Kyoto: Kyoto Station Area

Kyoto: Kyoto Station Area

Located in the centre of the city, the area around Kyoto Station is one of the most convenient, if not the most convenient, places to stay. As a stop on the Tokaido Shinkansen line running from Osaka to Tokyo, the station is one of the major travel hubs in the region with lines also including the Limited Express Thunderbird to Fukui and Kanazawa and the Limited Express Haruka to Kansai International Airport. Local train lines and bus services run to and from the station to most of the cities attractions including its many famous temples, shrines and pagodas. The station’s large tourist information centre has English and other foreign language-speaking staff, making it an ideal base from where to explore Japan’s most historic city.


The station itself is large, modern and well-designed, making it pleasant to spend time in. There are plenty of accommodation choices in the area along with excellent dining and shopping. Prices around the station tend to be high with multiple high-end to mid-range hotels in the vicinity. Obviously the further you move away from the station that you move, prices begin to drop however so does convenience and ease of access to the many attractions of the city.


Kyoto Station is the city's main transport hub with train and bus services to Kyoto's most famous attractions. From the station, the time to each attraction varies greatly depending on distance and the type of service but typically ranges from 10 to 45-minutes. The station is by far the most convenient starting point when wanting to see all of the city's most famous temples, shrines and pagodas


Kyoto: Kyoto Station Area