Kyoto: Sanjo Station Area

Kyoto: Sanjo Station Area

More commonly referred to as the ‘Higashiyama’ area of the city, the area around Sanjo Station boasts some of Kyoto’s most famous attractions. The area is quite large therefore it’s useful to split it into two sections in terms of planning your visit – firstly, northern Higashiyama around Sanjo Station and southern Higashiyama around Kiyomizu-Gojo Station.


The Sanjo Station Area includes some of Kyoto’s most famous temples including Nazen-ji and Ginkaku-ji, excellent museums and galleries along with fantastic dining; with Nijo Castle and Kyoto Imperial Palace in central Kyoto also within easy walking distance of the station. There is plenty of high-end accommodation in the area including the Hyatt Regency Kyoto and many ‘ryokan’ (traditional guesthouses). Given the historic importance of the area and its huge popularity, prices are high with the most popular hotels and guesthouses booking-out well in advance. When booking accommodation in Higashiyama, whether you do so around Sanjo Station or Kiyomizu-Gojo Station, it is worth noting that you might need to take yourself back to Kyoto Station if you want to visit some of the sites around Arashiyama and other parts of the city – see our ‘Kyoto Station Area’ hotel page for accommodation options in that part of the city.