Shibuya Station Area

Shibuya Station Area

For international visitors, Shibuya is likely to be one area of Tokyo they have heard of before arriving and for that reason, many choose to stay there. The area around Shibuya Station has a lot of common with Shinjuku with lots of shopping, dining, entertainment and accommodation in and around one of Tokyo’s major train stations. Shibuya tends to divide opinion. With a lot of construction taking place over recent years it’s been a bit of mess and always congested, with a thriving culture and lots going on. For that reason some people love it while others can’t wait to escape.


There are plenty of hotels in the area from luxury to mid-range and budget. Shibuya retains a slightly more youthful character than Shinjuku and remains a driving force the contemporary culture and trends of the city. For that reason there are some cheaper options available catering to a younger crowd but on the whole, because of its convenience, accommodation in Shibuya is often expensive. As a station on the Yamanote Line that circles through Tokyo, basing yourself in Shibuya makes exploring the massive expanse of Tokyo as easy as it will get however, it’s important to note that it does not have a shinkansen line or direct services to the airports. If that is important and you want to avoid tackling Tokyo trains with your luggage, the areas around Tokyo Station / Marunouchi or Shinjuku Station will be  a better option.

Shibuya Station Area