Narita Airport Area

Narita Airport Area

Visitors flying in and out of Narita Airport have a choice to hotels in and around the airport. While there are only a small number of hotels inside the airport itself, the broader Narita area has multiple hotels within easy reach of the airport with some offering shuttle services to and from the terminals.


Most hotels are mid-sized to large business hotels catering to arrivals and departures from the airport, with the standard facilities and comforts you’d expect of any business hotel in Japan. While rooms are often small, they are comfortable, quiet and clean with many hotels offering in-house restaurants or within easy walking distance of eateries.


The area around Narita Station has many hotels and a good range of restaurants and bars for guests wanting to head-out for a meal. Guests staying in this area can also enjoy the historic area around Naritasan Shin-shoji Temple including Narita Omotesando, a long and winding street of traditional eateries, stores and vendors.

Narita Airport Area