Enjoy the Best of Nagano’s Cafes, Restaurants & Nightlife

Enjoy the Best of Nagano’s Cafes, Restaurants & Nightlife

By staying at Hotel New Nagano NeXT guests avail near immediate access to one of Nagano City’s main dining areas. When talking dining and nightlife in Nagano it’s important to set expectations and start by saying that it’s a small city with only a couple of dining and nightlife areas. While Nagano is no Tokyo, there are plenty of places to enjoy a good coffee, a good meal and a cold drink starting with the area around Hotel New Nagano NeXT.

Located only a short walk from the Zenkoji Exit of Nagano Station, the hotel sits within a precinct of laneways and side streets that include lots of good eateries serving the usual array of sushi, kaisen (seafood), ramen, soba, yakitori, tempura and plenty more! Travellers with a sense of adventure might like to try local favourites including ‘gibier’(wild meat) including beer, wild boar and duck and ‘basashi’ (horse), both of which are part of the traditional cuisine of Nagano.

You’ll have no trouble finding an ‘izakaya’ or little bar serving the local beers, sake, whiskey and more, with locals always ready to strike-up a conversation with a good chance they’ll soon be offering to cover your drinks! And when your night is done, it’s a short stroll back to the quiet and comfort of Hotel New Nagano NeXT – your home away from home in the heart of Nagano City.

Hotel New Nagano NeXT JPY6,000 - JPY12,000 pp