Shibu Onsen Area

Shibu Onsen Area

Located between Yudanaka Onsen and the Jigokudani Monkey Park, Shibu Onsen boasts at 1300-year history and numerous guesthouses. Most have their own in-house onsen and many even have their own source, making their water and claimed healing properties unique to that guesthouse. While Shibu is showing its age, its laneways, historic buildings and nine ‘public’ bathhouses imbue the town with loads of charm.


Most guesthouse also offer both dinner and breakfast, Shibu Onsen has some excellent restaurants and a couple of welcoming bars. Most famously, Shibu has nine ‘public’ onsen reserved for use by hotel guests and local residents – with each bathhouse claiming unique healing properties.


From Shibu Onsen, guests can take the local bus – under 5 minutes – or walk – between 20 to 30 minutes – to the monkey park. Many guesthouses will also offer to transport guests to and from the park. Local buses also run to and from Shiga Kogen Ski Resort and Joshinetsu Kogen National Park while buses from nearby Yudanaka Station will get you to the ski resorts of Kita-Shiga Kogen. Shibu Onsen boasts the greatest concentration of guesthouses in the wider Yamanouchi Area. Always enjoyable, staying during the winter peak season, during the summer holidays and festivals, and for the autumn leaves are when Shibu really comes into its own.


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Under 5-minutes by car or bus from the Jigokudani Monkey Park. The park can also be reached on-foot within 20 to 30 minutes

From Nagano Station, take the Nagano Dentetsu (Nagaden) Railway to Yudanaka Station - 45 minutes / JPY1290. Once at Yudanaka, a local bus or taxi onto Shibu Onsen - under 5 minutes - or walk - around 20 minutes from the station

Shibu Onsen Area