Senjukaku is Renowned for its Traditional ‘Kaiseki’ (Multi-course) Meal Serivce

Senjukaku is Renowned for its Traditional ‘Kaiseki’ (Multi-course) Meal Serivce

Exemplifying the best of traditional Japanese service and comfort, Senjukaku offers guests an outstanding experience in all regards. Among its many highlights, the hotel’s ‘kaiseki’ meal service is renowned as one of the best dining experiences in Nagano – one so popular that the Japanese Royal Family regularly travels to Senjukaku specifically to enjoy its ‘kaiseki’ dining.


While many international visitors to Japan have heard the term ‘kaiseki’, the exact meaning is often less well understood. That is for good reason. Kaiseki refers to a multi—course meal service which uses seasonal and often local ingredients to create a unique menu, as designed by the head chef.

For that reason, not only is there fantastic variation between kaiseki menus from restaurant to restaurant, kaiseki dining will varying greatly at the same restaurant or hotel between seasons. Each chef strives to serve their guests with the best possible ingredients and intricate dishes that profile their region and its unique cuisines and flavors, in each season.

Senjukaku’s kaiseki meal service is known as an outstanding dining experience – one of the best in Nagano. Dinner features nine dishes including appetizers followed by a soup, ‘sashimi’ and then various simmered, steamed and grilled dishes. The menu changes from season to season, making use of locally grown ingredients including to give you a true taste of the region at the time of year you are visiting.

As important as the food itself, kaiseki is defined by its presentation, as the guest is led on a food excursion with all the trimmings expected from traditional Japanese aesthetic and service. Kaiseki is considered more than just dining. It is an art in which the color and appearance of food is just as important as the taste. It is perhaps the quintessential Japanese experience and in the case of Senjukaku, one fit for an emperor.


Guests staying at Senjukaku have the option of booking their accommodation with or without their outstanding kaiseki meal service. We recommend that you the book with it included – you won’t regret it.


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  • Senjukaku is Renowned for its Traditional 'Kaiseki' Meal Service

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