Kusatsu Onsen Area

Kusatsu Onsen Area

Regularly cited as one of Japan’s best hot spring towns, Kusatsu Onsen is home to many hotels and guesthouses. Blessed with the largest volume of flowing thermal water in Japan, the volcanic water of Kusatsu is known for its heat and curative properties.


A visit to Kusatsu reveals a dramatic yet beautiful landscape. Located in Gunma Prefecture, Kusatsu places you nearby several other fantastic onsen towns, the attractions of the Joshinetsu Kogen National Park including Shiga Kogen, and many other unique destinations in Nagano and Central Japan.


As one of Japan’s most famous hot spring towns, it’s worth booking well in advance when traveling on weekends and public holidays including summer (August) and over the New Year period.


During winter: approx. 160 min via Nagano Station / Outside of winter: 75 min dirve.

From the park: outside of winter the Kusatsu-Shiga Kogen Route is open and connects the monkey park and Kusatsu Onsen in around 75 minutes. Closed in winter, you need to take the train from Yudanaka Station - 45 min - to Nagano Station and take the Hokuriku Shinkansen - 30 min - to Karuizawa Station. From Karuizawa, regular daily bus services connect to Kusatsu Onsen - taking around 80 min.


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Kusatsu Onsen Area