Bikura is a restaurant right in the city center of Nagano. You can find it on the 10th floor across from Nagano Station. Because of the height, it has some of the most spectacular views over the city of Nagano and the surrounding mountains.


The restaurant is like a modern sort of Izakaya or Japanese bar-style. There are some tatami seats so you’d have to take off your shoes, but also normal tables so you can keep your shoes on. You order items on the menu by selecting the item of choice on a tablet (which has an English option).


The food and drinks served all have local Shinshu influences as the dishes and beverages are made by local produce and recipes. Fried soba, yakitori, local whiskey and plum wine are all popular things on the menu.

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16:30 ~ 23:00

Get out of the Zenko-ji exit of Nagano Station and cross the intersection next to the footbridge. The West Plaza building (which houses a Don Quijote amongst others) is right in front of you. Take the elevator to the 10th floor where you will see Bikura as soon as you step out off the elevator.