Located only a few minutes walk from both the Snow Monkey Park Bus Stop and the entry of the Snow Monkey Park Trail, Hotarutei is a lunch and dinner restaurant located in a faithfully renovated 170 year old Japanese mansion.

The 2-story traditional building has been refurbished and renovated in such a way as to keep the original structure with its massive beams and pillars intact. Modern amenities such as heated floors, atmospheric lighting, and comfortable tables and chairs have also been added. Hotarutei has private chambers for those looking for exclusivity as well as a spacious room with various tables overlooking the garden.


Hotarutei offers a variety of different course meals, with lunch offerings including sushi made with various kinds of fish and paired with a number of sides made with local vegetables and hot pot depending on the course you choose. For dinner, a similar menu is available, including sushi and a variety of vegetables, meats, and side dishes carefully prepared and presented in the pleasing manner typical of a traditional Japanese dinner. Vegetarian, gluten-free, and allergen-free options are also available upon request.

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Hotarutei is also equipped with a spacious parking lot that may be used by paying customers. As it can fit large buses as well, Hotarutei is a great place to use for tour groups who are looking for lunch around the Snow Monkey Park.


Hotarutei is located around 35KM / 50-minutes to the north-east of central Nagano City. Serving delicious meals and drinks to both day trippers and overnight guests visiting the Monkey Park area, Hotarutei is a great place to stop in and make your visit that much more special. When heading to Hotarutei using public transport, it will be easiest to do so from Nagano Station, from where an express bus runs directly to the Snow Monkey Park Bus Stop. Alternatively, you can take the Nagano Dentetsu railway to Yudanaka Station – the nearest train station to the restaurant and Monkey Park – and from there, take a local bus to the Snow Monkey Park Bus Stop. Both options take around 50 to 55-minutes in total to reach the restaurant. From the bus stop, it is only a very short walk up the hill, where Hotarutei will be easily visible on the right side of the road. Hotarutei is located in the small hot spring village of Kanbayashi Onsen, which itself is located in the wider region of Yamanouchi – a region including the park, multiple hot spring villages, Shiga Kogen Ski Resort, the smaller ski resorts of Kita-Shiga Kogen and Joshinetsu Kogen National Park.


For high quality, traditional Japanese cuisine, Hotarutei is at the top of its class in the area. Serving both course meals and walk-in sets, each ingredient and flavor is carefully considered by the chef to achieve a harmonious flavor profile. Many of the vegetables used are grown in the local area, and all of the ingredients are produced in Japan. Please see below for some examples of the available course meals (by reservation only):

Pictured above is the A Lunch Course, the most standard course available for lunch. The course contains sushi, tempura, onsen tamago (eggs cooked in hot spring water), multiple varieties of appetizer, and more! Miso soup is also served, and provides the perfect way to warm up on a cold day.

For those who are looking for something more substantial, the above B Lunch Course demands consideration. With sushi, sashimi, hot pot, salad, and a variety of side dishes and appetizers, this course contains enough food to power you on your walk up to the monkey park – or to recuperate on the way back down!

The dinner courses are of course more extravagant and include dessert and a small glass of alcohol in addition to sushi, sashimi, appetizers, tempura, hot pot, and more. Pictured above is the Nagano Seasonal Delight Course, and as the name implies its specific ingredients change based on what is in season at the time.

Additionally, please see below for some examples of the lunch and dinner sets (available for walk-ins):

Pictured above is the Steamed Local Beef & Vegetable Set.

Pictured above is the Sushi Kaiseki.

There are even more menu items available than what has been introduced above. For more information and to make a reservation, please click the “Official Site” button below.


The interior of Hotarutei is spacious and chic, suitable for hosting large or small groups and always pleasing to the eye. At over 170 years old, it maintains a dignified and historical air, with all of the decorations and features typical of a luxurious Japanese house of that time period. The gardens surrounding the building are also visible from most of the tables and provide a great scenery to look over while enjoying a tasty meal.

Seating is also available on the second story, allowing you to get closer to the impressive beams and rafters which adorn the ceiling. There are a large number of tables here as well, and the configuration can be altered to fit the needs of almost any group.

Private rooms are also available, allowing for your party to have their own space to relax and enjoy the food. Please let the restaurant know if you would like a private room when making your booking.



It is likely that if you are coming to Hotarutei, you will also be visiting the Snow Monkey Park located only 1.7 kilometers away. Fortunately, we have a number of tours and charters which include a meal at Hotarutei, and even combination overnight stay and tour packages for those in need of accommodation. Please continue reading below for descriptions of each option available.

This tour package starts with our popular 1-day tour of Zenkoji Temple and the Snow Monkey Park. With sake tasting and lunch on the first day included, the stage will be completely set for you to have a great time in Nagano. Upon arriving at the Snow Monkey Park area in the afternoon, your guide will help you check in at Hotarutei after you have seen the Snow Monkeys, and there you will say your goodbyes before being shown to your own private villa by the Hotarutei Staff. Dinner on that night and breakfast the next morning will of course be included, and you will even have your own private onsen attached to your villa. After checkout on the next day, our private bus will pick you up from Hotarutei and bring you to Nagano Station where the tour will conclude.

If you already have your accommodation decided but still wish to try Hotarutei’s cuisine, this private tour is our recommendation to you. Starting with a trip to the Monkey Park followed by lunch at Hotarutei, this tour then takes you to the charming town of Obuse and the ancient Zenkoji Temple in the cultural heart of Nagano City. Pick up from other locations than Nagano City is also possible – for more options, please see our TOURS page.


Finally, if transport to and from the Monkey Park is all your group is in need of, our fleet of vehicles and team of well trained drivers are ready to charter you to wherever you would like to go. Particularly cost effective for large groups, we can include lunch at Hotarutei and Monkey Park Tickets in your quote as well as transport to other locations of interest around the area. Please contact us for more information about pricing and availability.

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From Yudanaka Station:Take the bus to either Kanbayashi Onsen or the Snow Monkey Park bus stop. The restaurant is less than 5 minutes from either bus stop.


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