Shikoku: Tokushima City Area

Shikoku: Tokushima City Area

Tokushima is the largest city in Tokushima Prefecture and another point of entry and exit to Shikoku. Connected to the main island of Honshu via the Onaruto Bridge, Awajima and the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge, Tokushima can be reached by car in around 90 minutes from Kobe. The city of Tokushima is fairly unremarkable – though its ‘Awa Odori’ dance festival, the most famous and largest dance festival in dance, stands-out as a notable exception – however it is a convenient point from where to explore the many attractions of Tokushima Prefecture and wider island of Shikoku. Given its position as an access point to the island there are plenty of mid-size to large hotels, including economical business hotels, located around Tokushima Station. If you are heading to Tokushima to enjoy the festival, make sure to book your accommodation well in advance.


Tokushima is a major access point for Shikoku, with the Onaruto Bridge connecting it to the island of Awajima and onto Kobe and Osaka. As such, Tokushima can be reached by car or express bus services, with ferry services also connecting it to Wakayama on Honshu and as far away as Tokyo. Visitors traveling by train can get to Tokushima in 60 minutes / JPY2670 using the Limited Express 'Uzushio' from Takamatsu Station while local services take around 140 minutes / JPY1470. The city is also serviced by Tokushima Airport


Shikoku: Tokushima City Area