experiences that will last a life time. This is the ultimate tour that not only brings you from place to place but also has a local guide giving you their in depth knowledge of the region, culture and Japan as a whole. Day 1 starts at Nagano Station and in the morning goes to Zenkoji Temple, a sake tasting and lunch at a restaurant nearby the temple. After lunch you will get on a bus and go into the mountains to the Snow Monkey Park. Here you walk around and see the monkeys eat, play and take a dip in the onsen. Your best chances to see them is in the colder months when they come down from the mountains more frequently. You will end the day in Nagano City.

The next day starts again from Nagano Station but you will hop on the tour bus to Matsumoto City. The city is where you will go inside one of 12 original castle in Japan, Matsumoto Castle. After walking through a Kaeru Michi or ” Frog Street” with its many shops, you will get on the bus again. A short ride awaits you to the spectacular scenery of Kamikochi. You will have an opportunity to walk along a beautiful and clear river under the majestic Alpine mountains. The day will end in Takayama City and the journey continues.

Day 3 starts from Takayama Station and you will walk to the Takayama Jinya. This building was the center of Shogunal government in this region directly controlled. After touring the building, you will walk through the old merchant street with many traditional buildings from the Edo period. There will also be time to check out the morning market. After lunch you will get on the tour bus and head to the next spot, Shirakawa-go. One of the most famous sites in Japan, the traditional thatched-roof houses are truly atmospheric. You will get a chance to get a nice overhead view of the village before walking through the village itself. There are shops, cafes, and restaurants in some of the houses. You will also get the chance to go inside one that displays many of the tools used in times past. After some free time, you will get on the bus again and head to Kanazawa for the night.

The final day of the tour starts from Kanazawa Station as we set off to see all the major sights of the city. The first stop is to go inside a warriors house from the Edo Period, followed by a stroll through Nagamachi, the samurai district. Next is Oyama Shrine, which has a tower at its entrance with a unique mixture of western and Japanese styles. After passing through the shrine grounds you will enter the outer walls of the castle. There is a garden here and you will have the opportunity to have matcha and sweets while looking over the pleasant Japanese style garden. The last stop before lunch is the inner part of Kanazawa castle. Once lunch is finished you take a walk through Kenrokuen, considered one of the best Japanese gardens in the country. Finally, you will enter the Higashi-Chayamachi District the former tea house/geisha culture. You will get a chance to go into one of the original tea houses built over 200 years.

Returning back to Kanazawa Station will be the end of this “Ultimate Tour” of Central Japan. You will have seen so many varieties of nature, culture and tradition. You can continue exploring Kanazawa or head to your next wonderful destination.

As you will end in Kanazawa, there are many other tours that you can just hop on from there. We offer a number of regional tours that showcase different parts of the area. There are tours that focus on history, culture and even nature! If you want to learn more about the itineraries of the tours themselves, click on the tour blocks below.



There are many great locations in Central Japan so why not combine them together? This section has a selection of some of our tours that you have already read about above and interesting ways to combine them. One of the greatest benefits of these tours is the transportation. You can relax and enjoy the tour as you travel across the region and finish in a city where you can continue your trip easily. The selection of tours is ever expanding so check back for more later or inquire with us if you are interested in something specific!

3 Day Best of Kanazawa Itinerary / All year around

7 Day Around Kanazawa Itinerary / All year round & seasonal



A short blast through Kanazawa and some famous sites around it. You will get a good balance of nature, history and culture with some hands-on experiences. This is a good start to get a feel for what Kanazawa and the greater region offers.

Day 1 – Kanazawa City
Day 2 – Shirakawa-go, Gokayama and Inami
Day 3 – Takaoka

Day 1 – Kanazawa / Hotel: Kanazawa City

Kanazawa city has a depth of cultural traditions not found elsewhere in Japan. Try your hand at making plates with gold leaf, creating Japanese sweets and throwing ninja stars. There is something for everyone on this deep dive into the city.

Day 2 – Takaoka / Hotel: Kanazawa

A city with two Japan Cultural Heritage Site temples, Zuiryuji and Shokoji and a long history as a center of metalworking, Takaoka is an often passed over location. It also has a large Buddha and spectacular views of the Northern Japan Alps from across the Toyama Bay.

Day 3 – Shirakawa-go, Gokayama & Inami / Hotel: Kanazawa

The mountains east of Kanazawa have many excellent villages to visit such as Inami, a village of master wood carvers. Here you can see the Japan Heritage site of Zuisenji and its wooden dragons. Gokayama and Shirakawa-go are world famous for their thatched-roof houses and you can go inside and learn more about the lives of the villagers in the past. You can also choose to end the tour in Takayama.

That’s all for the 3 day itinerary! From here you can head to many destinations in about 2 hours such as Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo, Takayama, Nagano, etc. There is so much to do if you dig deep enough, so spend as much time as you need getting to know this lesser traveled region.

