Shin-Yokohama Station Area

Shin-Yokohama Station Area

Located to the south-west to central Tokyo, Yokoyama is good alternative to staying in the capital yet remaining very nearby. Yokoyama itself is a popular place to live for the lifestyle it affords while also boasting some attractions of interest of international visitors. The city’s Chinatown is the largest and most famous in Japan, attracting countless visitors every day. The area is vibrant and boast numerous stores and restaurants, particularly colourful and busy in February for Chinese New Year. Sankeien garden is one Japan’s most famous while the popular neighbourhood of Minato Marai 21 and Big Wharf (Osanbashi Pier) highlight the city’s modern and energetic character.


Needless to say, as one of Japan’s major metropolitan areas, Yokohama has plenty to offer in terms of accommodation. Staying in the Shin-Yokohama Station area is a great option for international visitors. As a stop on the Tokaido Shinkansen Line running from Tokyo Station to Nagoya and onto Kyoto and Osaka, the area is exceptionally convenient and offers plenty to see and do.

Shin-Yokohama Station Area