Kagoshima: Satsuma Peninsula Area

Kagoshima: Satsuma Peninsula Area

Satsuma Peninsula is a large area lying to the south of Kagoshima City with multiple attractions including the Chiran samurai district – one of Japan’s most picturesque and best-preserved samurai areas – along with the hot springs and sand baths of Ibusuki, the beauty of Cape Nagsakibana and other fantastic destinations.

There’s plenty of accommodation spread throughout the peninsula with the largest concentration of hotels and guesthouses found in the hot spring area of Ibusuki. Famous for its sand baths – in which bathers are buried in naturally-heated sand – Ibusuki is an ideal area to base yourself from where to explore all of Satsuma’s attractions. Given the size of the peninsula and lack of convenient public transport, Satsuma is an area best explored by car.

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Satsuma Peninsula is best-explored by car with most destinations within 50 to 70 minutes drive of Kagoshima City. Alternatively, the popular hot spring area of Ibusuki can be reached by train from Kagoshima-chuo Station in around 60 minutes


Kagoshima: Satsuma Peninsula