Mt Fuji (Fujisan) Station Area

Mt Fuji (Fujisan) Station Area

As a stop on the Fujikyu Railway Line and sitting within close proximity of the eastern slopes of the mountain, the area around Mt Fuji (Fujisan) Station is a convenient place to base yourself, especially for visitors intending to climb. Bus services run from the station to the Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station – one of the most popular points from where to climb the mountain, while the always popular Fuji-Q Highland amusement park is also within easy reach of Mt Fuji (Fujisan) Station.


The area around the station has a good range of accommodation ranging from large hotels to traditional guesthouses, with options to suit all budgets. Only one stop away from Kawaguchiko Station, the area is also within close proximity of the most developed and visited of Fuji’s five lakes, with Kawaguchiko known for its beautiful views of the mountain which is often reflected on the lake surface on tranquil days. Visitors prioritising the best views of the mountain from their accommodation should consider staying in the Kawaguchi Lake (Kawaguchiko) Onsen area however for those heading up the mountain, to Fuji-Q Highland or wanting more dining and options in a built-up area, staying in this area is a good option.


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Accommodation is spread-out in the area surrounding Mt Fuji (Fujisan) Station. Depending on where you are staying, hotels and guesthouses can be reached on foot, by bus or by taxi. Some hotels and guesthouses will also offer shuttle services to and from the station


Mt Fuji (Fujisan) Station Area