Nara: Kintetsu-Nara Station Area

Nara: Kintetsu-Nara Station Area

Kintetsu Nara Station is the closest train station to Nara’s most famous attractions. From the station it takes less than 10-minutes to walk into Nara Park, famous for its many deer and sites including Kofuku-ji, Todai-ji – Japan’s largest temple – and its immense seated Buddha, Nara National Museum and Kusuga Grand Shrine.


There is a wide range of accommodation in the immediate area of the station including some fantastic ‘ryokan’ (traditional guesthouses), high-end hotels along with mid-range and budget accommodation. Options also include a good number of self-contained apartments allowing for comfortable stays. As a much smaller city, Nara doesn’t have as many large hotels catering to international visitors however you shouldn’t have trouble finding something to match your needs – for accommodation options around nearby JR Nara Station, see our ‘JR Nara Station Area’ hotel page.


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Kintetsu-Nara Station is the closest train station to the most famous/popular attractions of the city. Attractions including Kofuku-ji, Todai-ji, Kasuga Grand Shrine, Nara National Museum and surrounding Nara Park are all within easy walking distance of the city. To reach Kintetsu-Nara Station from the nearby starting points of Kyoto and Osaka typically takes between 40 to 50-minutes depending on which service you chose. Getting to JR Nara Station from JR Nara Station by train takes time, so should you need to switch between the two, it's best to walk - between 10 to 15-minutes - or take a bus or taxi - 5 to 10-minutes


Nara: Kintetsu-Nara Station Area