Japan Adventure Travel: Hot Air Ballooning, Hang-Gliding & Paragliding

Japan Adventure Travel: Hot Air Ballooning, Hang-Gliding & Paragliding


For anyone who has tried it, taking to the skies is a unique and memorable way to get a different perspective on the world and a true adventure travel experience. On this page you will find the following:

1 / Experience Japan from the Sky

2 / Hot Air Ballooning

3 / Hang-Gliding

4 / Paragliding

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While Japan is best-known for its sprawling cities, it might surprise you that a significant amount of the country is undeveloped – with around seventy percent of the Japan considered mountainous. Much of that land has minimal development due to the threat of earthquakes and landslides blessing the country with beautiful forests and mountains to be enjoyed freely – and often within easy reach of the major cities.


Experiencing the diverse landscapes of Japan from above is offers travelers some of the most enjoyable and dynamic adventure travel activities. The open spaces of Central Japan make it an ideal destination when looking to take to the air with many of the region’s ski resorts offering airborne activities from spring through to autumn.



Typically available from spring until autumn when the weather is at its most stable, hot air ballooning is a fantastic way for travelers of all ages to take to the skies to enjoy views of Japan from above. Well-suited for families, couples and groups of friends, ballooning is a leisurely travel adventure experience that doesn’t take long or require any physical exertion. For visitors heading to Central Japan, hot air ballooning can be enjoyed in:


Available from the end of April until early November, hot air ballooning in Hakuba is a great way to enjoy the beauty of the valley and the dramatic North Japan Alps. Ballooning takes place in the morning, allowing guests to enjoy the majesty of the mountains in the crisp morning light. Guests of any age can choose to take part and no specialist gear is required. The balloons operate from the Hakuba Ski Jumping Stadium car park no.6. The operators request that all guests are their at least 10 minutes prior to their time, with the entire experience taking around 20 minutes – see website for full details.



A popular sport throughout the world, hang-gliding can also be enjoyed in Japan with multiple areas, mostly outside the major cities, offering the best chance to enjoy it. Hang-giding in tandem with an experienced and certified instructor allows first-timers to immediately take to the air and experience the beauty of the Japanese landscape below.

We apologise that at this time we do not have any hang-gliding activities to offer however we hope to update this information shortly.



Similarly, paragliding allows travelers to take to the air, suspended in a harness below a fabric wing. Controlled by cables attaching the harness to the wing, paragliding provides a dynamic way to travelers to soar above the landscape and enjoy some truly fantastic views.

We apologise that at this time we do not have any paragliding activities to offer however we hope to update this information shortly.



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