8 DAY ITINERARY AROUND KANAZAWA / All year round & seasonal


This tour goes a bit deeper and really explores the region as a whole. You will get a feel for the history and culture of this diverse area in Kanazawa, Takayama and Eiheiji Temple. If you’re more into nature then Kurobe Gorge and Shinhotaka are perfect! The Shirakawa-go and Takaoka tours mix both and are relatively close but jam packed with stuff to do.

Day 1 – Kanazawa City
Day 2 – Takaoka
Day 3 – Eiheiji Temple & Fukui City
Day 4 – Shirakawa-go, Gokayama & Inami
Day 5 – Takayama
Day 6 – Shinhotaka
Day 7 – Gujo
Day 8 – Takayama to Nagoya

Day 1 – Kanazawa / Hotel: Kanazawa City

Walk through history and experience samurai houses, tea houses and gardens that were actually used in those days. There are plenty of places to sip matcha tea, learn traditional crafts and dive deep into the history of the city, region and Japan itself.

Day 2 – Takaoka / Hotel: Kanazawa

A city with two Japan Cultural Heritage Site temples, Zuiryuji and Shokoji and a long history as a center of metalworking, Takaoka is an often passed over location. It also has a large Buddha and spectacular views of the Northern Japan Alps from across the Toyama Bay.

Day 3 – Eiheiji Temple & Fukui City / Hotel: Kanazawa

Fukui is another town often looked over by tourist but it is a city with nice castle walls, a rainbow shrine and a hill with a thousand years of history. The real highlight of the area is Eiheiji, a Zen Buddhist head temple that expertly has blended traditional architecture with the surrounding nature.

Day 4 – Shirakawa-go, Gokayama & Inami / Hotel: Kanazawa

The mountains east of Kanazawa have many excellent villages to visit such as Inami, a village of master wood carvers. Here you can see the Japan Heritage site of Zuisenji and its wooden dragons. Gokayama and Shirakawa-go are world famous for their thatched-roof houses and you can go inside and learn more about the lives of the villagers in the past.

Day 5 – Takayama / Hotel: Takayama

Takayama has many famous spots and many traditional buildings preserved from the Edo period. Take a tour of the former Shogunal government buildings, the Takayama Jinya, walk through the former old town and shop for unique local souvenirs and goods. Don’t forget to check out the Takayama Festival Museum to learn about this great event that happens twice a year.

Day 6 – Shinhotaka / Hotel: Takayama

Explore the deep mountains of the Central Japan Alps on this full day day tour. There are deep caves with nice lighting, a nature park where you can see bear and a ropeway that brings you to the top of a mountain with spectacular views of the region. When you get back to Takayama, hop on the train to Toyama City to make it easy to get on the next tour.

Day 7 – Gujo / Hotel: Takayama

An old castle town in the mountains, surrounded by mountains and filled with tradition. Enter a wooden castle with a nice view of the town, learn about the UNESCO registered festival and try making hyper-realistic replica food, a specialty of Gujo. Explore the culture of an old castle town not often visited by travelers.

Day 8 – Takayama to Nagoya / Hotel: Nagoya

After 7 days in Kanazawa and Takayama, you will have seen most of the major attractions in the area! There is of course more if you want to go deeper and Nagoya is excellent base for either further exploration of getting to many other parts of Japan. It is any easy direct train from Takayama to Nagoya that takes about two and a half hours so its a perfect time to edit pictures, plan your next move or simply relax. We hope you enjoyed your time in Central Japan and have fun with the rest of your trip!




If you are looking for transportation to/from major destinations, our company is happy to help! Our buses are based in Nagano City and have vehicles that suitable for single travelers, couples, families and groups of up to 45 people. Click the button below to browse some of our popular charters and to inquire directly.


In addition to providing transportation, we can also accommodate your tour needs by providing guides with the itinerary of your choice. If there are tours that you want us to conduct or if you want to adjust our current tours to your needs, feel free to contact us. There are a number of private tours already on our website that allow you to enjoy our tours without the stress of having to worry about other guests, so check those out, too. Click on the button below to make an inquiry.


No matter where you go or how you go, I hope you enjoy the culture, traditions and beauty of Central Japan. We look forward to seeing you on a tour in the future!



There is no shortage of accommodation in the city ranging from luxury hotels, mid-range to budget, and extending to traditional ‘ryokan’ (guesthouses) and youth hostels. A large number of hotels can be found in and around the station while the areas around Kenrokuen Garden and Kanazawa Castle Park along with the Higashi Chaya and Asano River has some excellent traditional guesthouses and restaurants. Our ‘Best Places to Stay in Kanazawa’ page includes everything you need to know, including accommodation listings, to find the right hotel or guesthouse for you.

Kanazawa & Fukui