Tokyo Disney Resort / Maihama Station Area

Tokyo Disney Resort / Maihama Station Area

Visitors intending to spend a lot of time at Tokyo’s Disneyland and Disney Sea, especially those with young children, might like to consider staying in or nearby the resort. There are official hotels in the resort with many other options in the area immediately around the resort, offering a good range of accommodation in the Maihama Station area.


Hotel chains including Hyatt, Hilton Sheraton and others all have a presence in the area. Prices can be high given the proximity to the resort however mid-range hotels are also available.


If you are looking to stay at an official hotel inside the resort, make sure to book in advance as they are always popular. The resort/Maihama Station are around 20-minutes by train from Tokyo Station. While this doesn’t sound far, if you are traveling with children and will be making multiple trips to Disney, then it’s worth considering staying in the area. Given the range of excellent hotels with a presence there, you certainly have plenty to choose from.

Tokyo Disney Resort / Maihama Station Area